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 ====Colonel Nicholas Mynne==== ====Colonel Nicholas Mynne====
 Mynne previously served in Ireland in Vavasour'​s Foot then took over Lord Ogle'​s. He was killed at Redmarley Mynne previously served in Ireland in Vavasour'​s Foot then took over Lord Ogle'​s. He was killed at Redmarley
 +Colonel Nicholas Mynns Regiment of Horse
 +Lieutenant Colonel ​      ​Robert Kyrle
 +Captain ​                      ​Walter Pye         I.O. Hereford.
 +Cornet ​                       Adam Hoofart ​   (1)
 +The date of the Regiments formation is unknown,​although probably during Nicolas Mynns brief term as Governor of Hereford in 1644.
 +Being a hitherto unknown unit,its deeds are until now undocumented.
 +The petition of Adam Hoofart together with an extract from The Military Government of the City of Gloucester see pages 109 and 110.Mynn dead by now.
 +(1) SP29.281A.69
 +Petition of Adam Hoofart
 +'That ye petitioner,​being adjutant to a Regiment of Cuirassiers in the service of the Emperor of Germany for the space of 14 years,did at the beginning of the late warr in England quit that employment to serve your Majesties Royal Father of blessed memory and served as an Officer of Horse under severall commands both in England and in Ireland,​vizt in command of Lieutenant Colonel Kerles Troop in Sir Nicholas Mynns Regiment in England when he was engaged against the forces of Gloucester and being by the said Lieutenant Colonel Kerle commanded to keep the house called High Meadow in the Forest of Deane was there betrayed by the said Lieutenant Colonel and enforced to swim the river of Monmouth for his life.The said Kerle betraying the Towne of Monmouth and revolting from his Majestty,he betrayed the whole Army alsoe,had not your petitioner discovered the treachery speedily to Sir William Blakiston and Sir Marmaduke Langdale,as the right honorable Lord Gerard can testify.
 +That your petitioner serving afterwards in the Army at Naisby fight under the command of Sir Marmaduke Langdale was desperately wounded and after the cure thereof and the rendition of Oxford,​betooke himself beyond sea and served the King of Poland as Captain Lieutenant of Prince Carolus'​ Troope of Guards ever since the year 1650,served the Emperor of Russia as Major,​Lieutenant Colonel and Colonel of a Regiment of Foot the space of 10 years.'​
 =====Strength===== =====Strength=====
   *August: 160 horse under Mynne'​s command at Redmarley   *August: 160 horse under Mynne'​s command at Redmarley