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 ====James King, Lord Eythin==== ====James King, Lord Eythin====
 [[http://​bcw-project.org/​biography/​james-king-lord-eythin|James King, Lord Eythin]] [[http://​bcw-project.org/​biography/​james-king-lord-eythin|James King, Lord Eythin]]
 +Colonel James Kings Regiment of Horse
 +Created Lord Eythin in 1643
 +Colonel James Kings Lifeguard of Horse
 +Captain ​                                 Sir William Rollock
 +He transferred to accept a Majors Commission under the Marquess of Montrose.
 +I.O. All done.
 +Lieutenant Colonel ​                    ​Hamilton ​               (2)
 +Sargeant Major                     ​Edward Gower            (1) + ment. I.O.
 +Sargeant Major                     ​Claudius Hamilton ​    Ment. I.O. 
 +Sargeant Major                     Sir Robert Carre          (2) + ment. I.O.
 +Captain ​                                  ​Arthur Cayley ​            Ment. I.O.
 +Captain ​                                  ​Richard Cole               Ment. I.O.
 +Captain ​                                  ​George Cooke            Ment. I.O.
 +Captain ​                                  ​Frances Dalzell ​           (2)
 +Captain ​                                  ​Sackville Glenham ​    Ment. I.O. 
 +Captain ​                                  James Hume                I.O. L & W
 +Captain ​                                                 Lyndsey ​        Ment. I.O.
 +Captain ​                                  James Mountain ​        ​I.O. ​ Yorks.
 +Captain ​                                               Ord                   Ment. I.O. 
 +Captain ​                                  James Richardson ​    I.O. Northumb.
 +Lieutenant ​                            ​Thomas Vasey            I.O. Durham to Maj. Gower
 +Lieutenant ​                            ​Thomas Wade             I.O. Yorks. to Capt. Mountain
 +Lieutenant ​                            ​Christopher Wake      I.O. L & W to Capt. Ord
 +Cornet ​                                  ​William Fairely ​             I.O. L & W to Maj. Carre
 +Cornet ​                                   Stephen Pease            I.O. Durham to Capt. Cole
 +Cornet ​                                   Ralph Royston ​            I.O. Derby. to Capt. Glenham
 +Cornet ​                                   Edward Stafford ​         I.O. Yorks. to Maj. Gower
 +Cornet ​                                   Patrick Thompson ​     I.O. L & W to Maj. Carre
 +Cornet ​                                   Robert Urwin                I.O. Northumb. to Maj. Hamilton  ​
 +Quartermaster ​                     George Harland ​        I.O. Yorks. to Capt. Glenham
 +Quartermaster ​                     Peter Holland ​             I.O. Yorks. to Maj. Gower
 +Quartermaster ​                     Christopher Medd     I.O. Yorks. to Capt. Mountain
 +Quartermaster ​                     Thomas Murton. ​       I.O. Northumb. to Capt. Cooke   
 +Quartermaster ​                     Thomas Ramsden ​    I.O. Yorks. to Capt. Glenham
 +Quartermaster ​                     Thomas Wake            I.O. Yorks. to Capt. Ord
 +Quartermaster ​                     Marmaduke West      I.O. Yorks. to  Arthur Cayley
 +Commissary ​                        ​Thomas Packington ​ I.O. Yorks. to Capt. Lyndsey
 +Note,Arthur Cayley was knighted in 1660 and appears in I.O. as Sir Arthur Cayley. ​
 +(1) SP23.203.759
 +Delinquency of Edward Gower of Hutton and Stittenham,​County Yorkshire
 +To the Committee of Sequestreations at Goldsmiths Hall
 +In pursuance of your order 22.7 which we receaved 3. following,​we certifie that Mr Edward Gower upon the Earl of Newcastle first took up armes against the Parliament,​did joyne with him and was Major of a Regiment of horse under him and continued in actuall warre against the Parliament until the reducing of Newarke.
 +Lincoln 6.8.1646  ​
 +George Mountayne of Westow in the County of Yorke Gent. maketh oath that Edward Gower of Stitnam in the said County Gent. was in Newarke at the surrender thereof and comprised within the Articles made upon the said surrender,​all which this deponent very well knoweth,​being quartered with the said Edward Gower in Newarke during the siege and that the said Edward Gower had a passe from the Commander in Cheafe which this deponent did see.
 +Geo. Mountayne
 +Juratus 17 die Novemb. 1647
 +Tho: Benet
 +Thomas Stockdale of Westow in the County of Yorke maketh oath that Edward Gower of Stitnam in the said County Gent. was in Newarke at the surrender thereof and comprised within the Articles made upon the surrender,​all which this deponent well knoweth beinq quartered in the same house with the said Edward Gower in Newarke during the siege.
