Sir Philip Musgrave’s Westmorland Trained Band Regiment of Foot

ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelSir Philip Musgrave
Area RaisedWestmorland
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field Armies

Westmorland Trained Band joining the Royalists during the First Civil War.

Service History


  • September: Several officers surrender and take the Covenant


Musgrave's regiment appear to have started as a Westmorland Trained Band before joining the Royalists.


Notable Officers

Sir Philip Musgrave

Officer List

From original research by Victor Judge aka BCW Wiki user 1642

  • Colonel Phillip Musgrave
  • Lieutenant Colonel
  • Sargeant Major Christopher Phillipson
  • Captain Gawen Braithwaite
  • Captain Richard Braithwaite
  • Captain Matthew Dowling (I.O. Cumberland)
  • Captain Henry Edwards
  • Captain Nicholas Fisher (of Stainbank Green, Westmorland)
  • Captain Sir Richard Musgrave (Ment. I.O.)
  • Captain Henry Warde
  • Captain Thomas Wilson (ment. I.O.)
  • Lieutenant Richard Barker (I.O. Cumberland)
  • Lieutenant John Baynes ( I.O. Cumberland)
  • Lieutenant Matthew Robinson (I.O. Westmorland)
  • Ensign William Fothergill (I.O. Westmorland)
  • Ensign Christopher Harling (I.O. Westmorland to Capt. Wilson)
  • Ensign Thomas Hutchinson (I.O. Westmorland)
  • Ensign John Smith (I.O. Westmorland to Capt. Musgrave)

Contemporary References

Out of Westmorland

Out of Westmorland it is informed, that Sir Philip Musgrave hath raised a Cavalier Party there, wherewith he aweth the inhabitants of that County, which they infinitely repine at, and it is supposed, that as soone as the Scots come into England, both that County and Cumberland, will realy shew themselves for the King and Parliament, and joyne with them. And that the said Philip Musgrave, would heve the Trained Bands of Westmorland go into Lancashire, to raise the siege from Thurland Castle, but they refuse to go out of the County.1)

Dodding’s Prisoners

Extract: “Whereas it has been ordered by the Right Hon. Sir William Armyn, Richard Barwis and Robert Fenwick Commissioners for these Northern partes, that Richard Braithwaite, Christopher Phillipson, Gawen Braithwaite, Nicholas Fisher, Henry Warde and Thomas Wilson of Heversham were prisoners with Colonell Dodding, should (upon their taking of the National Covenant) be enlarged and set at liberty.” 14.10.1644 signed George Dodding, James Shoulcroft.


To the right Honourable the Committee for Compounding with Delinquents at Goldsmiths Hall Wee of the Committee for Sequestracions for the County of Westmorland whose names are subscribed doe humbly certify your honours. That in and about Michalmas 1644 ,being the tyme when this County was reduced by the Lancashire forces to ye obedience of the Parliament, Richard Braithwaite of Burneshead in ye said County Esq among other Gentlemen, inhabitants within the same, being prisoners at Lancaster Castle, and released from their restraint without anie knowledge of the Committee of the County, the said Committee by a certaine number of its members signed a letter to Coll: Dodding

The humble petition of Richard Braithwaite of Burneshead in the County of Westmorland Sheweth that he adhered unto and assisted the forces raides against the Parliament for which his delinquency his estate is sequested. Humbly prayeth that he be admitted to a favourable Composition for his said delinqueny according to ye time of his render. And he shall pray etc. Richard Braithwaite

Wilson’s Petition

Extract The humble peticion of Thomas Wilson of Heversham Hall within ye Countie of Westmoreland Sheweth that whereas your peticioner was voted a delinquente by the Committee for sequestrations within that Countie, for being a Captaine of a foote companie under the Command of Sir Phillip Musgrave a Commissioner of Array although your peticioner had noe other Commission for his companie but what hee received seaven yeares since and never marcht forth of the said Countie or was in any actuall service against the parliament and did voluntarilly submitt himselfe upon the verie first settlement of the militia and advance of the parliaments forces into that Countie and tooke the nationall covenant upon the first tender, in September 1644. Thomas Wilson

In a further Petition he states he was also guilty of serving in the second war.

Phillipson’s Petition

Petition of Christopher Phillipson of Colliarth Co. Westmoreland. That ye petitioner was Major of a Regiment of foot in the said county in ye forces raised against Parliament but never marched out of his countrey nor was in any actuall service against ye Parliament and did voluntarily submit himself upon ye first settlement of ye militia and after took ye National League and Covenant.

Musgrave’s Propositions

The substance of the answers of the Maior Recorder and Aldermen of Kendall to the propositions made by Sir Phillip Musgrave the xxv th day of May 1644 and a memorial of some other passages that daie and some foure daies before.

1. That they will be ready to assist for the Kings service (if they be called) but they continue by their Charter, the Maior is the Governor of the Towne. For the Garrison they have nothinge to doe with it, but do saye noe stranger may have that command.

2. For makeinge the Towne anie more defensable than now it is, they hold it not necessarie in regard of the excessivnesse of the charge and the dificultie of the worke.

3. For the disafected persons within the Towne they knowe not anie.

4. The Maior and Aldermen being desired (upon an urgent occation for the advancement of the Kings service) to lend one hundred pounds or some part of it, have not afforded anie helpe in this kynde.

5.That Sir John Lowther the Recorder of Kendall and Sargieant Maior Dudley did refuse to joyne with the Commander in Cheefe and the rest of the Commanders to enter bond for anie money to be raised for his majesties service at this tyme.

6. That whereas the Commander in Cheefe and other Commanders by him called to joyne in certaine Orders as a Counsell of Warre for the good of his Majesties service, the said Sir John Lowther (after the orders were drawne up in wrytinge and intitaled (Orders by a Counsell of Warre) did refuse to subscribe to those orders untill the wordes (Counsell of warre) were putt out, sayinge he wold joyne as a Commissioner of Array, but did not understand the Counsell of Warre.

Philip Musgrave

To ye 5th I acknowledge I knowe. Chr.philipson to the Rich.Crakanthorpe to all save the 5th Ri. Braithwait To the & 6 Geo.Gilpin To all save the 3 & 5 Thom. Wilson

Document signed Phillip Musgrave Christopher Philipson Richard Crackanthorpe Richard Braithwaite George Gilpin Thomas Wilson


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1) E.70.7