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Sir Ralph Dutton’s Regiment of Foot

Active1642 to 1646
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelSir Ralph Dutton
Sir Stephen Hawkins
Area RaisedGloucestershire
Coat ColourRed or Blue?
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesOxford 1642-3
Garrison 1644-6

Later Sir Stephen Hawkins' Regiment of Foot

Royalist regiment of foot of the Oxford Army

Service History


  • October: Quartered at Hawne(?)
  • 23rd October: Battle of Edgehill
  • 13th November: Standoff at Turnham Green
  • 9th December: Garrison of Oxford


  • 2nd February: Storm of Cirencester (det)
  • April: Battle of Caversham Bridge
  • May: Quartered at Culham Camp
  • 26th July: Storm of Bristol
  • August to September: Siege of Gloucester
  • 20th September: First Battle of Newbury


  • March: Battle of Cheriton (det)
  • April: Mustered at Aldbourne Chase
  • May to July: Besieged at Greenland House
  • July: Besieged at Greenland House
  • September: Relief of Basing House (det)
  • October: Relief of Banbury (det)
  • November: Relief of Donnington Castle


  • May to June: Besieged at Oxford


  • March: Repulsed from Abingdon
  • May to June: Besieged in Oxford
  • June: Surrender at Oxford


Coats, Flags and Equipment

The regiment wore white coats by September 1644, however they may have been clad in either all red or all blue suits of coats, breeches and montero hats in July 1643 along with the other Royalist foot regiments then in Oxford 1).

Notable Officers

Sir Ralph Dutton

Of Standish, died c. 1646, said to have been wrecked and cast ashore on Burntisland in l646. Upon the outbreak of the civil war he raised a regiment for the king, which was the second raised, 'and came into his majesty complete 800 with flying colours at the setting up of his royal standard at Nottingham.' He also compiled a manual of prayers for its use.

Sir Stephen Hawkins


  • 1642: Said to be 800 strong
  • April 1644: At Aldbourne Chase mustered 9 Captains, 9 Lieutenants, 9 Ensigns, 10 Gentlemen, 19 Sergeants, 29 Corporals, 19 Drummers, 171 Soldiers 2)

See Also

This regiment is re-enacted by Stephen Hawkins' Regiment of Foote of the Sealed Knot.

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