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Sir Arthur Bassett’s Regiment of Foot

Active1643 to 1646
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelSir Arthur Bassett
Area RaisedCornwall
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesHopton 1643

Royalist regiment of foot raised in Cornwall, perhaps a Cornish Trained Band

Service History


  • May: Battle of Stratton??
  • July: Battle of Lansdown??
  • July: Besieged at Devizes??




  • March to April: Besieged at St Michael’s Mount


A Sir Arthur Bassett also led the Marquis of Newcastle’s foot.


Notable Officers

A list of the regiment's officers is shown in Officers and Regiments of the Royalist Army by Stuart Reid (Partizan Press).

Sir Arthur Bassett

Mentioned by Pepys (Pepys' diary encyclopedia). He might have been the Sir Arthur Bassett who led and was perhaps Colonel of the Marquis of Newcastles’ Regiment of Foot, although this has been the subject of much debate ARTHUR BASSET Reference: 312M/FY95 Creation dates: 1643

Scope and Content Commission by Prince Maurice to Arthur Bassett, esq., as Captain in the Western Army.

Colonel Arthur Basset of Umberleigh,Devon

Lieutenant Nicholas Barnes I.O. Cornwall Lieutenant Joseph Bray I.O. Cornwall Quartermaster David Whitfield I.O. Devon

SP23.209.377 Whereas it appeareth by certificate of one of the Commissioners appoynted upon the Treaty at the surrender of Exeter that Arthur Bassett of Umberly in the County of Devon Esq. was resident and an inhabitant in the Citty of Exeter within six months before the surrender which is confirmed by the Affy Davit of the said Arthur Bassett.These are therefore to certifie that the said Arthur Bassett ought to have the benefitt of the Articles and I desire he may be admitted to his Composicion upon ye same.Given under my hand and Seale March the 26. 1649 Fairfax

DRO.QSP.128.2.1Petition of Tristram Handford served under the command of Arthur Basset Esquire against Plymouth and several other places.

Portland Mss. 13th Report Appendix 1. Arthur Bassett to Sir Samuel Rolle and to all his officers and souldiers of the Regiment lately under his command. Announcing by warrant dated the 5th Instant he has been appointed Colonel of the Regiment and ordering them to disarm and disband. 22nd August 1642 Great Torrington

Commission sold at Christies 19th June 2012 dated 5th August 1642 York Charles R

Trusty and wellbeloved wee greet you well.

Whereas in these great distractions which soe much threaten the peace of the Kingdom and the safety of our person,itt is necessary to putt all our loving subjects into a posture of defense,and to Array and muster them,that wee nor they be not surprised by any forraign invasion,or domestic rebellion,to which purpose wee have sent our Commission of Array into your County.And being well assured of your wisdom.courage and integrity,doe hereby make Ordaine and constitute you Arthur Bassett Esq to be Colonell of the Regiment of our Traynebandes lately under the commande of Sir Samuell Roles Knt,whom wee doe hereby discharge of the said command,straightly forbidding him any more to execute the same or any person to obey him if hee shall soe presume as hee and they will answer the contrary at their utmost perill. And we doe hereby further authorize you to appointe Captaines and Officers under you of the said Regiment by such severall Commissions under your hand and Seale as are usuall and that the said Officers soe to bee made by you,and all soldiers of the said Regiment yield all obedience unto you as their Colonell.And for soe doing this shall bee to you and them a sufficient warrant.

Given at our Court at York the 5th August 1642



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