Sir Francis Mackworth’s Regiment of Foot

Active1643 to 1644
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelSir Francis Mackworth
Area Raised
Coat Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesNewcastle 1643-4

Royalist Regiment of Foot serving in the Marquis of Newcastle’s army

Service History


  • May: Battle of Wakefield
  • June: Battle of Adwalton Moor
  • July: Taking of Halifax
  • Garrison of Halifax
  • November: Skirmish at Heptonstall
  • November: Skirmish at Woodhead?
  • December: Siege of South Wingfield


  • January: Evacuate Halifax as the Scots approach
  • April to July: Besieged in York
  • July: Battle of Marston Moor



Notable Officers

Sir Francis Mackworth

Major General of Newcastle's Foot at Marston Moor, he was captured off Hartlepool in August 1644.

Officer Lists

From original research by Victor Judge aka BCW user 1642

  • Colonel Sir Francis Mackworth
  • Lieutenant Colonel Sir Francis Carre
  • Sargeant Major George Carre I.O. Errata
  • Captain Thomas Cory I.O. Norfolk
  • Captain Richard Foster (1)
  • Captain George Loope I.O. Yorks.
  • Captain Edward Wright I.O. Lincs.

Contemporary References

From original research by Victor Judge aka BCW user 1642

(1) SP29.31.75 Petition of Richard Foster. Captain in Army under Marquess of Newcastle. Signed Sir Francis Mackworth

Sir Francis Mackworth at Thornton Rushworth 1680.12

Regiment in Wakefield at its capture 21st May 1643

E.7.34 The Court Mercurie 21st -31st August 1644

Sir Francis Mackworth Governor of Hartlepool and Sir Francis Carre taken on their way from Hartlepool by boat.

Sir Francis Carre possibly Lieutenant Colonel.

Mackworth was in Halifax in October and November 1643

Possible Officers of foot taken in a skirmish in November Lt. Col. Hales, Capt. Floyd/Lloyd and 2 Ensigns and 30 soldiers E.76.18 and E.76.24

Halifax Parish Register

October 1643 Sepult

  • 2nd Raphe Gibson Mile (Militas ?) Hudlestone
  • 29th John Stinley a souldier


  • 8th Catley a souldier
  • 12th Fletcher a souldier
  • 12th Tomson a souldier
  • 18th Anth: Arson a souldier
  • 20th Will Wood a souldier
  • 20th Tho Carnby a souldier
  • 20th George Carnthorpe a souldier
  • 21st Will Bramley a souldier
  • 23rd Will Ebball a souldier
  • 25th Ralph Linlay a souldier


  • 19th Hen Riggett a souldier
  • 9th Tho Bushell a souldier
  • 10th Tho Ganson a souldier
  • 16th Mich Hargreaves a souldier

January 1643/4 Sepult

  • 2nd Marmaduke Hardcastle a souldier
  • 15th Will North a souldier
  • 15th Will Morehouse a souldier
  • 25th Tho Parkinson a souldier
  • 29th Mathew Cheffer a souldier

Written in a seperate column and obviously just after the Royalists had left Halifax is the following.

5th January 2 men being souldiers were hanged on a gablas made neare our gibbett sch were taken by Sr Francis Mackworths Company & from Heptonstall forces wch said men had run away from Halifax army unto Hept: & very inhumanelye put them away the same night they were taken prisoners

They left Halifax 24th January 1643/4 when the Scots Army came over the border.


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