Colonel Thomas Davies’ Regiment of Foot

ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelThomas Davies
Coat Colour
Area RaisedFlint & Denbigh
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesGarrison

Royalist foot regiment in garrison at Hawarden, then Denbigh Castle

Service History


  • July: Davies commissioned to raise 500 foot and dragoons in Flint & Denbighshire
  • November: Surrender of Hawarden Castle?
  • November: Loss of Flint
  • November: Loss of Mostyn
  • November to December: Siege of Hawarden Castle



  • Garrison of Denbigh Castle
  • November: Battle of Denbigh Green?


  • April to October: Besieged at Denbigh Castle


Probably formed from men of the Flintshire Trained Bands. Thomas Davies was a Lt Col in June 1643, commissioned as Colonel in the July.

Coats, Flags and Equipment

Notable Officers

Colonel Thomas Davies

Of Gwysaney, appointed Colonel General of Denbighshire and Flintshire under Capel in 1643.

Officer Lists

From original research by Victor Judge aka BCW user 1642

  • Colonel Thomas Davies
  • Captain Edward Floyd (1) + I.O. Flints.
  • Robert Davies (rank uncertain)

Contemporary References

From original research by Victor Judge aka BCW user 1642

Capel to Davies

P.M. BARNARD COLLECTION WALES 32 1643, Dec. 5 LETTER: Lord Arthur Capell [1st Baron Capel of Hadham, the King's Lieutenant in Shropshire, Cheshire, and North Wales] to Colonel Davyes at Hawarden, desiring the recipient to disperse the soldiers under his command but to be ready again to march at a day's notice. Dated at Chester

Surrender of Denbigh Castle 1646

(1) SP23.209.676 To all officers and souldiers under command of Parliament and to all others whom it may concerne.

The bearer hereof Capt. Edward Lloyd is to bee protected in his person, and his goods according to the articles made upon the surrender of Denbigh Castle hee being within the same at the tyme of the surrender and to have the benefit thereof in that beehalfe. You are therefore to suffer the sayd Capt. Edward Lloyd with his servants horses and swords and neccessaries freely to passe upon his occasions hee doein nothing contrary to the said articles. Dated at Denbigh the 27th of October 1646.


SP23.206.383 To all Commanders Officers and souldiers and others to whom it may concerne.

The bearer Collonell Thomas Davies is to be protected in his person and goods according to the Articles made upon the surrender of Denbigh Castle he being within the same at the time of the surrender, and to have the benefit thereof on that behalfe; you are therefore to suffer the said Collonell Davies, with his servants, horses theire Armes and necessaryes freely to pass upon their occasions, doing nothing contrary to the said articles, dated the 27th of October 1646

Tho: Mytton

SP23.206.371 To all Commanders and souldiers in the service of the Parliament. The bearer hereof Robert Davies Esq. bee protected in his person and goods according to the Articles made upon the surrender of Denbigh Castle he being within the same at the time of surrender, and to have the benefit thereof in that behalfe, you are therefore to suffer the said Robert Davies Esq, with his servants horses sword and neccessaries freely to pass upon their occasions, doing nothing contrary to the said articles, dated the 27th of October 1646

Tho: Mytton

Robert Davies petition

SP23.206.366 Extract. The humble petition of Robert Davies of Gwysanney in the parish of Mould in the Countie of Flint

Humbly sheweth that his estate being wholly in the Kings quarters hee did take upp Armes in this warr against the Parliament for which his delinquencie his Estate is under sequestration.

Robt: Davies

Rec'd 3. Aprill 1647

The King to Capel


Right trusty and wellbeloved Wee greete you well. Wee having given our Comission to our trusty and wellbeloved Colonell Thomas Davies to raise one Regiment of ffive Hundred ffoote and Dragooners for our service and the defence and security of our Counties of fflynt and Denbeigh have thought fitt to recomend unto you, and to lett you know that although other persons may have received Comisions to raise forces in those parts who have thereby the precedency yet wee knowing the ability of Colonell Davies who hath served us, and our late Royall father of blessed memory in all our expeditions, cannot but esteeme him fitt to have that respect as to be preferred to the Priority of Comand (especially in the County of fflynt) which our pleasure is your Lordshipp see performed upon all occasions that may offer themselves for our service. And so wee bid you heartily farewell. ffrom our Court at Oxford this 19th of July 1643. To our right trusty and wellbeloved - Arthur Lord Capell our Lieutenant Generall of our forces in the Counties of Chester fflynt &c. Ld Capell.

JB to Lt Col Thomas Davies

8a. ffor Lieutenant Colonell Tho: Davies. Good Cosen

Yrs of 4 instant I have receaved & ame sory for that I heare of Wa: & WE:, sure there was a fault somewhere, either T: S: or Lo. C. was too blame, it seemes W. B. was more heedefull &c. I knowe no particulars. Wee are here as when I wrote Last both at home, & abroade; woulde God wee might finde amendement every waye, & these times of distraction weere at an end, wch shall be & is my prayer, as it is my desire to be kindely remembred to my Co: Do: & all the rest of my good frendes wth yu & in those partes. God keepe us & direct us; in hast I rest.

Yrs after the ould manner as yu Knowe J. B. Ba: 6o Junii 1643 I shoulde be gladde to knowe howe parson T. F. did speede at Wh:

TW Note: Interestingly this seems partly in code- perhaps Lo. C is Capel and W. B. William Brereton?

