Sir John Lowther’s Regiment of Foot

Active1644 to
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelSir John Lowther
Area RaisedWestmoreland
Coat Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesGarrison

Royalist regiment of foot serving in garrison at Brougham Castle during the First Civil War.

Service History


  • Garrison of Brougham Castle


Confirmed in possession of Brougham Castle in July 1644 by Prince Rupert, by the September Lowther's Lt Col and Sgt Maj had both taken the Covenant. Lowther also seems to have commanded a troop of horse.


Notable Officers

Sir John Lowther

Officer Lists

From original research by Victor Judge aka BCW user '1642'

  • Colonel Sir John Lowther
  • Lieutenant Colonel John Dalston (1)
  • Sargeant Major Christopher Dudley (2)
  • Cornet John Richardson I.O. Westmoreland to John Lowther

Contemporary References

From original research by Victor Judge aka BCW user '1642'

To the honourable Committee for Compounding at Goldsmiths Hall

These are humbly to certify all whom it may concerne, that whereas John Dalston of Acornbank in the County of Westmorland Esq. did beare the name of a Lieutennant Colonell to Sir John Lowther Baronett, Coll. on the Kings party,and so by the Ordinance of Parliament sequestable as a delinquent. Yet nevertheless wee are persuaded that he was so by overbearing of the Marquiss of Newcastle & superior commanders for feare of losing his estate, and not for any desire hee had to oppose the Parliament, neither was hee to our knowledge in actuall service in the field, either in the County or elsewhere, but carried himself moderately to the Parliament party, and did when the Marwuis of Newcastle was at his greatest power, apprehend in his owne person a Seminary Priest and committed him to the common Gaole, being then a Justice of Peace. And since the reducing of this County, hath submitted himself to the Ordinance of Parliament in taking the National Covenant in September 1644: and in paying his personal Assesses imposed upon him for the service of the Parliament. And what lands are to descend upon him after the decease of his late father in this County are in jointure to his Mother which are about 60li per Anno, and not to come to him till after her death, as it seemes by an Estate therof made before his said Fathers death.

Tho: Braithwaite Ja: Bellingham Rich: Branthwaite Robert Fealse Christopher Lindmore

Petition of Christopher Dudley of Yanwith Westmoreland a Major under Earl of Newcastle.

SP23.188.432 To the honourable Committee for Compounding at Goldsmiths Hall

These are to certify all whome it may concerne that Christopher Dudley of Yanwith in the County of Westmorland Esq. did beare the name of a Maior in the Regiment under the command of Sir John Lowther Baronett, Coll. on the Kings party, and so by the Ordinance of Parliament sequestable as a delinquent. And att the first reducing of this County, layd down his Armes, and as wee are informed in Sept. 1644 took the National Covenant before the Honourable Commissioners of Parliament, (He) hath payd his personal assesment and other cessments for the furthereance of the Publique service, and that his Demesne at Yanwith with his Mill and Tennants is of the yeerely value of 90li per Anno: his Mother is now living and what estate she hath in it, wee know not.

James Bellingham Rich: Branthwaite Edmond Gay

D.MUS 5/5/1/30 25.5.1644

The substance of the answers of the Maior Recorder and Aldermen of Kendall to the propositions made by Sir Phillip Musgrave the xxv th day of May 1644 and a memorial of some other passages that daie and some foure daies before.

1. That they will be ready to assist for the Kings service (if they be called) but they continue by their Charter,the Maior is the Governor of the Towne.For the Garrison they have nothinge to doe with it,but do saye noe stranger may have that command.

2. For makeinge the Towne anie more defensable than now it is,they hold it not necessarie in regard of the excessivnesse of the charge and the dificultie of the worke.

3. For the disafected persons within the Towne they knowe not anie.

4. The Maior and Aldermen being desired (upon an urgent occation for the advancement of the Kings service) to lend one hundred pounds or some part of it,have not afforded anie helpe in this kynde.

5.That Sir John Lowther the Recorder of Kendall and Sargieant Maior Dudley did refuse to joyne with the Commander in Cheefe and the rest of the Commanders to enter bond for anie money to be raised for his majesties service at this tyme.

