Colonel Thomas Pert’s Regiment of Foot

Active1643 to 1645?
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelThomas Pert
Area RaisedGloucestershire?
Coat Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesGarrison

Royalist regiment of foot surprised at Tewkesbury by Massey

Service History


  • February: Raised to garrison Tewkesbury
  • March: Loss of Tewkesbury
  • April: Loss of Hereford?


  • March: Taking of Romsey?


  • January: Siege of Cardigan?


Colonel Thomas Pert received his Commission to raise his Regiment 15th February 1643 and was the following month ordered into Tewkesbury under the newly appointed Governor, Sir Mathew Carew. Carew was to have raised a regiment but had no time to do so. Barely having settled in, the regiment were surprised in a night attack by Massey in March, suffering heavy casualties. The remnants of the regiment may have retired with Pert to Hereford, where Pert was taken by Waller’s force in April. Released from imprisonment in London by November 1644, Pert led Royalist soldiers at Romsey in March 1644 under Hopton and at the siege of Cardigan in January 1645 under Gerard. Whether these included his regiment of foot is currently unclear. By 1646 Pert was leading a cavalry regiment, Colonel Thomas Pert’s Regiment of Horse, under Hopton in the West Country and was captured near Truro in March 1646.

Coats, Flags and Equipment

A drum was ordered for the regiment in February 1642.

Notable Officers

Thomas Pert

Pert was commissioned Colonel in February 1643 suffering defeat at Tewkesbury, he was captured at Hereford by Waller and sent to Westminster where he was vouched for and discharged. By November 1643 Pert was recommended to Hopton and was in action again at Romsey by March 1644. In January 1645 he was serving with Gerard in West Wales then by early 1646 led a regiment of horse in the West Country, where he rose to the rank of Major General. Pert as Major General was captured at St. Michael Penkevil near Truro March 1646.

Officer List

Derived from original research by BCW wiki contributor 1642

  • Lieutenant Colonel Windsor (Killed at Tewkesbury)
  • Captain Nicholas Blunt
  • Captain Henry Crooke
  • Captain Thomas Eyers
  • Captain Walter Floyd
  • Captain Rudds
  • Captain Thomas Segor
  • Captain John Thomas
  • Captain Thomas Wakeman
  • Captain Wingfield
  • Lieutenant William Bowen
  • Lieutenant Francis Meysy
  • Ensign Henry Lambe
  • Ensign Hugh Roberts

Contemporary References

Derived from original research by BCW wiki contributor 1642

Pert February 1643

Whereas his Majestie hath beene pleased to grant mee his Commission under the Great Seale for the speedie raysinge one Regiment of one thousand foote for his service, I doe hereby promise and engage myselfe to endaevour to arme all ye said Regiment or as many of them as shal be raised with all possible and convenient speed,and as soone as they shal be distributed into Companies, to be fitt to doe his Majesties service, without any charge to his Majestie. In testimony whereof I have hereunto subscribed this. Thomas Pert Sixteenth day of February 1643

Orders to Pert

To Colonell Thomas Pert and all other Officers whome it may concern Trusty &e. Whereas you raysed severall Companies of your Regiment for ye service. Our will and pleasure is that you forthwith draw them out of their severall places where they now are into our Towne of Tewkesbury in ye County of Glocester there to be quartered and lye in garrison under the command of Sir Mathew Carew Governor thereof until such time as that hee having raysed his owne Regiment shall thinke fitt to dismisse them and such further order shalbe taken for there disposall, this you may not fayle speedily to performe. Given &e. 14. March (1643)

To Commissioners of Gloucester

To the Commissioners of our County of Gloucester Trusty &e. Whereas wee have appoynted severall Companies of Foote lately raysed by Colonell Thomas Pert for ye service to bee drawne into Tewkesbury for the guard of that place untill such time as Sir Mathew Carew Governour thereof hath raised his Regiment, our will and pleasure is that wee doe expect that you should pay the said Companies and Officers during their stay there soe that the full number exceed not 800 men what by your account you have undertaken to pay out of the contribution of that County. Given &e. 16. March (1643)

Henry Crooke

Petition of Henry Crooke of Marlborough served as Captain under Lord Hopton in the Regiment of Colonel Pert.

