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 +Lodowick Dyer
 +Sargeant Major              John Tapping ​
 +Captain ​                                               Barnard ​             Ment. I.O.
 +Lieutenant ​                      John Greaves ​                      I.O. Lincs. to Capt. Barnard  ​
 +Lieutenant ​                      ​Nicholas Smith als Luke     (1) to Captain Dyer
 +(1) SP19.22.49
 +May 31st 1650
 +Informacion per Nicholas Luke, that Nicholas Smith alias Luke of Rickmansworth in the County of Hartford Gentwas in actuall armes against the Parliament for the late King as Lieutenant to Lodowick Dyer who was Captain of a Troop of Horse at Oxford in the sayd service of ye late King.
 +(2) Add. Mss. 18980 f 137 Extract.
 +Edward Nicholas to Prince Rupert 31st October 1643 Oxford
 +May it Please your Highness,
 +Complaints against John Tapping,​claiming to be Sargeant Major to Sir Lodowick Dyer but in truth is noe soldier.He robs all men.
 +His Majesty requests him to be apprehended.