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 =====Notable Officers===== =====Notable Officers=====
 ==== Sir John Pate==== ==== Sir John Pate====
 +Colonel John Pates Regiment of Horse
 +Colonel ​                              John Pate  ​
 +Lieutenant Colonel ​          ​William Bayle         (1)
 +Sargeant Major                 Elias Walley ​           (1) 
 +Captain ​                              ​Nathaniel Digby      I.O. Leicester
 +Captain ​                                                ​Bent ​      (1) + Ment. I.O.
 +Captain ​                                        ​Bowman ​      Ment. I.O.
 +Captain ​                              Henry Bowmer ​     (1)  ​
 +Captain ​                                         Butler ​          ​(1) ​
 +Captain ​                             Hopkin Matthews ​ (1) 
 +Captain ​                             Daniel Robinson ​   (1)
 +Captain ​                             George Robinson ​ (1) 
 +Captain ​                             Thomas Robinson (1) 
 +Captain ​                             George Smyth        (1) 
 +Captain ​                             George Walley ​      (1)
 +Lieutenant ​                       Christopher Bent   I.O. Leics. to Capt. Bent
 +Cornet ​                              ​Francis Barnwell ​   I.O. Lincs. to Capt. Digby  ​
 +Cornet ​                              ​Andrew Randall ​     I.O. Northants. to Capt. Bent 
 +Cornet ​                              ​Robert Woolland ​   I.O. Leics. to Capt. Bowman
 +Quartermaster ​               George Bodington I.O. Omitted. to Sir John Pate
 +(1) Harl. Mss.986 f.94
 +Lieutenant Colonel Black Will. Bayle.
 +Maj. Elias Walley,
 +Captain George ​ Walley apprentice in a glass shop in Holborn.
 +Captain George Smyth of Queniborough
 +Captain Hopkin Matthews
 +Captain Daniel Robinson
 +Captain George Robinson
 +Captain Thomas Robinson
 +Captain Butler
 +Capt Henry Bowmer
 +Capt. Bent
 +Bowman/​Bowmer almost certainly the same individuals. ​
 +E.10.16 The Scotish Dove this present Friday 27th September 1644.
 +From Leicester,​is certified,​that a party of horse having been out upon some service,​being in number ​ about fourscore,​or 90,were set upon by a party of Colonell Hastings horse,who had intelligence of their coming that way,and had ambushments against them;but the Leicester horse very bravely charged the enemy,(who were in number about 120) and came on with such gallantry,​that the enemy retreated,​and fought to shift them,but could not;for the Leicester horse violently broke in upon them,and routed them,slew 8 on the place,and took about 70 of them prisoners,​men,​horse,​and Pistols,​without the loss of one man,three or four were slightly wounded;​amongst which,was one Lieutenant Stevens,and Major Walley was slain of the enemies side.
 +Colonell Francis Hacker sworne and examined saith in or about the month of June or July 1642 hee this examinant being then in Leicester did see Sir John Pate of Sisonby amongst other Gentlemen in Leicester with General Hastings putting the Commission of Array in execution at Leicester and the said Sir John Pate was very active amongst them.
 +June ye 19th 1648
 =====Strength===== =====Strength=====
 =====See Also======  =====See Also======
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