A drum

Richard Marsh deliver to Captain Thomas Eyers raising a Company under Colonel Pert, a drum. 28.2.1643. (From Bristol Stores)?

Pay for Captain Wakeman

To Mathew Bradley, Whereas Capt. Thomas Wakeman hath raysed one Company of Foote under the Regt. of Col. Thomas Pert for our service, our will and pleasure is that you forthwith pay unto him the said Captaine Wakeman seaven days pay for his Lieut, Ensigne and all other officers and souldiers of his Company endyng the 10th of the present March according to his muster rolls and this warrant together with his quittane &e. 13. March (1643)

Trevor to Legge

From Arthur Trevor to Major Legge. Dear Will, With no small stir I have awaked the foggy burghers of this place, to set this ammunition going towards your closework at Lichfield. I hope it will come seasonably to you to do your work, wherein we of this place go a great share, for I assure you we have set all we have to venture in this bottom. . . . From Worcester I hear Tewkesbury is retaken by some force that came up by water from Gloucester, and in the taking of it, Lieutenant-Colonel Winsor and about one hundred more slain. Sir Mathew Gary and More- ton, that were in the town, fle'd, as I hear, half naked, and those that were there slain were killed at their ease and in bed : so, ever fatal hath security and love of clean sheets been to the King's army. The bridge made by Prince Maurice's command, is likewise cut off, and the Prince, himself, thereby left on the other side of the Severn, with- out any other retreat than by Worcester. I beseech Al- mighty God to lead his Highness [Prince Rupert] by the hand in all his ways, for he is a most brave prince. A. Trevor.

Pert at Westminster

May 1643 This afternoon there was one Pert (formerly the Captain of the Trained Band of Saint Giles in the fields but now very lately a Sargeant Major in the Kings army, apprehended in Westminster Hall, a suspicious person who pleaded that he was lately taken at Hereford by Sir William Waller and by him discharged upon his honour not to return to the Kings army: whereupon and by means of the honourable master Rich, second son to the right honourable Earl of Warwick) to whom he was well known, he was for this time discharged.

To Lord Hopton. recommendation regarding Colonel Thomas Pert having been first Sargeant Major then raising a Regiment at his own cost (which though unfortunately surprised at Tewkesbury [all this crossed through from the word having] through imprisonment after the unfortunate surprisal of his Regiment at Tewkesbury. 9.11.1643.

Pert at Romsey

March 1644 Paraphrasing a London journal: That Colonell Norton slew so many Cavaliers at Rumsey, that five cart loads of dead bodies were carried to Winchester. That this Town of Rumsey, though it be but a little Towne, yet it is a Town of great consequence for Sir William Waller (Therefore Colonel Pert tooke it, and will keep it for his Majesty )

News from Wales

February 1645 ‘There came further newes from Wales, that in the pursuit of Gerrhard, whom Collonel Langhorne (Laugharne) routed as you hath formerly heard, at the raising of the siege before Cardigan, Colonel Laugharne hath met with Collonel Pet [Pert] ,who retreated with his Foot into a Church, where Colonell Laugharne beset him with so many of his forces, as come up to him thither that night; But the Church being large, and the way into it at severall distances, passing severall wayes, Collonel Pert got away at a private way out of the Church with all his men in the night; and the next morning Collonel Laugharne possest himself of the said Church but the Cavaliers were fled, and had strewed their gunpowder all over the Church up and down upon the ground, to spoil it for doing any service to us; there were many barrels, but all so spoilt: There were taken in the said Church between two and three hundred armes, but Collonel Pert and the cavaliers fled.


  • February 1643: 1000 commissioned to be raised
  • March 1643: Pay limited to 800 men
  • Note: Unlikely to have reached such numbers

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