Colonel William Wynne’s Regiment of Foot

Active1643 to 1646
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelWilliam Wynne
Hugh Wynne
Area RaisedDenbighshire
Coat Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesCapel 1643

Later Colonel Hugh Wynne's Regiment of Foot

Royalist regiment of foot from Denbighshire serving with Lord Capel and in Chester garrison

Service History


  • January: Raised at Denbigh, Langernew, Ruthin and Llangollen
  • February: Skirmish at Taporley (Tilston Heath)
  • March: First Battle of Middlewich?
  • March: Detachment at Chester
  • April to May: Garrison of Whitchurch
  • May: Repulsed from Nantwich
  • August: Skirmish at Nantwich?
  • October: Battle of Wem & Leigh Bridge; William Wynne killed
  • Hugh Wynne takes over as Colonel


  • June: Besieged at Oswestry


  • September: Battle of Rowton Heath
  • September to February 1646: Besieged at Chester


  • April to October: Besieged at Denbigh Castle


William Wynne's regiment appears to have been formed out of the Denbigh Trained Bands.

Coats, Flags & Equipment

Notable Officers

Col. William Wynne

Killed in October 1643 at Wem

Col. Hugh Wynne

Officer List

Original research by Victor Judge aka '1642'

Original officers

Original Regiment

  • Colonel William Wynne
  • Lieutenant Colonel Hugh Wynne
  • Sargeant Major Vaughan
  • Captain Morris
  • Captain Francis Manley
  • Captain Edward Thelwall

Including later officers

  • Colonel William Wynne
  • Lieutenant Colonel Hugh Wynne
  • Lieutenant Colonel John Robinson under Col. Hugh Wynne
  • Sargeant Major Vaughan
  • Sargeant Major Francis Manley
  • Captain Davies/son
  • Captain William Edwards
  • Captain Eyton
  • Captain Peter Griffith
  • Captain Richard Griffith
  • Captain Jones
  • Captain Francis Manley
  • Captain Morris
  • Captain Price
  • Captain John Robinson
  • Captain Edward Thelwall
  • Captain ?John Trevor
  • Captain Robert Wynne
  • Lieutenant Lloyd
  • Lieutenant William Chambers
  • Lieutenant Peter Roberts
  • Lieutenant John Wynne
  • Lieutenant Owen Wynne
  • Ensign Robert Wynne
  • Quartermaster Ellis Wynne

Richard Gruffith's company came to Chester 4th March 1643, 15th April 1643 marched to Whitchurch. According to Tucker Captain Henry Vaughan DMS & Crosse 1123. Captain Matthew Wynne DMS Captain Windibanke, Bailey, Morris Crosse 1123

Contemporary References

Mercurius Aulicus 30.1.1642/3

This day there came advertisement from Denbighshire, that the Gentry of the County had put themselves in Armes for the defence of the Kings Majesty, that County generally, and their own safeties in particular; as also for the preservation of such others of the neighbouring Counties as should associate themselves with them; that to this end they had caused 400 foot to be listed presently, one hundred of the which to be armed, billeted, and daily exercised at, and about the Towne of Denbigh, and to be presently in pay; and another hundred to appeare and be weekly trained at Langernew, over which two Companies they had appointed William Wynne Esquire, formerly Captaine of the Trained bands of the Lordship of Denbigh, to be Commander; a third hundred to be armed, exercised, and presently in pay, whereof the one halfe to attend at the Towne of Ruthyn the other halfe at or about the Towne of Langollen, under the Command of Captain Edw. Thelwall, and John Trevor Esquire, the fourth and last hundred, to be armed, exercised, and disposed of as occasion served; but neither that nor those who were to appeare and traine at Langarnew to be put into pay, unless the bands of Ruthyn, Denbigh and Langollen should be thought fit to be advanced, and drawn forth towards any other place for the defence of the Country: that with their lives and fortunes they would endeavour to defend all such as should be contributers theirin to their abilities; and that on any alarme that should be given on any attempt of plundering, foraging, or any other act of publique violence, they would be all up in Armes for their mutuall defence, and common safety: and finally, that all such as would not be contributory by a certaine time, should have their names returned to the Kings Majesty, that he might see their backwardnesse and neglect therein.

Casualties at Wem

E.75.9 Shropshires misery and mercie. Colonel Win Slain, his Major Vaughan wounded in the ribs, Captain Davison taken prisoner, since dead, Captain Francis Manley shot in the leg, Captain Jones slain as some say.

E.77.4 A true relation of a great victory obtained by the Parliaments forces neere Chester. Captaine Davies wounded and taken prisoner

Holt and Wem

Add. Mss 46399A f.81 Captain Robinson to Holt. Captain Manley to Eyton.

