Sir William Huddlestone’s Regiment of Foot

Active1642 to 1644
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelSir William Huddlestone
Area RaisedCumberland?
Coat Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesNewcastle 1644

Royalist regiment of foot serving in Cumberland then with the Marquis of Newcastle’s army

Service History


  • Raised


  • October: Skirmish at Lindale & Dalton?
  • November: Garrison of Millom Castle


  • April to July: Besieged at York
  • July: Battle of Marston Moor
  • July: Besieged at York?


Before York battle at Ravenglass nigh Muncaster [Pennington] raised 60 men for the Kings service and delivered them to Major Huddleston to be by him carried to York.

Sir William Huddleston was again said to be raising troops in late 1645

Richard Jackson in Millom Castle Garrison and almost certainly an Officer

Sir Philip Monkton mentions Huddleston's Regiment of Foot saving the day at their march down from Sunderland. Monckton Papers.

Coats and Flags

Notable Officers

Sir William Huddleston

Officer List

  • Colonel Sir William Huddleston
  • Lieutenant Colonel William Pennington
  • Sargeant Major Edward Huddleston
  • Captain Christopher Hanby
  • Captain Ingoldby Huddleston
  • Captain Joseph Huddleston
  • Captain Anthony Hunter
  • Captain Roger Irton
  • Captain John Lewthwaite
  • Captain John Punchion
  • Captain William Punchion
  • Captain Richard Studdart
  • Lieutenant Hugh Ayscough .
  • Lieutenant John Bow
  • Lieutenant William Latus
  • Lieutenant Roger Rames
  • Ensign Ambrose Bincks
  • Ensign Christopher Bland
  • Ensign Hilary Bradley
  • Ensign Jeffery Fox
  • Quartermaster William Leech

Contemporary Accounts

Mungo Rothery

The deposition of Mungo Rothery of Cockermouth upon oath the 19th day of December 1652 The deponent saith that he being in his owne house privately about midsummer in 1643 to the best of his knowledge he then see William Pennington of Muncaster Esq. coming upp the Towne of Cockermouth to the Castle marching on foot before severall musketeers, immediately after which time he this deponent with other well affected to the Parliament were forced closely to repaire and flie to Scotland for their security and safety and further saith not.

William Antrobus

Deposition of William Antrobus The said deponent besides what formerly he hath deposed that in the year 1642 did see Mr Pennington of Muncaster march from Egremont to Cockermouth with Colonel Huddlestons Regiment of Foot which was first raised in this County for ye late King against Parliament and had then about him a black scarfe and sword and the said Colonel and William Pennington drew the said Regiment upp att Gallowbarrow upon Cockermouth Moore and marched both at the head from upp Cockermouth to the Castle.


The Lieutenant Colonel of Huddlestons Foot Regiment was formerly unknown and is almost certainly William Pennington of Muncaster. He was a Commissary of Array for Cumberland together with William Pennington of Seaton and Anthony Latus.

The Musgrave papers at Carlisle Record Office contains a document D.MUS 5/5/4/27 which is a list of Colonels Commissions to be issued, amongst which is William Pennington of Muncaster, Esquire.


To the Constables of Whicham and Whitbeck These are to will and require you to bring before us at the house of John Stockbridge at the Meales upon Monday next by ten o clock in the morning,eleven sufficient able and servicable men within your constabulary to be sent to the Castle at Millam to lie in garrison for his Majesties service and that the said eleven men make ready and bring with them sufficient provision for themselves for the space of one whole week and further as at our meeting it shall be ordered whereof faile yee not as you tender his Majesties service will answer the contrary at your peril. 25.11.1643 William Pennington, William Pennington, Anthony Latus. Copia Vera.


John Lewthwaite of Broad Gate , a captain in a regiment of foot raised by Sir William Hudleston, of Millom Castle, for the service of King Charles I. in which loyal cause he was slain at Edge Hill, in 1642. Obviously an error as the Regiment never served in the South of England. However, it is conceivable that Lewthwaite served under Edward Huddleston, who was Sargeant Major in the Regiment of Colonel Edward Greys Dragoons at Edgehill.GETSP.29 REFERENCE. For this reason I have listed Lewthwaite under both Regiments.


8.1.1642/3 Captured Letter to Colonel Guildford Slingsby from Earl of Newcastle Mentions that Colonel Huddleston nor Colonel Clavering are ready to march with the convoy of arms and ammunition through the County.

A Pass

House of Commons Journal Volume 3: 26 October 1644', Huddleston's, &c. Pass. Ordered, That Colonel Wm. Huddleston, Mrs. Bridget Huddleston his Wife, Mrs. Isabell Huddleston his Daughter, Mary Daften, her Maid, John Huddleston, Christopher Daften, George Dodgson, John Wright, Matthew Makarell, the Colonel's Servants, Francis Horner the Drummer that came with Dr. Bastwick, shall have Mr. Speaker's Pass to go the direct Way into Cumberland; provided they go to no beleaguered Garison: And that they carry with them nothing prejudicial to the State.


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