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 ==== Col George Gunter==== ==== Col George Gunter====
 Helped Charles II escape after the Battle of Worcester. Helped Charles II escape after the Battle of Worcester.
 +Colonel George Gunters Regiment of Horse (1)
 +i.o. all done
 +At the muster they were in Sir Edward Stowells Brigade and were combined with the Regiment of Colonel Apsley.
 +They consisted of two Troops and the Colours of each Troop were Black.
 +Interestingly the Armorial bearing for Gunter are Sable three dexter gauntlets Ar.
 +Lieutenant Colonel ​                     Gardiner ​    ​(3) ​
 +Quartermaster ​              ​George Bonny          (2) + I.O. L + W 
 +Quartermaster ​              ​Thomas Crossfield ​ I.O. Sussex
 +(1) SP23.197.482
 +To the honourable Committee for Compounding with Delinquents,​sitting att Goldsmiths Hall
 +The humble petition of George Gunter of Racton in the County of Sussex Esq.
 +Humbly sheweth that your petitioner hath been in armes against the Parliament.
 +That he rendered himself to his Excellencie Sir Thomas Fairfax upon the Articles at Truro and hath ever since remained in the Parliaments quarters.
 +(2) SP29.17.99i
 +Quartermaster under Colonel George Gunter.Served for three years until falling into a dangerous and lingering sickness,​was sent to Oxford.
 +(3) Mercurius Aulicus the 47th Weeke,​ending November 23. 1644
 +One thing we cannot omit,that the Rebels say in Print that their forces at Malmsbury took a Troop of Horse from a Sussex Colonell,​that is,a Sussex Colonell took a Troop of Horse from them at Malmsbury;​For soon after last Newbury fight,​Colonel Gunter (who is the man they mean) going with his Regiment towards Winchester,​his Lieutenant Colonell Gardiner fell in at Hyworth,and there took a full Troop of Malmsbury Horse both Officers and common Troopers,​whom he carried prisoners to Bath. 
 +Colonel Apsley is probably Colonel John Apsley of Pulborough,​Sussex
 =====Strength===== =====Strength=====
  ​*Probably a single troop originally  ​*Probably a single troop originally