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Colonel Richard Bolle’s Regiment of Foot

Flag Illustration1)
Active1642-5, 1648
ConflictsFirst Civil War
Second Civil War
ColonelRichard Bolle
Sir George Lisle
Area RaisedStaffordshire (1642)
Marches (1645)
Essex (1648)
Coat ColourRed or Blue
Flag ColourWhite
Flag DesignUnknown
Field ArmiesOxford 1642-5
Lucas 1648

Later Sir George Lisle's Regiment of Foot

Royalist regiment of foot of the Oxford Army, raised by Bolle for Lord Paget

Service History


  • August: Commissioned to be raised in Staffordshire
  • August: Raised in Lichfield area
  • September: Join the King's army
  • October: Quartered at Wornill (near Bridgenorth), Shropshire
  • 23rd October: Battle of Edgehill
  • 13th November: Standoff at Turnham Green
  • 9th December: Quartered at Reading


  • Garrison of Reading
  • 13th - 27th April: Besieged at Reading
  • May: Quartered at Culham Camp
  • 26th July: Storm of Bristol
  • 3rd August to 5th September: Siege of Gloucester
  • 20th September: First Battle of Newbury
  • September: Quartered at Reading
  • November: Sent south to reinforce Hopton
  • 13th December: Battle of Alton Church: Bolle killed in action


  • Lisle brought in from Oxford to take over the regiment
  • Quartered in Reading
  • 29th March: Battle of Cheriton. Probably just a detachment, as Lisle's force consisted of 'commanded men' from the Reading garrison
  • 10th April: Mustered at Aldbourne Chase
  • 8th-18th June: Garrison of Abingdon 2)
  • 11 June: Battle of Tipton Green. Possibly some of Lisle's own soldiers were part of the commanded musket detachment he took to support the King in his 'night march' to the south Midlands; most of the regiment must have remained at Oxford, as it was briefly sent to garrison Abingdon (see above)
  • 29th June: Battle of Cropredy Bridge
  • August: Battle of Lostwithiel
  • 27th October: Second Battle of Newbury
  • 23rd November: Garrison of Faringdon


  • Jan-early May: Garrison of Faringdon
  • 29th-30th April: Defence of Faringdon
  • 31st May: Storm of Leicester
  • 14th June: Battle of Naseby; most of the regiment captured
  • July: New regiment of 500 planned in South Wales3)
  • July: Based at Hereford
  • July: 150 men sent to Bristol, these may have been all that were raised. It is not clear if Lisle was with them.
  • September: Besieged at Bristol


  • June: Lisle probably took command of some Kent recruits as his 'regiment'
  • June: Taking of Braintree
  • June: Taking of Colchester
  • June to August: Besieged at Colchester
  • August: Surrender at Colchester


Quite a few foot Regiments that fought at Naseby were subsequently re-recruited in Wales from July 1645, including William Murray’s, Appleyard’s Tillier’s, John Pawlett’s, Sir Jacob Astley’s, Duke of York’s, King’s Lifeguard, Sir Henry Bard’s, Sir Bernard Astley’s, Robert Broughton's and Lisle’s4).

No detail is known of any troops raised or led by Lisle in 1648, although he was known to have been buying horses and arms in London in 1647 or 1648 5); an indigent cavalry officer from Essex who in 1663 claimed Lisle as his commander, must have served in 1648 as Lisle did not command cavalry during the First Civil War. 6) Mentions of his 'regiment' during the Second Civil War probably refer to raw Kent recruits put under his command during the uprising, and subsequently at Colchester.

Articles concerning the history of the regiment are available online at Sir George Lisle's Regiment of Foote website.

Coats, Flags and Equipment

Clad in either all red or all blue suits of coats, breeches and montero hats in July 1643 along with the other Royalist foot regiments then in Oxford 7). Symonds noted that Lisle's carried white colours in April 1644 8).

Notable Officers

Stuart Reid offers a list of the regiment's officers in Officers and Regiments of the Royalist Army (Partizan Press). A fuller examination is given in No Armour But Courage - Colonel Sir George Lisle, 1615-1648, Serena Jones, Helion & Company: 2016.

