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   * [[Sir Arthur Bassett]]   * [[Sir Arthur Bassett]]
   * Sir Thomas Bassett – see [[Sir Nicholas Slanning]]   * Sir Thomas Bassett – see [[Sir Nicholas Slanning]]
 +  * Sir Thomas Basset
   * [[John Baynes|Col. John Baynes]]   * [[John Baynes|Col. John Baynes]]
   * Col. Richard Beard – see [[Edward Broughton]]   * Col. Richard Beard – see [[Edward Broughton]]
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   *[[John Connock|Col. John Connock]]   *[[John Connock|Col. John Connock]]
   *[[Cuthbert Conyers|Col. Cuthbert Conyers]]   *[[Cuthbert Conyers|Col. Cuthbert Conyers]]
-  *[[Cook]]+  *[[Cook|Col. ​Cook]]
   *[[Francis Cooke|Col. Francis Cooke]]   *[[Francis Cooke|Col. Francis Cooke]]
   *[[Sir William Courtney (Devon)]]   *[[Sir William Courtney (Devon)]]