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 Chepstow 28 Feb.(1644/​5) Chepstow 28 Feb.(1644/​5)
 +Harl. Mss. 6752 f. 3
 +To High Sheriff of Co. Glocs:Col. Veale and Commissioners for Berkeley Division.
 +Trusty,etc. Whereas we have lately issued a Commission under our Great Seale together with instructions authorising you or any three of you to imprest in Berkley Division in ye County of Gloucester the full number of 1000 men to be brought into our City at Bristoll at such time as the Governor shall direct for the wintering our forces in that Garrison.Now our pleasure is that you forthwith raise five hundred of that number to be impressed and brought into such place in that Division as Colonell Mynne shall desire towards the compleatinge his Regiment of Foote and the Regiment of our dear sonne James Duke of York under the command of Sir William St. Leger wherein wee expect you to employ your best care and diligence speedily to effect the same;and so we bid you farewell from our Court at Oxford
 +3. January 1643(4).
 +The humble petition of Thomas Hickes Gent. (of Crumhall Gloucestershire).
 +That your petitioner in September 1643 listed himself as a Captaine in the Regiment of Collonel Veel where he continued until August the following and then with approbation of Collonell Massey Governor of Glouc(ester) and some assurance from the Committee of Gloucester that your petitioner should freely enjoy his estate notwithstanding his former being in armes,your petitioner came in and hath since lived under the protection of Parliament unto which parts hee hath since been assisting in reducing of Bristol to the Parliaments obedience. ​
 +The humble petition of Thomas Smyth Gent
 +Sheweth that about Aprill 1644 your petitioner listed himselfe as a Captaine in the Regiment of Coll: Thomas Veel,where he continued till October the followinge,​and then with the approbation of Coll: Massey Governor of Glouc(ester) hee laid downe his armes,and hath since that time lived under the protection of the Parliament Garrisons...
 +Captains Sandy  and Martin taken prisoner and Captain Thoroughgood slain in a sallee from Berkeley Castle July 1644. Mentions 100 horse and 80 muskets taken.Confusing.See Cobbett.
 +Below record but not sure of original source.
 +Old ref. 44
 +Date [15 or 22 Oct] 1642
 +Extent 1 document
 +Letter to John Smyth the Younger from Thomas Veel at Alveston notifying him of Lord Berkeley'​s desire for an advisory meeting of gentlemen of the county and passing on reports that the King will soon be a Warwick with a large force
 +Old ref. 58
 +Date 16 & 17 Sep 1643
 +Extent 1 document
 +Letter to John Smyth the Younger from George Maxwell [commanding the royal garrison at Berkeley Castle] requesting a loan for the payment of his soldiers, with his lieutenant'​s receipt for the money
 +My Lieutenant hathe beene withe the Lord Hopton since yesterday, for some moneyes, and is now returned, without any, wiche makes me importune you at suche ane untymely hour, I protest befor god if I have not moneyes to give my souldiers a weiks
 +Pay the morow, I ame not sure to have one man befor night Therfor Sir I entreate you as I shal ever be obliged to you, to procure amongst your neighbours the somme of twinti four pounds against the morrow befor noone, and Upon my word I will restore it within six days, sir yow doe know this dothe mightely Concerne his Majesties service, and my Credit, wiche makes me again and again to redoubel my request
 +I most becaus of my necesity trust to you, and I wil send my Lieutenaunt to waitte upon yow the morrow morning and till then I ame
 +Berkeley Castle this 16 of September 1643
 +Your humble servant
 +George Maxwell
 +I Grante the receate of twinty four pounds from Mr Smyth of Nibley this 17 of Septembre 1643
 +J Couler (?)
 +Old ref. 60
 +Date 17 Nov 1643
 +Extent 1 document
 +Letter to John Smyth the Younger from George Maxwell complaining of the lack of men and supplies for the Berkeley Castle garrison
 +I have Wreatt to Sir frances haly conserning the esteat of the castl I have sufred as much as I can with my credite and hes trusted to ther veray fare promeses: they have given me manay good wordes but I finde it is onlay to spend the tym: but What is spent so it is to his majesties los you know that when his majesty resed the sedge from gloster that he sent me 4 peic of canonn but finding the tym so dangrous I durst not before the bring them into this plac at that tym
 +I cannot have on of thes four pices agane for his majesty servic: you know that by ane order which his majesty gave me at gloster for thrie hundred and 20 men to be in garisonn in berkly castl of which 300 and 20 men the penc his ouene companie was to be 200 of them they have taken avay the prenc his companay I can have neither met nor monnay for thos that I have ther is ane expres order given
 +verso By Sir france haly that I shall have no intertainment for my souldioury
 +To the contararay but that cumpane that is heir with me of my Lord Hoptons is deuly payed sinc Sir Frances haly was heir and hes provided themself in wituelles the sydes out of the countray my men is all for the most part Gone away the on being well used and other not If I had not head your 50 busheles of wheat and your chease with it I sould never head a man and if there sould cum a nemey I am not abele to vithstand them towdays I have no men the he constabl
 +Harve hes assuered me that they rar providing in gloster for this plac I don finde it is to put ane afronnt upon me by not providing of me with things fiting for this plac but I believe the Los will be his majesties Sir I will be frie with you I have sent my Livetenent to the prenc with my com - mecion but kipe this to yourself I refer the relation of all our bissines to the berer heir of rest berkly castl the 17 of november 1643
 +Your most humbl servant
 +George maxwel
 +Thomas Veale died 1663 and is buried in the Chancel of Alvington Church.