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 ====Lord Grandison==== ====Lord Grandison====
-[[https://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Lord_Grandison|William Villiers, Second Viscount Grandison]],​ killed at the storm of Bristol ​in 1643.+[[https://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Lord_Grandison|William Villiers, Second Viscount Grandison]] ​led a troop of horse in the First Bishops'​ War and a regiment of horse in the Second. He raised another regiment of horse for the King in 1642fighting at Edgehill, but it was mostly captured at Winchester in the December by Waller. In 1643 he was Colonel General of Foot in the Oxford Army under Lord Forth and was killed ​leading an infantry brigade ​at the storm of Bristol.
 =====Strength===== =====Strength=====
 +  *Edgehill: 4 troops
 =====See Also====== =====See Also======
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