Sir William Coryton’s Regiment of Foot

ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelSir William Coryton
Area RaisedCornwall
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Obscure Cornish Royalist regiment of foot

Service History


Might have ended up in Pendennis in 1646

Coats, Flags and Equipment

Notable Officers

A list of the regiment's officers is shown in Officers and Regiments of the Royalist Army by Stuart Reid (Partizan Press).

Sir William Coryton

Probably William Coryton a Cornish MP. His son John Coryton was also a Royalist colonel, perhaps he took over his father's regiment.

Colonel William Corytons regiment of Foot

Colonel William Coryton

Lt.Col John Coryton Ment. I.O. + Millbrook surrender

Sargeant Major Nicholas Saul ? Millbrook surrender

Captain Lieutenant John Smally I.O. Cornwall to John Coryton

Captain Lieutenant Edward Wilcocks

Captain John Battersby Captain Robert Smyth I.O. Cornwall Captain Ambrose Manning Ment. I.O. Captain Ambrose Manaton SP.23.215.491 prob same man. Captain Neville Blighe Ment. I.O. Captain Arthur Piper Ment. I.O. Captain Henry Spoare SP.23.215.485

Lieutenant Will. Haughton I.O. Devon to Capt. Manning Lieutenant John Adams I.O. Cornwall Lieutenant Goyen Moore I.O. Cornwall Lieutenant William Hooper SP.23.215.502 Lieutenant Edward Kneebone SP.23.215.531 Lieutenant John Read I.O. Devon to Sir John Coryton

Ensign John Haughton I.O. Cornwall Ensign Arthur Piper I.O. Cornwall to Capt. Piper Ensign Nicholas Geddy I.O. Cornwall to Capt. Blighe


A trained band regiment according to Wilcocks,the regiment laid down their arms at Milbrook together with Colonel Pierce Edgcombes Regt I think check

SP23.67.9 Whereas itt appeares by the certificate hereunto annexed under the hand of William Coryton Esq. and ye affidavit there underwritten,that John Battersby of Calstocke in the County of Cornwall was a Captaine of a Companie in a Regiment in the hundred of Lathe whereof ye said Colonell Coryton was Colonell.I doe hereby certifie that he ought to have the benefit of such conditions as were granted to Colonell Coryton and the rest who were then with him,and I desire he may enjoy the same accordinglie. Given under my hand and seale the 16 day of November 1649. Fairfax.

SP23.67.11 These are to certify to all whom it may concerne that John Battersby of Calstock in the County of Cornwall upon his excellencies the Lo (torn) Fairfaxx coming into Cornwall was a Captaine of a Companie in the Regiment of the hundred of Lathe whereof I was Collonell and came then upon (torn) to Millbrooke with mee and diverse other gent (torn) and Officers of ye said Regiment. And his name (torn) to Plimouth garrison with Collonell E (torn) and my own and diverse other gentlemen commanders of (torn) and my Regiment and did thereupon desist from intermeddling in anie matter of the warr and submit with the rest,all which upon request of ye said Mr Battersby,I humbly offer and have here subscribed the 21 daye of Januarie 1648. William Coryton John Battersby gent. maketh oath that he was in Milbrooke according to the above said certificate and that this is the (torn) of the said William Coryton. John Battersby.

Henry Spoare said was a Captain in Saltash and gave up his commission in 1642 however Capt. Ambrose Manaton SP.23.215.491 states that Spoare was a Capt. and laid down his arms at Mt. Edgcombe and Milbrook .

SP23.223.146 The humble petition of Edward Wilcocke of the parish of St. Ives in the County of Cornwall Gent Sheweth that your petitioner adhered to the late King in his warre against the Parliament,that he was Captaine Lieutenant of the Trayned Band Regiment of Collonell William Coryton and was at the laying down of armes by the garrison of Milbrooke in Cornwall. 21.8.1651

IN I.O. Capt. Lt John Smally I.O. Cornwall to John Coryton. John Coryton was also subject to Milbrook articles.He was the younger brother of William and was probably Lt. Col to him. Do SP19.65 and SP19 95

SP23.69.462 Extract The humble peticion of Nevill Blighe of St. Thomas Parish in the County of Cornwall Sheweth that your peticioner was in Armes against the Parliament,for which his delinquency his estate is sequestered;and being comprised within the Articles of Pendennis,desires to have the benefit thereof.

Nicholas Saul and Trevisa also officers check.

Cornish record Office Parish holdings Burials,Baptisms and Marriages for Millbrook. 1630 +

Under John Coryton in I.O. Captain Christopher Hawley I.O. Leicestershire ??

Reference: CY/7263/1-10 Creation dates: 1661

Scope and Content Bundle of blank commissions for 5 ensign-bearers and 6 lieutenants in Colonel John Coryton's Company, signed by John, earl of Bath (Captains of companies of foot mentioned, John Coryton (Col. and Captzin), Robert Smith; John Battersby, gent.; Hugh Piper, gent; William Coysgarne, gent; Henry Spoure, gent; Wm. Trevisa, esq., (Serjeant Major and Captain.)


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