Sir Ralph Dutton’s Regiment of Foot

Active1642 to 1646
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelSir Ralph Dutton
Sir Stephen Hawkins
Area RaisedGloucestershire
Coat ColourRed or Blue?
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesOxford 1642-3
Garrison 1644-6

Later Sir Stephen Hawkins' Regiment of Foot

Royalist regiment of foot of the Oxford Army

Service History


  • August: Hawkins commissioned Lt Col to Dutton at Beverley
  • September: Dutton recruiting in Gloucester until chased off, continues in Herefordshire
  • October: Quartered at Hawne (near Bridgenorth)
  • 23rd October: Battle of Edgehill
  • 13th November: Standoff at Turnham Green
  • 9th December: Garrison of Oxford


  • 2nd February: Storm of Cirencester (det)
  • April: Battle of Caversham Bridge
  • May: Quartered at Culham Camp
  • 26th July: Storm of Bristol
  • August to September: Siege of Gloucester
  • 20th September: First Battle of Newbury
  • December: Hawkins commissioned Colonel


  • March: Battle of Cheriton (det)
  • April: Mustered at Aldbourne Chase
  • April: Hawkins commissioned Governor of Greenland House
  • May to July: Besieged at Greenland House
  • July: Greenland House Relieved
  • July: Besieged again at Greenland House and surrender, marching to Wallingford
  • September: Relief of Basing House (det of 300 musketeers)
  • October: Relief of Banbury (det)
  • November: Relief of Donnington Castle


  • May to June: Besieged at Oxford


  • March: Repulsed from Abingdon
  • May to June: Besieged in Oxford
  • June: Surrender at Oxford


Coats, Flags and Equipment

The regiment wore white coats by September 1644, however they may have been clad in either all red or all blue suits of coats, breeches and montero hats in July 1643 along with the other Royalist foot regiments then in Oxford 1).

Their muskets were matchlocks in November 1642 and March 1643.

Notable Officers

Sir Ralph Dutton

Of Standish, died c. 1646, said to have been wrecked and cast ashore on Burntisland in 1646. Upon the outbreak of the civil war he raised a regiment for the king, which was the second raised, 'and came into his majesty complete 800 with flying colours at the setting up of his royal standard at Nottingham.' He also compiled a manual of prayers for its use.

Sir Stephen Hawkins

Officer Lists

From original research by Victor Judge aka BCW user 1642

Under Dutton

  • Colonel Sir Ralph Dutton2) (A)
  • Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Hawkins (A) + (1)
  • Sargeant Major Degory Collins (A)
  • Captain John Palmer
  • Captain Charles Kirke
  • Captain William Atkins
  • Captain Matthew Radcliffe
  • Captain Hoskins/Hopkins
  • Captain Thomas Hull
  • Captain Roger Low3)
  • Captain Palmer
  • Captain Kirk
  • Captain Atkins
  • Captain Radcliff
  • Captain Hopkins
  • Captain Hull
  • Captain Love/Low
  • Quartermaster Thomas Littleton (2)

Regiment as follows in E244.2

  • Colonel Sir Ralph Dutton
  • Lt.Col. Stephen Hawkins
  • Sgt. Maj Degory Collins

Under Hawkins

  • Colonel Stephen Hawkins (A) + (1)
  • Lieut. Colonel Palmer (In Greenland House)
  • Sargeant Major Charles Kirke I.O. L + W
  • Sargeant Major Degory Collins (A) + Ment. I.O.
  • Captain William Atkins4)
  • Captain Bradley (In Greenland House)
  • Captain Thomas Cardinall I.O. Lincoln + 5)
  • Captain George Grimes (2) + I.O. Kent
  • Captain Fane Hack I.O. L + W
  • Captain Hoskins/Hopkins Ment. I.O.
  • Captain Thomas Hull (2) + I.O. L + W
  • Captain William Humphreville I.O. Lincolnshire
  • Captain John Jauncy I.O. Radnorshire
  • Captain Lowe6)
  • Captain Charles Morris Ment. I.O.
  • Captain Matthew Radcliffe7)
  • Captain Lieut. Thomas Atkins I.O. L + W
  • Lieutenant Samuel Hull I.O. Berkshire to Capt. Hull
  • Lieutenant Charles Littleton (3)
  • Lieutenant John Rixon I.O. Worcester to Capt. Morris
  • Ensign Thomas Browne I.O. Gloucester to Capt. Hoskins
  • Ensign William Browne (4) + I.O. Surrey
  • Ensign William Dethicke (4)
  • Ensign Thomas Franklin (4)
  • Ensign John Herbert I.O. Hereford to Sgt. Maj. Collins
  • Ensign Edward Jordan I.O. L + W to Sgt.Maj. .Kirke
  • Quartermaster Thomas Carter I.O. L + W

