Sir Henry Cary’s Regiment of Foot

ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelSir Henry Cary
Area RaisedDevon
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesMaurice 1644
Garrison 1646

Royalist Devon regiment of foot serving with Prince Maurice

Service History


  • Raised in Devon


  • April to June: Siege of Lyme Regis
  • August: Battle of Lostwithiel
  • October: Second Battle of Newbury


  • April to July: Siege of Taunton?


  • January: Besieged at Kingswear Fort
  • April: Cary surrenders at Exeter


Some of Cary's soldiers claimed to have to previously served in Sir Edward Seymore’s Regiment of Foot


Notable Officers

Sir Henry Cary

Officer Lists

From original research by Victor Judge aka BCW user 1642

  • Colonel Sir Henry Cary
  • Lieutenant Colonel Owen Parry I.O. L + W
  • Lieutenant Colonel Humphrey Prouse (8) + ment. I.O.
  • Sargeant Major John Coppleston (16) + ment. I.O.
  • Sargeant Major John Jacob (2) + ment. I.O.
  • Sargeant Major Walters Ment. I.O.
  • Captain George Bagge (13) + I.O. Devon
  • Captain Nicholas Bennett (8) + I.O. Devon
  • Captain Thomas Box (12) + I.O. Devon
  • Captain Richard Cabell (6)
  • Captain Edward Cary Ment. I.O.
  • Captain John Drake (9) + I.O. Devon
  • Captain John Jacob (3) + Ment. I.O.
  • Captain Richard Jordan I.O. Devon
  • Captain Edward Lyde I.O. Devon
  • Captain Nicholas Newman (4) + Ment. I.O.
  • Captain Nicholas Shepheard (5)
  • Captain Gideon Waldron Ment. I.O.
  • Captain John Waltham (7) + Ment. I.O.
  • Captain Edward Yarde (5)
  • Lieutenant Edward Cary I.O. Devon to Sgt. Maj. Jacob + (1) + (3)
  • Lieutenant William Cleake (12) to Capt. Box
  • Lieutenant John Cornelius (10)
  • Lieutenant John Elliott I.O. Devon to Sgt.Maj. Copplestone.
  • Lieutenant Thomas Gould (11)
  • Lieutenant Henry Hooper I.O. Devon to Lt. Col. Prouse
  • Lieutenant Lewis Hulland I.O. Devon to Capt. Newman
  • Lieutenant Robert Kitte (15)
  • Lieutenant Robert Oake (4) to Capt. Newman
  • Lieutenant William Parry I.O. L + W to Lt. Col. Parry
  • Lieutenant Robert Prouse I.O. Devon to Capt. Cary
  • Ensign William Buckland I.O. Devon to Capt. John Waltham
  • Ensign Edward Carpenter I.O. Devon to Sgt. Maj. Walters
  • Ensign Roger Cockram I.O. Devon to Sgt. Maj Walters
  • Ensign Christopher Gates I.O. L + W to Sgt. Maj. Copplestone
  • Ensign John Hele I.O. Devon to Capt. Waldron
  • Ensign William Horne I.O. Devon to Capt. Drake
  • Ensign Thomas Luccombe I.O. Devon to Capt. Cary
  • Ensign Ralph Merson I.O. Devon to Capt. Bagge
  • Ensign John Meryield (2)
  • Ensign James Parry I.O. Hereford to Lt. Col. Parry
  • Ensign Thomas Pierce I.O. Devon
  • Ensign John Randell (1) + (4)

A list of the regiment's officers is also shown in Officers and Regiments of the Royalist Army by Stuart Reid (Partizan Press).

Contemporary References

From original research by Victor Judge aka BCW user 1642

SP23.54.10 Governor of Kingswear Fort and later surrendered on Exeter Articles

(1) DRO.QSP.128.121.8 xxvi die Septembris Anno Dom. 1682 To the Honourble his Majesties Justices of the peace for the County of Devon

These are to certifie that Thomas Geach of Tavistock in the said County Husbandman was a Cannoneer or Gunner both at land and sea in the service of our late Soveraigne Lord King Charles the first of ever blessed and glorious memory, and that hee was eminent for his loyalty and sufferings in the defence of his late Majesties Royall person and Government, and continued faithfull to his trust and not deserted the same by taking upp Armes against his said late Majestie or his Majestie that now is, or otherwise, and that hee was shott in diverse parts of his body and received severall wounds in the said service and is now indigent, aged, sickly and disabled in body for worke and that hee is soe impoverished under the late usurped power as that hee is destitute of any competent service.

