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Colonel Bertrand Rossen de la Plane’s Regiment of Horse

Active1645 to 1646
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelBertrand de la Plane
Area RaisedFrance
West Country
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesGoring 1645
Hopton 1646

French regiment of horse serving in the First Civil War in the West Country on behalf of the Royalists

Service History


  • July: Battle of Langport


  • February: Battle of Torrington
  • March: Surrender at Truro


One of a ‘brigade’ of three or four French cavalry regiments said to have served with Goring and Hopton in the West Country. The regiment was not completely French; many of its known officers were English, with one from Ireland. It lost at least six officers captured at Langport.

Flags and Equipment

Notable Officers

Bertrand Rossen de la Plane

Lieutenant Colonel Jean Barre

Sargeant Major Ducrocke Sargeant Major Jean Goteere

Captain Peter County Captain John/Jean Gualtier Captain March Captain Pouch

Lieutenant Barnard Lieutenant Barnard Lieutenant Homes

Cornet Nicholas Anchthill Cornet Gregory Babbidge Cornet Peter Cary Cornet Clerke Cornet Delamont Cornet Gresha Cornet John/Jean Morpaigne Cornet Daniel Morphey

Quartermaster Michael Channyn

Warrant to Colonel General Ashburnham or Sir Walter Hastings 2.11.1644 Bertrand Rossen de la Plane to have a Commission to be Colonel of Horse and particularly of all subjects of the French Nation.

period prior to 17th February 1645/6.

Accompt by John Rooke of ye Parish of Charles what money he hath payd for weekely pay and excises & other charges for Lettlebray and Stoake Tennants for the use of the Garrison of Barnstaple & others as it doth appeare heare underwritten since his last accompt More for Quartringe of one Troope of Horse of ye French Regiment wch weare 34 men & horse for 6 dayes.wch spent 4 bushells of wheat to ye value of 1L 4sh 4d; in fresh Beefe 19sh: one porke of ye vallue of 14sh: Bacon and powdered Beefe to ye vallue 15sh: Three fatt sheep to ye vallue of 1L 4sh: Eighteen pulletts and one fatt Goose to ye vallue 1L 1sh: Halfe a bushell of pease to ye vallue of 3sh: In butter and cheese to ye vallue of 1L 10sh: One & fiftie bushells of Oates to ye vallue of 6L 7sh 6d: Fourteene load of hay to ye vallue of 3L 10sh:And twenty shillings of money to shooe theire horses & to keepe them from plunderinge.The sum is 19L 18sh 10d

Afterward the sd Troope at theire marching away tooke away two horses wth many cloathes and other thinges.


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