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 |**Flag Colour**||  |**Flag Colour**||
 |**Flag Design**||  |**Flag Design**||
-|**Field Armies**||+|**Field Armies**|Garrison|
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
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 ====1643==== ====1643====
 +  *Garrison of Wyrton House
 +  *Garrison Bolsover Castle
   *July: Battle of Gainsborough   *July: Battle of Gainsborough
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 =====Notable Officers===== =====Notable Officers=====
 ====Sir Sigismund Beeton==== ====Sir Sigismund Beeton====
-=====Strength=====+Beeton was a shoemaker'​s son, he had previously been a Captain of Foot in the Regiment of Colonel Henry Hastings, later Lord Loughborough and garrisoned Bolsover Castle. He was killed in action at the Battle of Gainsborough in July 1643.  
 +====Officer List==== 
 +  *Colonel Sigismund Beeton 
 +  *Lieutenant Colonel William Hawley I.O. L + W 
 +  *Captain Thomas Eyre Ment. I.O.  
 +  *Lieutenant Thomas Lowick ​  I.O. L + W to Capt. Eyre 
 +Harl. Mss. 986 f.93 
 =====See Also====== =====See Also======
 ===== Links ===== ===== Links =====