Certificate for ap Richard

These are to Certifie all whom itt may concerne that William ap Richard of the Parish of Llanbeblig in the County of Carnarvon, labourer, the bearer hereof was heretofore in the yeare of our Lord God 1642 impressed and appointed a foote souldier to traine and serve in the arms of John Roby Esq., since deceased, being a musket furnished (amongst the rest of the Trained Band of the County) then provided for the service of the late King deceased of famous memory, etc., and that the said William ap Richard amonge others then pressed for the late Kings majestie havinge advanced by his commands towards Cheshire and those partes in their reliefe of Whitchurch in ye County of Salop:- the Company of the Trained Band of this County under my command there in a sudden skirmish and fight where we were all there overpowered and routed by strong partys of the late Kings enemies, the same William ap Richard was shott through the arme and soe utterly maymed being for three yeares after not wholly cured and still doth remayne thereof maymed.

In witness of this my testimoniall I have hereof sett my hand the last of December 1660. Richard Griffyth

Certificate for Edwards

These are to certify that the bearer hereof Daniell Edwards of the Parish of Erbistock and Countie of Denbigh was in the tyme of the late warres a souldier in the Company and under the command of Maior Francis Manley in the service of his late Majestie of blessed memory and that he did faithfully serve as a souldier in severall services under the said command haveing in all the tyme of this said service continued truely loyall and faithfull and suffered long imprisonment for his loyaltie towards his said late Majestie as witness my hand the seventh day of Nov. in the fifteenth year of King Charles the second in the yeare of our Lord 1663. Francis Manley.

Certificate for Faulk

These are to certify that the bearer hereof Matthew Faulk of the Parish of Llanvaire in the County of Denbyh did truely and faithfully serve his Majestie King Charles the 1st of famous memory in the Regiment of Coll Jugh Wynn and in my Company and continued all alonng loyal to his Majesty as witness my hand 8th day of October 1679 Ro. Wynne

Certificate for Davies

A similar Certificate for Ellis Davies of Llanvaire Joshayne ? in Ro. Wynnes Company in the Regiment of William Wynne, signed and dated 27th September 1675

Certificate for ap Richards

Chirk Mss. 6 No. 142

These are to certify that the bearer hereof David ap Richards of the parish of Bettus hath truly & faithfully served his late Majesty King Charles the 1st of blessed memory as a souldier in the Regiment of Coll. Hugh Wynn in my Company & continued all along loyal to his Majesty 7 his Majesty that now is,as witness my hand this 2nd day of October 1675.

Ro. Wynn Company of Capt. & Sargeant Thomas Price.

To Captain Griffith

For my worthy freind Captaine Griffeth at his lodging att Mr Owen Hughes m(erc?)hant neare to Trinity Church these If this letter require an answere you may send it by the bearer hereof and it shalbe saflie deliv.

Captaine of the watche

  • Capt. Barnestone 1 night (Barnston)
  • Capt. Thorpe (Thropp)
  • Capt. Werden
  • Capt. Peter Gruffith
  • Capt. Eaton
  • Capt. Price
  • Capt. Richard Gruffith
  • Capt. Thelwall
  • Capt. Spurstow

The Grand Round

  • Collonell Camwell (Gamul)
  • Collonell Wynne
  • Maior Manwaring
  • Maior Moldsworth
  • Sr.Thomas Hanmer the Maior Generall

Petition of ap Edward

The humble petition of Robert ap Edward of Bryniervin [Brynffynon ?] labourer,

Sheweth that your petitioner hath faithfully served his late Majestie King Charles the First of ever blessed memory as a foote souldier under the command of Collonel William Wynne in his Trayned Band for the County of Denbigh and afterwards under the command of Lieutenant Lloyd was at the fight at Tilstone Heath and at Middlewich in Cheshire and after was taken prisoner and soe remained in hard durance for the space of twentie weekes and was another time under the command of Captain Lloyd in Sir John Owens Regiment and hath been at the fight at Talowhir [Y Dalar Hir] within this County and hath always continued truely loyal to his sayd Majesty and to his Majesty that now is soe that by reason of the said service (having suffered great wounds and severe inprisonment thereby) he is become indigent poore and unable to releeve himself.

Certificate for Davies

These are to certify that the bearer hereof Ellis Davies of Llanvaire in the County of Denbigh hath truely and faithfully served his late Majesty King Charles the first of happy memory in the Regiment of Collonell William Wynne and in my Company and never deserted his said Majestys service nor his Majesty that now is, as witness my hand. Ro. Wynne. 27 day of September 1675

Edmund Wynne's Petition

The following petition may show the continuity of the Regiment under Colonel Hugh Wynne after the death of Colonel Wynne.