Lord Paget

Richard Bolle

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Sir George Lisle


  • September 1642: Said to be 1000 to 1300
  • November 1642: Muster 534 men after losses at Edgehill
  • April 1644: 203 at Reading
  • April 1644: At Aldbourne Chase mustered 6 Captains, 7 Lieutenants, 8 Ensigns, 7 Gentlemen, 17 Sergeants, 22 Corporals, 14 Drummers, 189 Soldiers 9)
  • June 1645: Probably not much more than 100, as Lisle's entire Oxford tercio only numbered 500 at Naseby.
  • July 1645: 500 planned but only 150 sent to Bristol

Colonel Richard Bolles Regiment of Foot

The Regiment was originally raised by William Lord Paget and taken over by Bolle who led the Regiment at Edgehill.

William Pagets Commission shown below is in the Sutherland Collection.


Lieutenant Colonel Richard Bolle Lieutenant Colonel Richard D'ewes (B) + 8 Lieutenant Colonel Edward Littleton De Gomme.Lt.Col. at Bristol siege.

Sargeant Major Sargeant Major Bevis Floyd (1) + ment. I.O.

Captain Richard Bagot (A) Captain Fowler (4) Captain John Hanmer (7) Captain Hawkred (4) Captain Bevis Lloyd (4) Captain Thomas Pocklington I.O. L + W Captain Robert Skerrow (2) + (4) Captain Throckmorton (4) Captain John Tichborne (3) Captain Walden (4)

Lieutenant William Heron I.O. L + W to Sgnt. Maj. Floyd Lieutenant John Roane (8) to Captain Throckmorton Lieutenant Robert Skerrow (4) Lieutenant Basil Woodd

Ensign Edward Fowler (9) Ensign John Hunt I.O. Lincolns. Ensign James Littleton I.O. Staffords. Ensign Massy (4)

Extract from Pedigrees and Memorials of the Woodd family.

“THE CASE OF BASILL WOODD, DOCTOR OF LAW, AND CHANCELLOR OF ROCHESTER, AND HIS THREE SONS, CAPT. BASILL WOODD, CAPT. TIU)MAS WOODD, AND CORONET JOHN WOODD.* '• My ffather's Chancellorship and practise were taken away to the value of a thousand pounds per annum, and hee died in Oxford with the King. He was pluaderd of all his goods at his house at tJreenwich, where he lived, to a considerable value, and afterwards I sould the house for foure hundred pounds to buy us bread, for I was forced to leave my eni)iluyinent, and to live in Wales, with my wife and children, till I had spent the greatest part of my stoeke, then I n 'turned home to my mother, she having kept me and my wife and children untill Uiis time. And since I lived at home with my mother, I was had prisoner to Oxford, by Unton Crokes commandd who commanded the County troope,aud there was forced to keep a souldier,with meate drink and money to wait on me,to my great charge.

I went into the warr before Reading was taken,and was Lieutenant to Lieutenant Colonel Bolle,my Brother in Law (Richard Bolle had married his sister,Catherine Woodd) and I was afterwards Captain Lieutenant to that worthy Colonel Sir William Butler (Boteler) at Cropedy Bridge in the Earl of Clevelands Brigade,where he lost his life,so of course I had his Troop till Truro Articles.I have received severall shots, one in my head, and one in my arm which troubles memany times. Severall horses were shot under mee, one at Runaway Hill,another at Newbury fight. I was a prisoner at Lanceston seven weeks, being taken at Toringtonupon a charge, then commanding the party that first charged.

My Brother Thomas went into the warres, when his Maiesty of blessed memory came first to Oxford.

My brother John was Cornet to Colonel Stewart in the Earl of Clevelands Brigade,he was taken prisoner at Cropedy Bridge,and afterwards received in the wars seven cuts in the head which pierced the skull,and continued in the service till Truro Articles.

(1) Find copy of his and Lt.s capture at Alton.

