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Sir William Lambton’s Regiment of Foot

Flag Illustration1)
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelSir William Lambton
Area RaisedDurham
Coat ColourWhite?
Flag ColourBlack
Flag Design
Field ArmiesNewcastle 1642-4

Royalist Regiment of Foot serving in the Marquis of Newcastle’s army, one of the famous whitecoat regiments

Service History


  • December: Skirmish at Piercebridge
  • December: Battle of Tadcaster


  • 21st May: Battle of Wakefield
  • June: Battle of Adwalton Moor


  • March: Battle of Hylton
  • April to July: Besieged in York
  • 2nd July: Battle of Marston Moor


Coats, Flags and Equipment

Probably white coats and black flags. I am the unfortunate Son of a much more unfortunate Father, slayne in His Majestys service at Wakefield fight, being then eldest Captain to Sir William Lampton in the Black regiment. William Lambtons arms were Sa. A fesse between 3 lambs ar.

Notable Officers

Sir William Lambton

Killed at Marston Moor

Officer Lists

Original Research by Victor Judge aka '1642'

  • Colonel Sir William Lambton
  • Lieutenant Colonel Henry Lambton
  • Captain Benson
  • Captain Thomas Nicholson
  • Captain William Lambton
  • Captain Talbot Lesley
  • Captain John Pemberton
  • Captain William Williamson
  • Lieutenant Richard Richardson
  • Lieutenant John Watson
  • Ensign Thomas Williamson
  • Ensign Robert Lambton


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1) Flag image by kind permission of Wargames Designs