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-E.316.27 ​In Ley House Worcestershire with 100 firelocks supported by Lord Molineaux with 400 horse which quartered nearby. Jan 45/46.+ 
 +E.316.27 ​Perfect Passages January 13th to January 20th 1645/6 
 +‘Proud Grady that Irish Major Generall of the Kings Welch Horse,that undid so many in Pembrokeshire,​and other parts in Wales by fire and plunder hath since his perambulation with Sir  William Vaughan put himselfe into a  house called ​Ley in Worcestershire with 100 firelockes,​and the Lord Molineaux ​attends him with 400 horse which quarter neare for his safeguard until the place be sufficiently fortified…’