Contemporary References

From original research by Victor Judge aka BCW user 1642

(2) WO55.423.142 5. Nov. 1642 Rec'd out of his Majesties Magazine for the use of Col: Duttons Regiment

  • Powder 1cwt
  • Match 1cwt
  • Muskett Shott 1cwt

Thomas Littleton Quartermaster

Sir John Heydon ye may please to unto the bearer hereof that comes from Readinge with 80 horses which I am to mount Musqueteeres upon there one pound of powder with match & powder accordingly

22. December 1642 Received out of his Majesties stores for ye present service

  • Powder 1cwt
  • Match 1cwt
  • Muskett Shott 1cwt

Edward Littleton Caradgemaster to Colonell Dutton

sp19.146.56 Captain Henry Hopkins FIND

WO55.423.203 3d. January 1642(3) Rec the day & yeare above written for Sr Ralph Duttons Regiment for his Majesties present service

  • Shovells 20
  • Spades 10
  • Pickaxes 10

Math: Radcliffe Captaine

WO55.423.17 21. March 1642(3) Received out of his Majesties stores for the use of Coll. Duttons Regiment

  • Match 63lb

Capt. Charles Kirke


Raising men in Gloucestershire Sep 1642 fought with Undersherriff of Gloucester Mr Hill copy.

‘One Mr Hill, the Undersheriffe of Gloucestershire, having ten more with him, met with Sir Ralph Dutton and ten Cavaliers, who were raising of men against the Parliament in that Countrey, whereupon the said M.Hill, with the rest of his company, fell upon Sir Ralph Dutton and his Cavaliers, who so valiantly pursued them, that Sir Ralph Dutton was forced to swim the river Severne, and took two of the Cavaliers and brought them up to the Parliament, who had thanks returned them for their fidelity and pains, with further encouragement to send up all the malignant Cavaliers, and all those who should endeavour to put into the execution the illegal Commission of Array, if they appeare in that Countrey, and that all Countryes should do the like.’

‘Since Sir Ralph Dutton has fled out of Gloucestershire, he hath been very lately in Herefordshire, where he thought to have raised five men for the Kings service against the Parliament: and that he might the better effect his intended purpose, he hath employed severall agents to assist him in the raising of them: but staying there in hopes of raising men till they could not raise money to defray ordinary expences, they were forced to flie from thence without either.’

Journal of House of Commons 1643-44 Publ. 1802 Manual of Prayers.

Ordered, That the little Book, intituled, A Manual of Prayers for Sir Ralph Dutton's Regiment, be referred to the Committee appointed to prepare the General Declaration. From: 'House of Commons Journal Volume 3: 5 May 1643', Journal of the House of Commons:

(A) Copy of the above book Bodlaeian Library. C158 dedicated to Colonel Dutton, Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Hawkins and Sargeant Major Degory Collins.

Some notes Charles Kirke 1.5.1643 WO.55.459.111 Signed for Match Powder and bullets.

Colonel Stephen Hawkins was a brave and resolute Officer, undaunted by the …..

(1) Harl. Mss.6852.f.253 The humble petition of Stephen Hawkins. Commissioned 25.7.1642 at Beverley as Lt.Colonel to Sir Ralph Dutton. 10.8.1643 Commissioned Major to Colonel Wentworths Tertio at Gloucester. Commissioned Colonel 6.12.1643 Commissioned Governor of Greenland House 15.4.1644. Has been in action since Edgehill.

(2) Harl.Mss. 6852 f.245

Mr Walker, be pleased to doe me the favour to give a Commission to George Grimes to be Captaine to that Company that was Sir Ralph Duttons, in so doing which you will oblige. Reading 14th December 1643. Your most humble servant

Stephen Hawkins

Pray send it by Captain Hull, for ye Comitions of ye reste of ye Officers they will come attested by Sir Jacob Astley

(3) SP29.275.114 Petition of Captain Charles Littleton of Sandford Somerset. ‘Served as Lieutenant of Foot in Ralph Duttons Regiment and was afterwards appointed to a Captain of Horse in Sir Hugh Wyndhams Regiment and soe continued during the whole warr.

(4) E.49.29 Letters by which it is certified, that Sir Samuel Luke tooke at Islip…26.5.1644 The title of the pamphlet is extremely long and does not actually mention this event which is amongst its contents.