6. That whereas the Commander in Cheefe and other Commanders by kim called to joyne in certaine Orders as a Counsell of Warre for the good of his Majesties service, the said Sir John Lowther (after the orders were drawne up in wrytinge and intitaled (Orders by a Counsell of Warre) did refuse to subscribe to those orders untill the wordes (Counsell of warre) were putt out, sayinge he wold joyne as a Commissioner of Array, but did not understand the Counsell of Warre.

Philip Musgrave

To ye 5th I acknowledge I knowe. Chr.philipson to the Rich.Crakanthorpe to all save the 5th Ri. Braithwait To the & 6 Geo.Gilpin To all save the 3 & 5 Thom. Wilson

Document signed Phillip Musgrave Christopher Philipson Richard Crackanthorpe Richard Braithwaite George Gilpin Thomas Wilson

H.M.C The Mss. Of The Earl of Lonsdale

Letters and Papers.

Christopher Lowther to Lord .

1639, April 8. Whitehaven.

” May it please you to take notice that the 6th instant I being with my Lord Clifford at Workington, and all of us rayzed out of our bedds with an Alarum that the Citye of Carlisle was burnt and the Irish souldiers all slaine by the Scotts, insomuch that the Beacons were lighted, and the Coutrye arose, which putt my Lord and all men into such an amazement, that he had given me comaundment to rayse what strength about me as was possible for our defence at Whitehaven, and to send for the trayned band of Lancashire to be readye at Lancaster, but God be praysed the Alarum being false, and all safe I sent after the Alarum and stayd it, and the same day I received one of these letters inclosed from my Lord wherein I doubt not but that he hath better certified yow of all, which makes me shorter. And yesterday I received another letter from him to your Lordship and another to myselfe with a warrant to the Captain or Master of your Lordshipp supposing that she had bene ungone from hence, yett I tould my Lord Clifford that both his Majesty's pin-nace the Confidence, and your honour's pinnace the Phoenix were gone, but it seemes multitude of business caused his Lordship to forget and therefore I have likewise sent you the warrant to the Captain and his Lordship's letter to me, that your honour may be better informed ; I expedited this barque away of purpose for the speedye conveyance of these letters. My Lord Clifford departed yesterday imediately after dinner towards Carlile, and since this morninge came a warrant ft-om my Lord Marshall to stay all Scotch shippinge till further order, which here I have done. My Lord Clifford and all the Contrye are much affraid of this port of Whitehaven being the best landinge place for the Eneraie, if they should come with fcrce by sea, wherefore I have bought two peeces of ordinance (2 sacres) of Captain Bartlett, and his brother, and tenn musketts with furniture from Newcastle all at my owne charge, and I desire that your honour would be pleased to send me two peecs of ordinance more to these two I have, and I shall with thanks either pay for them, or when these troubles are quieted send them back againe for I will presently make a fortification for them on the peere. And if your Lordship will be soe pleased to send me them 1 doe intreat yow th^t I may have some powder shott and other materialls belonging to them.”


1644, July 20. — Kirby Lonsdale. Petition of Sir John Lowther Knight Baronet to Prince Eupert. ” Who humbly sheweth that albeit your Petitioner hathe showne all loyahies and obedience to his Majestie and hath used all his endeavours in promoteinge his Majesties service, And your Petitioner haueinge a Commission granted for the goverment of Browham Castle wherein your Petitioner had both hestow^ed cost and laide in sume provision of corne and fireinge at his owne charge, for preventinge an enemie from possessinge the same. Yet soe it is that Sir Phillip Musgrave Barrouet without any cause knowne unto your Petitioner hath set a centry upon the Castle and endeavoureth as it seenieth to possesse himselfe thereof to the greate disrepute and dis- couragement of your Petitioner and the Country therebouts where your Petitioner's regiment is raysed.

May it therefore please your highnesse to grant unto your Petitioner redresse herin, whereby he may be the better inabled to serve his Majestie and your Highnes, and the Country satisffied and your Petitioner vindicated, and your Petitioner shall be ever obliged to remayne your humble and devoted servant.”

” I think it most just that Sir John Lowther be continued in the custody of the Castle of Browham according to his Comission, without any lett or interruption from Sir Phillip Musgrave or any other person and that convenient allowance be made for the support of the Garrison in the sayd Castle from tyme to tyme out of such estate as is belonging therunto.

Kirby Lonsdall, Rupert.”

20th of July, 1644.


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