Sir Edward Seymore’s Regiment of Foot

Active1643 to 1646
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelSir Edward Seymore
Area RaisedWest Country
Coat Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesMaurice 1643-4

Royalist regiment of foot serving with Prince Maurice’s forces in the West Country, then in garrison at Dartmouth

Service History


  • October: Taking of Dartmouth


  • April to June: Siege of Lyme Regis



  • January: Besieged at Dartmouth


At some point suppressed a rising at Torbay. Some soldiers from Sir Henry Cary’s Regiment of Foot claimed to have previously served under Seymore.

Coats, Flags and Equipment

Notable Officers

Sir Edward Seymore

Officer List

  • Colonel Edward Seymour
  • Lieut. Colonel Nicholas Codrington
  • Lieut. Colonel Edmund Tremayne
  • Lieut. Colonel Francis Turner
  • Sgnt. Major John Cranfield
  • Sgnt. Major Francis Turner
  • Captain Thomas Wancklyn
  • Captain Anthony Woodley
  • Captain Robert Connoway
  • Captain Thomas Elkines
  • Captain William Simpson
  • Captain Francis Tremayne
  • Captain Edmund Reynell
  • Captain Andrew Woodley
  • Captain Hartgill
  • Captain Henry Strode
  • Captain Timothy Snelling; Dragoon Company in Regt.
  • Captain John Nutt; Gunnery Captain
  • Captain John Ford; Gunnery Captain
  • Captain Thomas Griffith
  • Captain Owen Phillips
  • Captain Lieutenant Arthur Houghton
  • Lieutenant William Ball
  • Lieutenant Roger Cabe
  • Lieutenant Henry Hudson
  • Lieutenant Robert Longe
  • Lieutenant William Barnes
  • Lieutenant John Stanbury
  • Lieutenant Thomas Griffith
  • Lieutenant John King
  • Lieutenant Richard Edgecumbe
  • Lieutenant James Taylor
  • Lieutenant William Agbarrow
  • Lieutenant Robert Connoway/Conway
  • Lieutenant Hugh Symes
  • Lieutenant Richard Irish
  • Lieutenant Humfrey Grove
  • Ensign Thomas Jago
  • Ensign William Prideaux
  • Ensign Samuell Williams
  • Ensign Roger Hunt
  • Ensign Henry Bowcher
  • Ensign Roger Cabe
  • Ensign Owen Phillips
  • Ensign Francis Terry
  • Ensign Thomas Gould
  • Ensign Degory Bayley
  • Ensign Abraham Binneck
  • Ensign Francis Furlong
  • Ensign Ralph Homerson
  • Ensign George Burleigh
  • Ensign John Bond
  • Ensign John Thomasin
  • Cornet William Godfrey
  • Quartermaster George Dudfourd

The most comprehensive list of any Royalist Foot Regiment ever compiled, from original research by BCW wiki user 1642.


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