Wherefore wee doe hereby reccommend him as a person fitt to receive a yearely pension according to a late Act of Parliament.

Edward Cary Leaftenant Allen Nicholls Sergeant John Randle Sergeant Peter Jessop Sergeant

We doe verily beleeve this Certificate to be true Peter County Mayor Jasper Canne Vicar Nicho Hunt Justice

On the reverse of the document is the following list. Lieut. Cary Sargeant Chapman Sargeant Hillam Peter Jessop Sargeant John Randle Ensigne Sergeant Nichols Leinster Woester Edghill Devizes Bristol Winsor Leichfield Reddinge Exeter Lyme Dartmouth Lostwitholl Gunner at all these fights & Sieges

(2) DRO.QSP.128.121.3

Extract These are to certifie that Stephen Symmons of Tavistocke in the county aforesaid husbandman was a souldier under the command of Major Jacob in the Regiment of Sir Henry Carew Knight, and that he was eminent for his loyalty and sufferings……

5th July 1673

Edward Cary EC then Leiuetenant Allen Nicholls F Sargeant John Meryfield D Ensigne

(3) DRO.QSP.128.121.4 Petition of Stephen Chapman. Served as a soldier under Captain John Jacob. Also signed by Lieutenant Edward Cary of Jacob’s Company.

(4) DRO.QSP.128.119.2 Petition of John Churchward of Stokegabriell.

Humbly sheweth that whereas your petitioner in the late unhappie warr, faithfully served his most sacred Majestie King Charles the first of ever blessed memory, under the command of the Right Honourable Sir Edward Seymour Barronett, about fower years, and received two wounds, one in the arme, and one in the head, and after recovery of those wounds served fower years more under the command of Sir Henry Cary Knight, where he received another wound in the head, Captaine Nicholas Newman being then his Captaine, by reason of which wounds he is now disabled for the getting of his maintenance and livelyhood, having ever since the discontinueance of the sayd unhappie warr honestly endeavoured the getting of his living as his health and strength permitted him, allways behaving himself under the Government of his Majestie, our soveraigne Lord the King that now is, as a faithfull and loyall subject. Wherefore your poore petitioner humbly beggs that your worshipps would be pleased to commiserate his aged and very sad condition by granting him his Majesties Pention yearly, toward the releife of his great necessitie, and your petitioner shall ever pray for your worshipps temporal and eternall happiness.

SP23.240.88 John Oldveene of Kingsbridge sworne saith that in the tyme of the late warr hee saw the said Oake in Armes with some of the Kings party against the parlyament, and that he was reputed to bee a Lieutenant of a foote company under the command of Captaine Newman who commanded for the Kinge; and further saith that the said Oake did come to this deponents house with severall souldiers and there searched for Armes which were left in his house by some of plymouth forces which the said Oake carryed away and withall took up this deponent, and called him rebell rogue and would not sett this deponent att liberty till hee had paid the said Oake 10 lb.

(5) DRO.QSP.128.119.1 Petition of William Efford of Stokegabriel. Served as a Sargeant under the command of Captain Shepheard.

SP23.185.497 By Coll. Robert Hammond Governor of Exon. These are to certifie that Capt. Nicholas Shepheard was resident in the Citie of Exeter within the seaven months mentioned in the Articles thereof. Given under my hand this seaventh day of August 1646.

Ro: Hammond

SP23.185.543 By Coll. Robert Hamond Governor of Exon. These are to certifie that Capt. Edward Yarde was resident in the Citie of Exeter within the seaven months mentioned in the Articles thereof. Given under my hand this seaventh day of August 1646. Ro: Hammond

(6) QS.128.3.5 1682 The humble petition of Thomas Gould of Ashburton in the said County sheweth That your petitioner was a souldier in the warrs and served his Majestie King Charles the first of ever blessed and glorious memory in the office of an Ensigne under Capt. Andrew Woodley in the Regiment of Colonell Seymour (since Sir Edward Seymour Baronet) by the space of two yeares or thereabouts; And afterwards served his said Majestie in the office of Lieutenant under Capt. Richard Cabell Esqr. in the Regiment of Sir Henry Cary, and never deserted his Majesties service in the said warr. But did receave severall wounds in his right hand and side in a fight near Taunton, by reason whereof hee is disabled to gett his living.

Richard Cabel, son of Richard Cabell of Buckfastleigh, Devon.

