Sir John Owen’s (Oxford) Regiment of Foot

Active1643 to 1645
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelSir John Owen
Area RaisedNorth Wales
Coat ColourRed or Blue
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesOxford 1643-5

Royalist Regiment of Foot raised in North Wales and serving with the Oxford Army

Service History


  • April: Storm of Birmingham
  • April: Siege of Lichfield
  • April: Battle of Caversham Bridge
  • May: Quartered at Culham Camp
  • 26th July: Storm of Bristol
  • August to September: Siege of Gloucester
  • 20th September: First Battle of Newbury
  • December: Battle of Alton Church (det)


  • March: Battle of Cheriton (det)
  • April: Mustered at Aldbourne Chase
  • June: Battle of Cropredy Bridge
  • August: Battle of Lostwithiel
  • October: Second Battle of Newbury


  • April: Defence of Faringdon House
  • May: Storm of Leicester
  • 14th June: Battle of Naseby


Sir John Owen also raised a regiment of foot that served in his native North Wales Sir John Owen’s (Welsh) Regiment of Foot and orchestrated the North Wales rising in the Second Civil War.

Coats, Flags and Equipment

Clad in either all red or all blue suits of coats, breeches and montero hats in July 1643 along with the other Royalist foot regiments then in Oxford 1). Captain Brinker mentioned a red suit in his will, but officers provided their own clothes, so this is not conclusive evidence that the regiment wore red in 1643.

Notable Officers

Sir John Owen

Contemporary References

Original research by BCW wiki contributor 1642

Captain Brinker's Will

The will of Captain William Brinker/Brynkir/Brounker July 1643 (Spellings were not terribly important !)

Capt: Will Brinker sometime of Brinker haveing the feare of God befor mine eise doe make this my last will and testament in maner and forme folowing first I beqeth my Soule to the Allmightie and next I give & beqeth my body to Christian buriall and all my goodes I give and beqeath to my dear and loveing brother John Brinker and whereas they are in diverse handes beit knowne to all men that Collonel John Owen doth owe and stand indebted unto me the sum of forty two (three crossed out) poundes more payable unto me the least yeare for shepe the sum of fiftene poundes boured of me at Maumsbury the sum of fourty shillings more on my returne out of Oxford when he commanded me to goe along with the princes to Lichfield Item four poundes more lent to Sgt. Mager burgis by Collonell owen apointment as burgys sayd.

A Codecil by way of to be added to the will in writeing of Captaine William Brynkyr,and he himselfe delivered it uppon tuesday evening betweene six and seaven a clocke being the 12th day of July

He bequeath ten shillings to the use of Bangor Church, five shillings to Clynnog Church, five shillings to Llanvihanyell Church, three shillings four pence to St. Marys Church in Oxford. He bequeathed to his man William John Owen his red suite,three shirts,two payre of bootes three bands (as I remember) and forty shillings in monye;and a coate or cloake nowe at the Taylors.

He desired that Mistress Bowryng might be fully satisfyed,and that she should have three pound by way of legacie or guift This I testifye Mich: Evans William John Owen was present at all this. He said he had 30L in Mistress Bowryngs hand and about 19L with himselfe. Col. John Owen he said owed him about fourtye pounds. He said he had ordered all things with friends in ye Country to enjoy what he had there…

The rest I was unable to read.

The humble petition of John Thomas

Humbly complayning sheweth unto your worshipps that whereas your petitioner having served his Majestys late father of blessed memory in Sir John Owens Regiment in Captaine William Brynkirs Company during the most parte of the late unhappy warres and hath receaved severall wounds during the said service soe that he cambe indigent and maymed and having not wherewithal to mayntayne himselfuless your worshipps be pleased to assist him.

The humble petition of Rowland Thomas of Llandudwen (?) labourer

Sheweth that your petitioner hath faithfully served his late Majesty King Charles the First of ever blessed memory as a foote souldier under the command of Captaine Pugh in the Regiment of Sir John Owen in severall partes of England for the space of three yeares and above and hath alwayes continued truly loyal to his sayd Majesty and his Majesty that now is,and that now is by the sayd service become indigent and poore and unable to releeve himself. May it therefore please your honours and worshipps to allow your petitioner a pention with and amongst ye maimed souldiers of the County and your petitioner will ever pray for.

The humble petition of Edward Ellis late of Carnarvon, Tanner

Humbly sheweth that your petitioner was severall times a souldier in his late Majesties service King Charles the first in Ireland and England and at last he served as a souldier under the command of Captaine William Brynkir in England and since under his brother Captaine John Brynkir John Owen being Collonell of ye Regiment and at Nasebie was cruelly wounded in 2 places of his body vizt he was cutt on the left shoulder and struck with the locke of a pistoll on his right arme soe that your petitioner is not able to worke by reason of the woundes he hath in his body.

The humble petition of Hugh ap Edward of Llanhassoph in the County of Flint, an old distressed souldier

Humbly sheweth that whereas your pet. hath served his late Majesty King Charles ye 1st in ye late warres for 4 yeares together under the command of Sir John Owen as a common souldier, and hath been wounded and maimed in ye said service, his right shoulder being struck and dislocated by scaling ye Cittioe of Leicester, and afterwards he was taken prisoner at Naseby and carried to Lambeth House where he was detained (with others) above halfe a yeare and from there out of the land. He was afterwards a sea souldier under ye command of Sir Edward Broughton.

Chirke Mss. 133


  • April 1644: 111 at Reading
  • April 1644: At Aldbourne Chase mustered 3 Captains, 3 Lieutenants, 4 Ensigns, 4 Gentlemen, 8 Sergeants, 12 Corporals, 5 Drummers, 106 Soldiers 2)

See Also

Owen's regiment are re-enacted by Sir John Owen's Regiment of Foote of the Sealed Knot.

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