Colonel Robert Phelips’ Regiment of Foot

ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelRobert Phelips
Area Raised
Coat Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesGoring 1645

Royalist foot serving in the West Country in 1645

Service History


  • July: Loss of Ilchester?
  • July: Battle of Langport
  • July: Besieged at Bridgewater?


Flags and Equipment

Notable Officers

Robert Phelips

Robert Phelips

Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Overton (2) + ment. I.O.

Sargeant Major John Morgan (1) + ment. I.O.

Captain Lieutenant John Coles I.O. L + W

Captain Andrew Forrester I.O. L + W Captain Arthur Phellips I.O. Somerset

Lieutenant John Rose I.O. L + W to Lt. Col. Overton Lieutenant William Steadman I.O. Wilts. to Sgt. Maj. Morgan

Quartermaster Thomas Lyde I.O. Somerset

(1) SP23.185.1 Extract. To the Honourable the Committee for Compounding with Delinquents The humble petition of John Morgan of Wells in the County of Somersett gent Sheweth that your petitioner was a Maior in the Kings Army but being sensible of his error rendered himself to the Committee of Somersett (then sitting at Axbridge in ye said County) about August last hath taken the National League and Covenmant and Negative Oath,and hath ever since been obedient to all Ordinances of Parliament and lived quietly at his owne house.

Rec'd 30 April 1646

(2) SP23.199.805 To the Committee for Compounding at Goldsmiths Hall London Gentlemen, according to your order we doe certify that Androse Overton of Babcary in the County of Somersett gentleman was a Lieutenant Colonell in Armes against the Parliament: and was one of the Grand Jury at ye Assizes hels at Wells when divers of this County were indicted for high treason for adhering to the Parliament:The estimate of his estate in our County is herein inclosed presented you by Gentlemen your most humble servants

Bridgwater 13: Novemb. 1646

Jonath: Pitt Robert Paradine Hen: Minterne He: Henley Hen: Bonney


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