Dunsmore to Davies

30. To his much esteemed freinde & cosen Thomas Davis Esq.

Good Cosen Soe sone as I receaved your letter I acquainted the Kinge with it, who truly did expresse as much as was possible of his assurance of your affection to him and to his service and was very willinge to putt into any imployement you would desyre; which has beene the cause of your mans soe longe stay heure for as you directed mee in your letter to advise with Mr Griffen I did, who toulde mee hee woulde send one a purpose to you to knowe what it was you desyred, and aboute a weeke after hee toulde mee you woulde bee putt into the Commission of Army (wch was appoynted by the Kinge himselfe to bee dunne when I first spoke with him concerninge you) and hee gave mee to names more to putt in the Commission one Mr Salysbury and one Hughes but because I hearde nothinge from you concerninge them I have not dunne it; I woulde it weare in my power to favor you in any thinge I assure you shall commande

Your cosen & friende Dunsmore Oxford July 4th 1643.

My wife and my daughters desyre to have theare favur with myne presented to you and to my cosen your wife. the newes that is heare your man can tell you I thanke god all is very well

Lloyd to Davies


To my noble and most honored freind Collonell Davies at Gwasanna. Noble Sr

I have consulted wth som that have past from the Armie and doe not fynd it soe safe as to iustifie p'sons that only goe to looke on the scoutes both of Nantwich and Wem familiarly crossing the rode the newes from Oxford you had from my cosyn Eyton on saturday and wee heard nothing since. Som expectation there is of ammunition and powder to be brought into Lancashire by sea from Scotland and that some of the Scotch forces are to followe. that Breretons letter to Darley and Armin to hasten them was intercepted that Brereton hath 400 foote and 3 troopes of horse coming to his ayde from Lancashire That my Lord Gray offers to ayde him wth 2000 men and armes but he will have the money for the armes deposited. Generall King is marched up as farr as Wingfield Mannor near Derby. Nothing remarkeable don since fryday by or Armie but the taking of Bartamley church where all the men were put to the sword to deterr any from the like insolence to face an armie wth soe inconsiderable force wth my humble service to yor honoured Lady yor nephewe and neece to my sweete Cos: Eyton but for the secretairie qualificat he is out of my Kalendar. God send you a merry Christmas and a peacefull New yeere

Yor very faithfull servant R: Lloyd Wrexham Christmas day.41 (TW Note: 1643)

Bridgeman to Davies

31B. For my noble Friend Colonell Davyes Sir

I have sent you a barrell of powder. The enemye stole away yesterday. Brereton of Borras and dick Midleton are at Chester under examination all the forces are here. Waller being beaten from Basing the lo: Hopton advanced by String and in hope to cleare Sussex and to beseige him at Farneham my lo: Byron is by this time at Shrewsbury. Or forces are now quartered at Chester. It is impossible from heare without supplys long to provide for them. I pray put the gentlemen of yr country in mind of their promise for apparrell are (?) valuable. In great hast I rest Yr humble servt

Orl. Bridgeman. Sunday 2 o clock if yu see Sr Ri: lloyd pray tell him if possible wee would see him by night at Chester.

The King to Sir Nicholas Byron

32B Copy Letter Charles R

Trusty and welbeloved wee greet you well. Wheras the prsent better condicon of our Affayres in our Counties of Salop & Chester. And since the Retreit of the Rebells and the successe of forces from Ireland affoards a very fair opportunity for the effectuall settlement of those parts and prosecution of our service there. Wee have therefore thought fitt to recomend it to you to keep yor chief Residence (during the Ld Byron's absence) in our Towne of Shrewsbury aswell for the security of the Towne and the parts thereabouts as for the advancing and gathering of the contribucons that are in Areare or shall become due in those parts concerning wch we have allsoe written to our high Shirief & Comissioners there.

At Chester we would have you to leave Sr Abraham Shipman (or who els shall iudge fitt for our service) yur deputy for the defence of that place. Wee having releived Shipman because he hath heretofore very carefully p'formed that charge. And wheras at the late incursions into Cheshire and N[or]thwales divers of their forcet adherents did then manifest their evill affections to us and their dispositions to cleave to this wicked Rebellion agst us. Wee will and comand you to enquire after all such disafected p'sons who any way applied themselves to Brerton Myddelton or any other of [t]hose Rebells or who shall wilfully oppose the paymt of necessary [c]ontributions for the maintenance of our forces in those partes and to cause them p'sons to be app'hended and sent prisoners hither to us where wee shall order for them to be p'ceeded against according to their deservings for wch these our lres shalbe yor Warrant Given at our Court at Oxon the 11th: day of december 1643.

By his Mats Comand E Nicholas To Sr Nicholas Byron.

Lloyd to Robert Davies

32C. To the Honed Robert Davies Esqr. at Llanarch. Honed Sr

Being come home my wife shewed me your letter which I hope may be answered by me because I perseived last time at Mold you were for Sr Roger Mostyn & if you continue of the same mind my wife & I would very willingly serve you what lies in our power otherwise I cannot comply with you at this time (unless you or some of your family stood & then we should never faile you) because Sr Roger engaged me in his interest at London which you know cannot be countermanded with any reputation

Sr Yr most obedient humble servt & kinsman Richard Lloyd.

my wife & all here desires you & your family to accept of their most humble service. We have lost a true lover of your family my uncle Thomas: Lloyd who died last Saturday.


E.32.13 Colonel Davies and Colonel Mostyn in charge of leaguer before Hawarden Castle.


  • July 1643: Davies commissioned to raise 500 foot and dragoons, whether he raised this many is unknown.

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