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 George Gilpin George Gilpin
 Thomas Wilson Thomas Wilson
 +1648 rising
 +“ Sir, — Here is great strugling, and much opposition by the adverse party, to the publike peace of these 
 +Counties; for sir Philip Musgrave, Col. Stradling, (I'he Governor of Carlisle) and the rest of the Cavalry in 
 +the parts adjacent, have had severall meetings in Westmereland for the arming and putting themselves in a 
 +posture of defence, and have summoned in the Inhabitants to make their appearance at Kendall Heath; upon 
 +the 13th. of this instant May, which accordingly they did, where Sir Philip Musgrave and Col. Stradling pro- 
 +pounded .severall Propositions unto them, touching their de.signs and engagement tor their dread sovereign the 
 +King; which done, the Malignant party with a shrill cccho, said they would live and dy with them, for the 
 +restoiing of his Majesty to his just rights, and .setling the peace of the Kingdome ; and as they were drawing ​
 +otf from the Randevouz, Major Sanderson and .Major Cholinley, with a party of Horse fell upon them, and 
 +qfter a short conflict, rescued divers honest men of the country, whom they had apprehended for not obeying ​
 +the summons, and took divers prisoners, routing the rest. They also disarmed divers, and admitted them 
 +their liberty who promised not to ingage upon any such summons for the future--Col. Stradling was in danger ​
 +but escaped. In this conflict was taken about 300 prisoners, two Colours, which had this Motto in letters of 
 +For GOD 
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