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 ====Sir Gilbert Gerard==== ====Sir Gilbert Gerard====
 [[https://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Gilbert_Gerard_(Governor_of_Worcester)|Sir Gilbert Gerard]] [[https://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Gilbert_Gerard_(Governor_of_Worcester)|Sir Gilbert Gerard]]
 ====Radcliffe Gerard==== ====Radcliffe Gerard====
 +Colonel ​ Gilbert Gerards Regiment of Foot
 +Lieutenant Colonel
 +Sargeant Major          Richard Bishop ​    (3) + (5)
 +Sargeant Major          Gilbert Hoghton ​   (6)
 +Captain ​                    ​Edward Ashton ​      ​(7) ​
 +Captain ​                              ​Booth ​             (3) 
 +Captain ​                     John Byrom            Ment. I.O.
 +Captain ​                                ​Haighton ​      (4)
 +Captain ​                     John Mozey            (8) + I.O. Worcs.
 +Captain ​                    John Potters ​           Ment. I.O.
 +Captain ​                    ​William Stanley ​       I.O. Middx.
 +Captain ​                    ​Wiliam Warberton ​  I.O. Notts. ​
 +Captain ​                    ​Robert Whitley ​       (1)
 +Captain ​                    ​Gabriel Young         I.O. Surrey  ​
 +Captain ​                    ​William Young          Ment. I.O. 
 +Lieutenant ​               John Cowsey ​          (8)
 +Lieutenant ​               Thomas Pilkington I.O. Worcs. to Capt. Byram* ​
 +Lieutenant ​               William Powell ​         I.O. Lancs. ​
 +Lieutenant ​               Jo. Smith                   (2)
 +Lieutenant ​               Edward Sutton ​        (5) to Sgnt. Maj. Bishop
 +Lieutenant ​               William Waldron ​      I.O. L + W to Capt. Potters  ​
 +Lieutenant ​               Henry Whittingham I.O. Wilts. ​
 +Ensign ​                          ​Bland ​        (3)
 +Ensign ​                     Francis Dormer ​       I.O. Warks. to Capt. Stanley
 +Ensign ​                     Robert Holt                I.O. Lancs. to Capt. Will. Young
 +Ensign ​                          ​Perrin ​       (3)
 +Worcester Record Office
 +St. Michaels Church Worcester Parish Register
 +Sir Gilbert Gerhard Governor of Worcester was buried the xxth day of Januarie 1644(5).
 +(1) WO55.423.90
 +Gilbert Gerard at Brill.Powder signed Capt. Ro. Whitley 23.1.1642/3
 +(2) W055.459.475
 +Powder,​match and ball Sir Gilbert Gerards Regiment of Foot at Bostall.Lt. Jo. Smith 6.9.1643 ​
 +(3) L.J 
 +Captured at Naseby
 +(4) Lancashire Record Office Preston
 +QSP 250/6
 +The humble petition of William Harrison born in Claighton in the parish of Garstang within the said Hundred
 +Sheeweth that your petitioner hath been a souldier continually in the late warres for the late King Charles in the Regiment of Sir Gilbert Gerard under the command of Captaine Haighton of Childwall who was slayne at raisinge the seidge att Reading in Barkeshire,​and Captaine Ashton of Chadderton who for his loyalty was put to death at London by command of the late tyrant Oliver Cromwell.As alsoe for his Majestie King Charles that now is under the command of Captaine Sergeant of Pilkington in Sir George Booths (now Lord Delamer) his expedition in Cheshire...
 +(5) Lancashire Record Office Preston
 +QSP 311/​38 ​ Circa 1667
 +Edward Sutton soldier now 80 years old under Major Richard Bishop and sometime a Lieutenant to his own Company.
 +(6) WO55.459.71
 +2nd Aprill 1644
 +Delivered to Seiant Maior Holton Maior unto Sir Gilbert Gerard his Regiment of Foote one Barrell of Powder one Barrell of Shott and a hundred of Match for the use of the said Regiment.
 +I say rec'd the said proporcion of Powder Match and Bullett above mencioned.
 +Gilbert Hoghton
 +(7) Lancashire Record Office
 +QSP 220/6 Manchester Epiphany 1661/2
 +Petition of John Bykerdyk a soldier.
 +In 1642 sent forth by command of Sir Sir Alexander Radcliffe^ as a soldier.
 +Was at Edgehil fight and Brainford in the Regiment of the Honourable Sir Gilbert Gerard in the Company of Captaine Edward Ashton and also at the fight at Brill.Was very sore wounded at Edgehill.
 +Certified by John Byrom.*
 +(8) Lancashire Record Office
 +QSP535/10 Manchester Easter 1681 
 +Relief for John Cowsey a former soldier aged 80.
 +Served as Lieutenant to Captain Byrom
 +William Bennett of Salford in ye County of Lanc. Dyer sworne & examined informeth and saith that John Byrom of Salford gent. was Captaine of a Foote Company within the Garrison at Woocester then kept against the Parliament and that he was there when the same was surrendered and came out upon the Condicions made at the surrender thereof.
 +Adam Chorleton of Salford in the County of Lanc. Sheresman sworne & examined informeth and saith this informer being a soldier in Cornewall under Sir Tho: Aston on the Kings party against the Parliament and there layinge downe his Armes,hee this informer returninge homewards through Worcester then a Garrison against the Parliament,​hee there saw Captaine John Byrom  in the said Garrison against the Parliament and it was told him that he was Lieutenant of a Foote Company in the said Garrison.
 +26.April 1651.
 +^ A Commissioner of the Peace for Co. Lancashire
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