(A) WO55.423.14/15 Issue of Powder Bullet and Match at Oxford 1-5.11.1642 Colonel Bolle 150lb signed Captain Richard Bagot.

(B) SP23.216.365 A particular of the reall and personall estate of Richard D'Ewes gentleman who deceased at Reading in the County of Berks. in the yeare 1643,before any sequestracion of his said reall or personall estate.

One meddow lying in the towne and parish of Lavenham in the County of Suffolke. The annuall value £ 14.0.0 A farme lying within the same towne in reversion after one life now in being. The annuall value £140.0.0 The cleere personall estate of the said Richard D'Ewes £379.7.5

(B) WO55.1661.94 11. June 1643 Colonell Bowles Recd into his Majesties stores from the Regiment of Colonell Bowles by Lieutenant Colonell Littleton Musketts 49 Muskett Barrells 4 Pykes 66 Welsh Hooke 1 Backes 5 Brest 5 Gorgetts 10 Gorgetts 2

(All) decayed

(9) Yarnton Parish Register I've taken all the soldiers mentioned in this Register and placed them under their respective Regiments.

Bradley a soldier of Colonell Bolles Regiment and Richard Taylor a soldier of the same Regiment was buried June 15 1643

Ralph Deane a soldier of Colonell Bolls his Regiment was buried June 17 1643

Thomas Taylor and Richard Gardiner two soldiers of Collonell Bolls his Regiment were buried June 20th 1643

Richard Farmer a soldier of Colonell Bolls was buried June 23 1643

John Brewer and Walther Matthews two soldiers of Colonell Bolls his Regiment were buried 28th June 1643 William Berry a soldier of Colonel Bolls his Regiment was buried July 10th 1643 John Latimer a soldier of Colonell Bolls his Regiment was buried July 10th 1643 Anthony Topley a soldier of Colonell Bolls his Regiment was buried 18th July 1643

Mr Edward Fowler an Ensigne in Colonell Bolls his Regiment was buried August 12th 1643

Bolle killed at Alton and the Regiment taken over by George Lisle


Lieutenant Colonel Edward Littleton (2)

Sargeant Major Fowler (2) Sargeant Major Robert Skirrow Ment. I.O.

Captain Thomas Corbet (6) + ment. I.O. Captain Rugeley Littleton (2) + I.O. Staffords. Captain Thomas Pocklington (2) Captain Robert Skerrow (2) Captain John Taylor Ment. I.O. Captain John Tichborne (3) + ment. I.O. Captain Thomas Smith Ment. I.O. Captain Humphrey Whitgrave (2) + I.O. Essex

Lieutenant Carter (2) Lieutenant Richard Hill I.O. Worcesters. to Capt. Corbett Lieutenant Henry Holman I.O. Worcesters. to Capt. Tichborne Lieutenant Edward Norbury I.O. Yorks. to Sgnt. Maj. Skirrow Lieutenant James Robinson I.O. L + W to Capt. Smith

Ensign Gilbert Crouch (5)

Ensign William Graham I.O. Cumberland Ensign James Littleton (2) Ensign Edward Matthews I.O. Carmarthens. to Capt. Taylor Ensign Turpin (2)

Quartermaster Richard Cresswell I.O. Staffords.

Captain Robert Moore I.O. Essex of Horse Prob. 1648.

WO55.423.122 Colonel George Lisle 50 muskets and 150 pikes for the arming of his Regiment of Foot. 7.3.1644. Delivered to Mr Thomas Lisle servant to Prince of Wales

(2) House of Lords Journal 16th June 1645 Officers of Colonel Lile's Regiment of Foot. Lieutenant Colonel Littleton. Major Fowler. Captains. Skirough. Whitegreene. Littleton. Hocklington. Lieutenant Carter. Ensign Turpin. Ensign Littleton.

