Colonel Robert Ellis’ Regiment of Foot

Active1643 to
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelRobert Ellis
Area RaisedNorth Wales
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field Armies

Royalist regiment of foot serving in North Wales and the marches during the First Civil War.

Service History


  • December: Regiment being raised


  • January: Taking of Chirk Castle
  • January: Skirmish at Nantwich?
  • February: Skirmish at Taporley
  • March: First Battle of Middlewich
  • June: Skirmish at Whitchurch?
  • November: Battle of Holt Bridge?
  • November: Besieged at Holt Castle?
  • December: Ellis repulsed from Wrexham


  • January: At Ruabon and Chirk Castle
  • March: Taking of Apley House
  • March: Skirmish at Lilleshall
  • May: Storm of Stockport
  • May: Storm of Bolton
  • June: Siege of Liverpool
  • September: Skirmish at Montgomery
  • September: Battle of Montgomery Castle



Notable Officers

Robert Ellis

Officer List

From original research by Victor Judge (aka BCW user 1642)

  • Colonel Robert Ellis
  • Lieutenant Colonel Byron
  • Sargeant Major Charles Gilmour (1) + ment. I.O. Denbig
  • Sargeant Major Floyd Ment. I.O. Carmarthenshire
  • Sargeant Major Morgan Ment. I.O. Merionethshire
  • Captain Dalben Ment. I.O. Denbigh
  • Captain John Edwards I.O. Denbigh
  • Captain George Hosyer Ment. I.O. Denbigh
  • Captain John Johnes/Jones
  • Captain Floyd
  • Captain John Morgan I.O. Merionethshire
  • Captain John Morris (2)
  • Captain Thomas Powell I.O. Denbigh
  • Lieutenant John Gregory I.O. Salop.
  • Lieutenant Rice Edwards I.O. Merionethshire to Maj. Morgan.
  • Lieutenant Griffith Bowen I.O. Carmarthenshire to Maj.Floyd
  • Lieutenant Hosyer
  • Lieutenant David Lewis I.O. Denbigh to Capt. Dalben
  • Ensign Richard Blodwell I.O. Denbigh to Maj. Gilmore
  • Ensign David Edwards I.O. Denbigh to Capt. Hosyer
  • Ensign John Morris (2)

Contemporary References

Ellis commissions Ensign Morris Dec 1642

‘According to ye Commission given to me from his Majesty, I doe nominate constitute and appoint Ensign John Morris for one of the Captains of my Regiment for ye guard of ye fort, which Company is to be compleate one hundred men volunteers to be raysed by sound of drum or otherwise throughout his Majesties Dominions and to be brought to Oxford where his Majesty intends to reside this winter. Given under my hand this 7th of December 1642 Robert Ellice’.

To Ellis re Gilmour Jan 1643

To Col. Ellis Trusty etc. wee having nowe understood by your letter to the Chanc. of ye Exchequer of the good forwardness you are in raysing your Regiment are well pleased therewith and give you our thanks for your endeavours therein and because you desyre to have som fitt person sent you for Sgt. Major we have made choyse of this bearer Capt. Gilmour to whom wee have given our Commission for the same not doubting but he wilbee acceptable to you and answer your expectacions for his ability in the execution of this command, soe wee bid you farewell from, etc. 12th January 1642(3)

Captured at Middlewich March 1643

E.94.6 Cheshires Successe 13.3.1642/3 battle of Middlewich

Captured: Colonel Ellis, Major Gilmore, Captain Morris, Captain Starkey, Captain Davenport, Captain Floyd, Captain Johnes, Captain Horton,, Captain Eaton, Captain Mason –Probably of Sir Thomas Astons Horse., Lieutenant Sherlet, Lieutenant Hosyer, Lieutenant Marbey , Lieutenant Jennings, Lieutenant Dod, Lieutenant Corbet, Ensign Ward, Ensign Proudlove, Ensign Morris, Ensign Davenport Lieutenant Hosyer (others to be confirmed)

Ellis to Ottley Jan 1644

Sir, I have a neccesity of my Armes here for men who will be raised before the Arms can be brought hither. If yout Town have occasion of my men I shall with more willingness bring them thither then any other place I know, being engaged both to the Gentry, and others, for their love to me, but I would not have any march without Arms, both for disorder,& scorn if they should be beset. I desire your favour for Horses to Welch Pool, for the bringing of 200 Musquetts; by this you shall much oblige him who is bound to be,

Your faithful servant,

Robert Ellice To his much honored Friend Sir Francis Oteley Knt, Gov'r of Shrewsbury January 1643/4 Ruabon ??