(7) DRO.QSP.128.29.6 Extract To the Worshipfull Ju. Beare and other the justices att the present generall sessions of ye peace assembled The humble petition of George Hall of Christowe a maimed souldier Humbly sheweth That your petitioner was for severall yeares a souldier in the service of his late Majesty of blessed memory under the Command of Captaine Waltham and others and in the same service received severall woundes insoemuch that by reason thereof and of his hard service in lyeinge in ye field and otherwise, your petitioner now in his old age, haveinge nothinge left whereby to subsist, is utterly disabled to gett his livinge.

(8) DRO.QSP.128.135 Petition of Nicholas Bennett of Widicombe a Captain, previously supported by Lieutenant Colonel Prouse but now desires financial assistance.

(9) DRO.QSP.128.123.1 Petition of Thomas Marshall of Thornton Certified by Captain John Drake that he was a Sargeant in his Company in Colonel Henry Carys Regiment.

DRO QSP 128.13.10 Extract The humble petition of John Rose of Bradninch in the County aforesaid Humbly sheweth that your petitioner was in service of his late Majestie King Charles the first of Blessed Memory under the Command of Sir Henry Cary and in the said service received severall wounds as appeareth by the certificate annexed of Capt. Drake whereby hee is now disabled to gett his livelyhood.

(10) DRO.QSP.128.10.1 Petition of John Cornelius of Bishopssteignton. Served as a Lieutenant


DRO QS 128.30.2 Extract. To the Honourable John Beare Esq and the rest of his Majesties justices of the peace att the Castle of Exon in full sessions assembled The humble petition of Able Collings of Chudleigh weaver humbly sheweth That whereas your poor peticioner was a souldier for his Majesty in the late unhappy warres under the command of John Cornelius his then Captaine and was in severall fights under the Captaine and others, wherein hee then received severall greate wounds, and whereby your peticioner is now become altogether unable to support himselfe and family by reason of the wounds and decrepidnesse hee received therein. I doe sertyfie your worships that Abell Collings was wounded in his shoulder in a fight against Taunton when wee lay at Creech.

William Horne

(11) DRO.QSP.128.3.5 Petition of Thomas Gould of Ashburton. Served as Lieutenant to Captain Richard Cabell and received several wounds in his right hand and side in a fight near Taunton. He had previously served as Ensign to Captain Andrew Woodley in Colonel Edward Seymours Regiment.

(12) SP19.157.89 Deposition of Robert Babb that William Cleake of Newton Abbott Co. Devon was Lieutenant to Captain Box in Colonel Carys Regiment of Foot.

DRO.QSP.128.143.10 Extract To the honourable his Majesties Justices of peace at the Generall Sessions of the peace holden at the Castle of Exon there holden the fifteenth of October 1675 The humble petition of Thomas Box Captayne under the command of Sir John Berkeley Knt. humbly sheweth that your petitioner being now altogether unable by meanes of hurts and preiudice recceaved in the late unhappie warr in his Majesties service to mayntayne himselfe haveinge noe Estate to support him being now in the 68 yeare of his age neither hath any place of benefitt bestowed upon him and therefore humbly pray this honourable bench to commiserate his deplorable Estate and grant unto your petitioner such yerely pencon and yerely pay as this honourable court shall think…

(13) SP23.185.132 Extract. The humble petition of George Bagge in the county of Devon esq. Sheweth that your petitioner being under the command of some Officers who declared themselves on his Majesties behalfe in theis unhappie differences of theis tymes was engaged in his Majesties service touchinge the orderinge if the Militia in the countye of Devon in theis troublesome tymes and in particular your petitioner was exercised and served in Sir Henry Carys Regiment and took upp armes for ye Kinge under him against the forces of the Parliament and was with him in the Cyttie of Exeter within seaven monthes before the surrender thereof unto Sir Thomas Fairfax as by the certificate hereunto annexed appeareth….

George Bagg

Rec'd 27th June 1646

(15) SP19.118.93 Deposicions of witnesses taken at Walkhampton the first daie of July 1651 before the Committee for Sequestracions for the county of devon on the behalfe of the Commonwealth against Mr Edward Moulton of Plympton. Robert Kitte of Plimpton Mary sworne and examined saith that in the beginning of the late warr hee was a Lieutenante unto a foote company under Sir Henry Cary and accidentally meeting with Mr Moulton and remembered him to be formerly for the Parliament, asked him what hee made in the Kings Quarters with his sword, this deponent saying that hee would apprehend; whereuppon the said Moulton replyed that hee was come forth of Plymouth with a resolucion to serve the King, and that hee came from the rebells in the said towne of Plymouth.

(16) SP23. of Nash, Dorset and Upper Pyne, Devon.


Possibly Captain William Putt also PA130027


  • 1642 to 1643: 1000 foot raised around Chard?
  • August 1644: 500 strong at Lostwithiel

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