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       * Cornet Wright       * Cornet Wright
       * Quartermaster Dudley       * Quartermaster Dudley
 +To our Trusty and Wellbeloved Capt. Prestwiche and Capt. Radcliffe.
 +Whereas wee have lately given order of the 21 past required with your Troopes of Horse under your command to attend our Right Trusty and wellbeloved the Viscount Cholmondeley and to stay with him until you shall receave our further order;wee are now pleased and doe hereby recall such our command hereby willing and requiring you and both of you for this time upon sight hereof to repaire unto our Army or to such place as you shall receave our command from our Trusty and wellbeloved Sir Thomas Aston your Colonell and for your so doeing this shalbee your sufficient warrant.
 +Oxford the 8th of Jan. (1643)
 +Extract. Undated.
 +The humble petition of divers inhabitants of Armescole & Blackmell in the parish of Tredington in the said County to the Governor and Commissioners of Worcestershire.
 +That 40 horse plundered,​and found in the Regiment of Colonel Thomas Aston in their quarters around Black Bourton near Bourton Co. Oxon.
 =====Strength===== =====Strength=====