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-======Colonel Edward Rawston’s Regiment of Horse====== 
-<WRAP right> 
-|**Active**|1644 to 1645| 
-|**Conflicts**|First Civil War| 
-|**Colonel**|Edward Rawston| 
-|**Area Raised**|Lancashire| 
-|**Flag Colour**||  
-|**Flag Design**||  
-|**Field Armies**|Garrison| 
-//Royalist horse in garrison at Lathom House in Lancashire//​ 
-===== Service History ===== 
-  *January to December: Besieged at Lathom House 
-=====Flags and Equipment===== 
-=====Notable Officers===== 
-==== Edward Rawston==== 
-Also known as Rosthern ​ 
-One or two troops (Captain Kay & Major Munday?) 
-=====See Also======  
-===== Links =====