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   *Captain George Bryant (4)    *Captain George Bryant (4) 
   *Captain John Cade Ment. I.O.   *Captain John Cade Ment. I.O.
-  *Captain James Geare Ment. I.O. +  *Captain James Geare Ment. (5) + I.O. 
   *Captain Harrison Keymer (2)    *Captain Harrison Keymer (2) 
   *Captain Maximillian Mohun Ment. I.O.   *Captain Maximillian Mohun Ment. I.O.
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 Tho. Smith, Giles Studley and numerous others. Tho. Smith, Giles Studley and numerous others.
 +(5) SP19.128.79 EXTRACT.
 +A charge of Delinquency against James Geare of Waymouth in the Co. of Dorset,​Merchant.
 +In the yeare 1643 did in the presence of one John Allen then Lieutenant in Waymouth for the Parliament take a Commission from the Kings party of one John Russell for a Company of Foot and did then exercise and muster the sayd Company for the late King against the Parliament.