(3) Harl. Mss. 6852 f.147 To our Trusty and wellbeloved Captaine John Tichborne and such other Commanders and Officers as shall accompany him in this design. Our will and pleasure is that you forthwith procure so considerable a party of Horse and Dragoons as shall be fitt of such as will willingly accompany you,and with them repaire into Newbury,there to seize upon all whom you shall find disaffected to us and returne as also all such money,plate,armes horses and ammuniton as you shall finde belonging to any such persons disaffected abd that you give us a speedie accompt of the particulars that wee may give order for the disposal and for your so doeing this shall be your warrant. Given under our sign manual at our court at Oxford the 22th of July 1643.

The Regiment was under the command of Richard Bolle at the time of this order.Tichborne appears under Lisle in I.O. so stayed with his new Colonel after Bolles death at Alton.

Possibly of Farnham in Surrey

(4)WO55.1661 Culham Camp. 23. May 1643 dd. to Col. Bowles Musketts Bandaleers Pikes Bills distributed to his owne Company 03 06 03 00 to his L: Col 03 02 05 00 to his Sarg. Maior 02 02 00 00 to Capt Lloyd 03 02 06 00 to Capt Fowler 02 02 03 00 to Capt Walden 02 02 01 00 to Capt Skerrow 02 02 02 00 to Capt Hawkred 04 02 03 00

                                               21                20               23         00

Harley Mss. f. 221

Late October 1642 after Edgehill.

A Commission for Robert Skerrow Lieutenant to Captain Throckmorton in Colonell Bolles Regiment A Commission for Massy,Ensign in the same Regiment

(5) WO55.1661.87

13 March 1643(4)

dd delivered) to Gilbert Crouch Ensigne to Collonell Lyle for the use of the said Coll his owne Company Six Musquets fixed,with six payre of Bandeleeres which the said Collonell uppon returned to this Garrison againe,he doth promise to returne into the Magazine in ye same state they are delivered now delivered or otherwise to make satisfaction for them Gilbert Crouche 6 of them came first from Oxon.

WO55.1661.283 7 die Septembris 1643 dd (delivered) to ye commanded men under Colonell Lyle Powder 2 (cwt) Match 2 (cwt) Muskett shott 2 (cwt)

(6) find letter to Rupert

E.310.11 Lieutenant General Lisle made Commander in Chief of Oxfordshire,Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.

Leeds Castle Mss.

May it please your highness, According to your commands I am arrived to Farringdon,but finde soe many discouragements that were it not in obedience to your Highness,I should be very unwillinge to undergoe soe many troubles,and difficultyes that of necessity I must here finde. Sir,the Cattell and all sorte of provisions in the Towne and five or sixe miles about it are all destroyed and eaten upp.Soe that I sooner feare a famine than an enemy;Therefore I shall humbly entreate your Highness that you will be gratiously pleased to allowe me that halfe of Heyworth Hundred in Wiltshire which lyeth on this side Cricklade contayning the Markett Towne of Highworth which lyeth soe convenient for mee as for many more reasons I shall hereafter give your Highness.Sir I am confident will not dispose eyther of the and hapiness that hath soe much obliged Your Highness most humble and faithfull affectionatt servant George Lisle Farringdon 6.December 1644

Sir here is nothinge yet donn concerning of fortifications;Therefore I shall humbly entreate your Highness to give your commande for Colonell Lloyde or some other Engineeres suddeyne repayre hither.

(7) Bettisfield Mss. 468 Commissioned 8.8.1642 at York 1 Company of Foot in Regiment of Bourke Lord Paget.

He later fought at Edgehill under Colonel Bolles who commanded the Regiment .

After transferred as a Captain of Horse in Prince Maurices Regiment and killed at Littledean April 1643.

His Lieutenant of Horse,Roger Jones wrote to Sir Thomas Hanmer,his father returning all John Hanmers money 7th June 1643.

(8) Portland Mss. Vol. 1 September 19th 1642 Northampton. Examination of John Roane,Pricker to the King That he wes employed by Lt. Col. D'Ewes in a Regiment assigned by Lord Paget to Col. Bolles with a Commission under the Kings own hand to raise volunteers which he showed to the Mayor ofd Walsall who refused to let him beat up hios Drum and apprehended him.

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