To the Worshippful Justices of the Peace for the Count of Carnarvon The humble petition of Edmund Wynne

Humblie sheweth to your Worshipps that your petitioner hath for many yeares together served his late Majestie King Charles the First of blessed memory in the late unhappy warres under the Command of Coll. William Wynne and afterwards under the command of Coll. Hugh Wynne and in the sad service did receave severall wounds whereby he is become a fitt object of your charitable consideration, being not able to earne his liveinge by reason of the wounds aforesaid. May it please your Worshipps therefore to admit your petitioner to be one of the maymed souldiers of the Countie and to allow him such a portion of the maymed souldiers mize as your worshipps shall thinke fitt and your petitioner shall ever pray for.

The following documents in the National Library of Wales in conjunction with the maimed soldiers petitions gives an idea of the make up and movements of the Regiment

Guards for Whitchurch

Ye gardes to be kept in Whitchurch

  • Cap. Maynegard 30
  • Claypitlane 36
  • Sar. Beargarden 20
  • En. Greenend 40
  • Sar. Whitecrose 24
  • Co. Scotland 12
  • Co. Turnepike 06
  • Sar. The Mill 12
  • Sar. Chesterway 24
  • 204

This document dates from between 15th April 1643 and 25th May 1643

Watch duty in Chester

These severall companyes are to watch upon there turnes every third night with one of the Citty companies

  • Capt. Eyton 60
  • Capt. Richard Griffith 70
  • Lieutenant Colonell Wynne 50
  • Capt. Peter Griffith 80
  • Colonell Wynne 80
  • Capt. Spurstow 60

There shall every night constantly (at the least) watch two hundred men which shalbe thus disposed.

  • Att the Eastgate 28 & Lieutenant & Sergeant
  • Barres 20 & ensigne & sergeant
  • Cowgate 20 ensigne
  • Northgate 24 & Lieutenant & Sergeant
  • Duttons House 18 & Ensigne
  • Bridgate 16 Lieutenant
  • Watergate 12 & a Sergeant
  • Phoenix Tower 6
  • New Tower 4
  • The Mayneguard 24
  • Powder house 6
  • Pallace gate 4
  • Turnepike without the barres 12 & a Sergeant
  • Turnepike without Cow Lane 10 & a Sergeant

Every Lieutenant Ensigne & Sergeant shall watch when there company watcheth accordinge to the division abovesaid and what neglect of duty shalbe found upon the severall Guards where the officer doe watch willbe imputed ubto them.

Whatsoever officer shall faile in the performance of his duty shallbee lyable to bee called in question before a Councell of warr and accordinge to there offence shall receave there censure.

More Chester watch duty

This document dates between 25th May 1643 and 18th October 1643 when Colonel Wynne was killed at the battle at Wem.

  • Capitaine Peter Gruffith watch at ye Eastgate with 100 of his one (own) men and 8 of ye Cittie of which he is to send 20 to the Barres
  • And to Cowe Lane 16 more to seniye ???
  • to ye seniye towne 10
  • to ye maine gaurde 20
  • to ye Castle 16
  • to ye East gate 20
  • 102

Captaine Richard Gruffith is to watch at the North gate with 96 men whereof he is to send to

  • Dutton House 20
  • to newe towne 10
  • to ye watergate 14
  • to ye Bridgegate 16
  • to ye Bridge house 8
  • to ye northgate 20
  • to ye Castle 8

These 2 Compy. for to morrowe night to begine

  • Colonell Wynne 100 men and 8 townsmen he is to watch at ye Eastgate with 20
  • at ye Barres 20
  • A lieutenant at the East gate
  • at Cowe Lane 10
  • A ensgine at ye Barres & turnpicke
  • at ye Seniye towne 10, a Sargeant at ye Seniye towne & a Sargeant att ye Castle
  • at ye maine gaurde 20
  • at ye Castle 26
  • Lieutenant Colonell Wynne 66 men 17 townsmen gate
  • Att ye north gate 20, at ye north gate a lieutenant
  • Att ye sive towne 10
  • Att Dutton house 20, Dutton house a Seargeant
  • att ye water gate 14, One Seargeant at watergate
  • att ye Bridg gate 14, Bridggate one ensigne
  • att ye Bridg house 8
  • 86

To Sir Nicholas Byron

The Commissioners of Array for Denbighshire to Sir Nicholas Byron, Governor of Chester (No date but before the surrender of Reading 26th April 1643.) Report on the forces of Denbigh(shire) which have been sent away for His Majesties service in the past 18 months, and of the arms that have been issued thence. The report starts with 1000 men sent to Ireland.

Extract: In Colonel Wynn's Regiment there is the Colonels Company of 120 men, the Lieutenant Colonels Company of 80 men, and the Companies of Captains Morris, Thelwall, Marley(Manley), in all 600 men…..besides the men who go out in Colonel Wynn's Troop of horse.

Wynne's death recorded

St. Chads Parish Register Shrewsbury

27th October 1643 Mr William Wynne, Colonell slayne at Wem.


  • January 1643: 4 companies
  • Spring 1643: 600 men in 5 companies

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