Ellis from Chirk Jan 1644

Sir, I moved you, att my being at Shrewsbury, for one Steven Davis who hurt one by Oswestree, but the man being now recovered, I desire Capt. Morris may have his Souldier for his Majesties service, so I humbly desire you to procure his release. Pray send word to Capt. Hosier that as soon as he hath any considerable number of men he would draw them to Chirk Castle, where I am now with as many as Capt. Morris and myself have raised, perhaps I shall have another employment will be worth the pains. I rest, Your humble servant

Robert Ellice Chirk Castle January 16th 1643/4.

Papers relating to Flintshire

Parliamentary Composition Papers, Ecclesiastical Precedents, Charter of Beaumaris, 4 Eliz. Williams MS 522. Paper. 306 x 210. 302 pp. Half-bound white vellum. 16th and 17th cent. English and Latin. This volume consists of a number of loose papers, legal and otherwise, beautifully mounted and bound together.

p. 21. Lord Byron to George Hope, Mch. 22, 1642. p. 25. Edw. Nicholas to Geo. Hope with reference to the raising of 34 men in Flintshire, March, 1643. p. 29. To Geo. Hope (High Sheriff of Flintshire) to send warrants to Hope, Hawarden and Mold for 20 oxen or horses for his Majesty’s service. p. 33. To the High Sheriff of Flint informing him that 80 men or thereabouts are to be placed on guard in Hawarden Castle Aug. 15, 1643. p. 37. To the High Sheriffs and Commissioners of Array for Denbigh, Flint, Carnarvon, Merioneth, Anglesey with reference to raising a regiment of foot for Col. Robert Ellis, Jan. 1, 1643. Signed, Edw. Nicholas.

Capt. Gilmore, Savage, and Ley Petition for their Enlargement

The Petition of Captain Charles Gilmore, James Savage, Edw. Ley, Prisoners in Newgate, was read; desiring, “That they may be released, or some Maintenance may be allowed them.” Ordered, To send to the House of Commons, to let them know, that this House thinks it fit the Prisoners be released, upon Security given not to repair into Ireland, unless the House of Commons knows Cause for their longer Restraint; which if they do, it is the Desire of the Lords that some Course may be taken for their Relief, to keep them from starving in Prison.

From: 'House of Lords Journal Volume 5: 21 September 1642', Journal of the House of Lords: volume 5: 1642-1643 (1802), pp. 365-66. URL: … ry=captain. Date accessed: 19 July 2005.

Other References

E.81.15 Colonel Lloyd and Ellis beaten off from Wrexham Dec Jan 1643/4

E.256.2 Perfect occurrences of Parliament 6-13.9.1644

Colonell Ellis with about 200 Foot about Denbigh Castle Letter Osestry 2.9.1644.

Captain Lieutenant to Colonel Ellis slain at storm of Bolton. Maybe Liverpool ??

Colonel Robert Ellis finally surrendered in Oxford Garrison and had a pass from Fairfax dated 24.6.1646

William Roberts' Petition

To the right worthy the Justices of the Peace of the County of Carnarvon The humble petition of William Roberts late inhabitant in the town of Carnarvon May it please your worshipps to be advertised that your said poore petitioner hath been a souldier in King Charles the first of ever blessed memory, his service (vizt in England under the command of Colonell Ellis five yeares or thereabouts, in Ireland under the Lord Incequeene for the space of five yeares and a half where he receaved two shotte on(e) through his foote and ye other through the legge and a cutt besides so that ever since he hath not been able to releeve and helpe himself his wife and children savinge what his good neighbours in meare charatie doth extend towards him and his chardge.


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