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 +======Sir Thomas Haggerston’s Regiment of Foot======
 +<WRAP right>
 +|**Conflicts**|First Civil War|
 +|**Colonel**|Sir Thomas Haggerston|
 +|**Area Raised**|Northumberland|
 +|**Flag Colour**||
 +|**Flag Design**||
 +|**Field Armies**||
 +//Royalist regiment of foot briefly forming the garrison of Haggerston Castle//
 +===== Service History =====
 +  *Garrison of Haggerston Castle
 +  *July: Skirmish at Haggerston Castle
 +While recruiting for the garrison of [[http://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Haggerston_Castle|Haggerston Castle]] in Northumberland,​ Sir Thomas and his men were captured by a naval landing party from the //​[[http://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​English_ship_Antelope_(1546)|Antelope]]//​ commanded by Captain Haddock. ​
 +=====Notable Officers=====
 +====Sir Thomas Haggerston====
 +[[http://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Haggerston_Baronets|Sir Thomas Haggerston]] (d. 1673) was created baronet in 1642 [[http://​books.google.co.uk/​books?​id=5ikwAAAAYAAJ&​pg=PA512&​lpg=PA512&​dq=sir+thomas+haggerston&​source=bl&​ots=cCK7gbt-_J&​sig=wUK1qfHAYZgg0r2H14Rrh02z3yU&​hl=en&​sa=X&​ei=uV6kT4KDPczc8gP5q5nvBA&​ved=0CFEQ6AEwAzgK#​v=onepage&​q=sir%20thomas%20haggerston&​f=false|(Baronetage of England)]]. ​ His eldest son John was slain at the Battle of Ormskirk in 1644 while his youngest son survived the wars to expire falling off his horse at Durham in 1684, so the second son, Sir Thomas succeeded his father, becoming governor of Berwick Castle. The Haggerston Arms were //Azure, on a bend cottised argent three billets sable// with a crest of //On a wreath, a lion rampant argent// [[http://​books.google.co.uk/​books?​id=Cq8KAAAAYAAJ&​pg=PA560&​lpg=PA560&​dq=sir+thomas+haggerston&​source=bl&​ots=fiB_kIUfDz&​sig=CPEs01s29a5P43DLcPQJilaB8_Y&​hl=en&​sa=X&​ei=bGCkT_20LMav8AP0-_naBA&​ved=0CFwQ6AEwBzgU#​v=onepage&​q=sir%20thomas%20haggerston&​f=false.|(General and Heraldic Dictionary)]]
 +=====See Also======
 +===== Links =====