Colonel Richard Donnells regiment of foot

Governor of Swansea 1645

Captain Layson Evans I.O. Glamorgan Captain John Morgan I.O. Glamorgan

Lieutenant Bonaventure Barrett I.O. Carmarthan Lieutenant William Williams I.O. Monmouth

Ensign Charles Morgan I.O. Monmouth to Capt. Morgan Ensign Hopkin Watkin I.O. Glamorgan

CLENNANEAU 626 1647, 10th April Prince Rupert, at Paris, to his friend, Colonel Sir John Owen The Prince invites Owen into the King of France’s service in which the Prince has taken ‘conditions’ to command all the English. Owen is asked to raise men for the service: he will hear from Colonel Donnell, who is about to come into Owen’s country, what the ‘conditions’ are, being much better than other princes give. If Owen resolves to send any men over, the Prince requires speedy notice thereof, that he may give them all the assistance possible; but he need not have his Commission until the men are brought over.


M2 1644, May 2 ORDER signed by Charles Kemeys, Richard Donnell and Richard Bassett that Mr Williams, gent., shall be chief surgeon to the regiment advancing to Swansea under the conduct of Col. Richard Donnell , and desiring Sir Nicholas Kemeys, governor of Cardiff, to advance him £10 towards the finding of necessaries