 +The marke + of Thomas Stockdale
 +Juratus 17 die Novemb. 1647
 +Tho: Benet
 +(2) Memorials of Montrose and his times.
 +10th June 1644 Major John Arskyne'​s examination ​
 +10 Junij 1644. The said Major Johne Arskyne being of new exami- ​
 +nat and sworne, maid faith, and declairis that the particular persones ​
 +efter specefeit were at Bowdounhill the tyme forsaid above mentioneit, ​
 +by and attour the persones above wreattin, againes the Scottishe armie, ​
 +viz. Colonell William Stuart, lait adjutant in the Scottishe armie at 
 +Newcastle in anno 1641, and that he commanded a regiment of dra- 
 +gownes ; Livetennent- Colonell Brabner, commander of Generall Kingis ​
 +foot regiment ; Major James Leslie, major in the same regiment ; Cap- 
 +tane Johne Blackball, captane of ane foot companie in Generall Kingis ​
 +regiment ; Captane Browne, captane of the same regiment, who was 
 +shott throw the body at the said skirmyshe ; Captane William Hay, 
 +captane in the same regiment of ane foot companie ; Captane Leith, ​
 +captane of ane foot companie in the same regiment ; declairis thair 
 +wes two captanes callit Nisbetts, both of foot companies, one of them 
 +in Generall Kingis, and the other in the Marques of Newcastells ​
 +regiment ; Livetennent-Colonell Hamiltonne, livetennent-colonell to 
 +Generall Kingis regiment of horse ; Major Ker (SIR ROBERT CARRRE), major in the same regiment of horse : Declairis that they were all in armes in the feildis that day : Dcclairis that the troupe mentionet in the above wreittin de- 
 +positione, whiche wes levied upone the Earle Camewathes chairge, — 
 +that a part of it wes levied befoir the first of Marche 164-1, and that the 
 +same wes still keipit in employment, and wes joyned to Generall Kingis ​
 +regiment two dayes befoir the conflict at Bowdounhill ; and declairis ​
 +that the cornet of that troup wes black, and the motto wes ' I dare.' 1 
 +And being interogat what employment Generall King had in the Mar- 
 +ques of Newcastell'​s service, depones, that he wes Liveteinent-Generall ​
 +to the Earle [Marques] of Newcastell'​s armie, both for horse and foott ; 
 +and that he exerceit that chairge both befoir and efter the first day of 
 +Marche last, since October 1643, at quhilk tyme the deponer went thair 
 +first. Deponis, that Mistres Persones wes designit, in the commissione ​
 +granted be the Marques of Newcastell to hir, Captane Francis Dalzell: ​
 +And this is veritie, as he sail answer to God : Causa scientia wes, that 
 +he hard and saw as he hes deponit. ​
 +J. Erskine. ​
 +Lanrick. ​
 +27 Maij 1644. In presence of Lauderdail, Lanerk, Wares- ​
 +ton : At Edinburgh. ​
 +Major Leslie depones, that the Earle of Carnewath wes present on 
 +the feilds with the Earle of Newcastell'​s armie, that day that the battell ​
 +wes fought in March last neir Sunderland. Depones, that Carnewath ​
 +raised a troupe of horse in Northumberland,​ whiche troupe served in 
 +Newcastell'​s armie, and wes called Carnewath'​s troupe, and that Mis- 
 +tress Peirsons rode alwayes on the heid therqf. ​
 +Being demandit who were in companie with Montrose, when he in- 
 +vadit this kingdome, 1 moe nor are conteaned in his former deposition, ​
 +depones, that, besyde these conteaned in his former depositions,​ 2 Sir 
 +James Leslie wes there. ​
 +Being demandit what knowledge he had of Sir James Leslie coming ​
 +into Scotland three dayes before Montrose incomeing, Depones, Sir 
 +James Leslie told the deponer of it at Carleill when he come backe 
 +againe ; and farder depones, when he come into the countrey, the minis- ​
 +ter of Apilgirth told the deponer he had mett with Sir James Leslie. ​
 +The deponer also declares that he never heard that Sir James Leslie ​
 +mett with Hartfell, bot onlie desyred to meit with him, bot could not 
 +find him ; and herein he repeats his former deposition. ​
 +Depones, when Montrose come and invadit the kingdome, he come 
 +with troups of horse, and displayed cornets and trumpets, and that he 
 +brought alongs with him, neir to Annan, some companies of foote of the 
 +English nation, with displayed cullers. ​
 +Depones also, Montrose brought alongs with him to Dumfreis Sir 
 +Harie Stradlings, governor of Carleill'​s,​ troup. ​
 +And this he depones upon his oath. 
 +James Leslie. ​
 +Lauderdaill. ​
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