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   *Colonel Sir Henry Bard   *Colonel Sir Henry Bard
-  *Lieutenant Colonel Barker,​commanded Campden House 1645. +  *Lieutenant Colonel Barker, commanded Campden House 1645. 
   *Captain John Balls (1)   *Captain John Balls (1)
   *Captain Fisher (2)   *Captain Fisher (2)
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 (4) (4)
 Led the Regiment 100 strong at Naseby (Walker??) Led the Regiment 100 strong at Naseby (Walker??)
 +Mr Kecke,
 +I sent to you for substance, take your paper againe and know; Though the Devill be against us, and God not with us, I will find yout out to answer for your perjury, I yet meet (?) with you Saturday next, when if you make payment of £100 to the Lady Gardiner at Oriel College, Oxford, I am fully satisfied, if not (by God) I will ride for you myself, when if I misse you, I will fire whatever I find of yours, and will sell to you back your very children. Neither Scot nor Roundhead shall protect you. Sir you have yet time to be wise, and I am yet your friend.
 +H. Bard 
 +Worcester 16th July 1645
 +Another from Worcester
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 “To the constable, tithingmen, and parishioners of Tirning. “To the constable, tithingmen, and parishioners of Tirning.