'Some of the enemies issued forth of Greenland House, and the Middlesex scouts light upon a party of them at Hambleton, where were there taken prisoners.

A list of the prisoners that were taken

  • Ensign William Browne
  • Ensign William Dethicke
  • Ensign Thomas Franklin
  • John Lax Clarke
  • Serjeant Thomas Parker
  • Serjeant Thomas Mares
  • Serjeant Oliver Morton
  • Corporall John Yong
  • John Prile
  • Trustram Smith
  • Edward Heues
  • John King
  • William Jenkins
  • Nathaniell Clarke

and two more of the enemies slaine.

Dated at my Lords Generalls Quarters 26.5.1644

E.50.22 The true informer 1st-8th June 1644

By letters from Henley it is advertised as followes ‘Sir, I shall now acquaint you with the passages here since my last.This morning we sent out a party of about 400 to Greenland House, and by 11 a clocke our Dragooners scouring before the Foot, entred Henley, and there found 7 Cavaliers, all well armed, collecting victuals and drinke; they discovered us not till we were in the Towne, but stood desperately to it, fired foure or five times apeece, and we having kil’d their Chaplaine (who refused quarter) they fled, at last we took a Lieutenant, an Ensigne, and two more, when they were falne back to Greenland House within twice musket shot. We desire but a reasonable helpe to send them packing, God send us faire weather: they are about 120, no horse, 4 or 5 pieces. I disarmed the Lieutenant, and tooke him alone, and shot one bullet of the two in the Priests body: he shot six times at us at foure yards distance, but hurt not a man of us, thanks be to God.’ H.G.

E.53.4 The true informer 22nd-29th June 1644

By letters from the forces before Greenland House dated June 26th it is thus advertised ‘Sir, for newes here since my last,it is onely this, we have planted three of our biggest Sacres within musket shot of the House, and yesterday we sent them 30 shot, which much shattered the house, and amazed the garrison that were in it, our forces that are before it, are (blessed be God) in an healthfull condition, though wee are forced to continue our watchings very strictly, and sometimes can get little or no rest for seven nights together, we have before the house above 300 Foot, under the command of Lieutenant Colonell Bradley, which came from Windsor, besides 400 Foot which we have in Henley, our Horse not being above 150 and under the command of Captaine Terrill, Captaine Nash and Captaine Aldridge. The Governour of Greenland House is Colonell Stephen Hawkins, who is Landlord of Bishops Court in the Old Bayly, he lately sent out about an hundred to fall upon our Quarters, but they were soon beat in, and two of them killed: Munday night 100 of our Horse went forth, under the command of Captaine Tilliar [Terrill ?], who lay that night at Burton, and the next day faced Wallingford Castle, and brought away three of the enemies souldiers prisoner, so rests, Yours,etc’.

E.2.15 Terms of surrender of Greenland House

Articles agreed upon between Major Generall Brown on the one part, and Collonel Hawkins on the other part, the fourth day of July 1644

1. That Collonel Hawkins shall deliver up to Major Browne,for the use of the Parliament, the House and Fort of Greenland House, with all the Ammunition, Ordnance and provision therein, in the same condition that it is in at this present.

2. That all the Officers shall quietly march forth of the said House, with their horses and swords, ,and the common souldiers and Canoniers, with their Armes and Coloures, viz, swords, Pikes, and Pistols.

3. That the said Major Generall do allow them a Convoy of Horse to Nettlebed (about three miles thence) which are to return again within six houres, without any molestation of the said forces so conveyed.

4. That the said Major Generall shall cause to be provided for the said Offisers and souldiers, two Teames and Carts, to carry away their Baggage, and such provision as is necessary for their journey to Wallingford, which Carts and Horses are to be returned so soon as they come thither.

In this House they left five pieces of Brass Ordnance, and great store of all sorts of provision, and order is given for the demolishing of the works…

Sir Stephen Hawkins, Lieutenant Colonel Palmer Sargeant Major Kirk and sat on the Court of War at Oxford 12th November 1645 debating Sir William Ogles actions.


  • 1642: Said to be 800 strong
  • April 1644: At Aldbourne Chase mustered 9 Captains, 9 Lieutenants, 9 Ensigns, 10 Gentlemen, 19 Sergeants, 29 Corporals, 19 Drummers, 171 Soldiers 8)

See Also

This regiment is re-enacted by Stephen Hawkins' Regiment of Foote of the Sealed Knot.

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