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 ====1643==== ====1643====
-  *April: Taking of Evesham +  *April: Taking of Evesham? 
-  *April: Skirmish at Little Dean +  *April: Skirmish at Little Dean? 
-  *April: Battle of Ripple Field+  *April: Battle of Ripple Field?
   *June: Skirmish at Glastonbury and Somerton   *June: Skirmish at Glastonbury and Somerton
   *July: Battle of Lansdown   *July: Battle of Lansdown
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 ====1646==== ====1646====
   *February: Battle of Torrington   *February: Battle of Torrington
 +  *March: Garrison of Falmouth?
 +  *March: 100 soldiers of the regiment surrender at Falmouth
   *March: Surrender at Truro   *March: Surrender at Truro
 =====Notes===== =====Notes=====
-A detachment of musketeers was sent to Gloucester and 1st Newbury as part of George Lisle'​s commanded musketeers.+A detachment of musketeers was sent to the siege of Gloucester and 1st Newbury as part of George Lisle'​s commanded musketeers.
 ===== Flags===== ===== Flags=====
 =====Notable Officers===== =====Notable Officers=====
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 [[http://​bcw-project.org/​biography/​prince-maurice|Prince Maurice]] [[http://​bcw-project.org/​biography/​prince-maurice|Prince Maurice]]
 ====Colonel Philip Champernon==== ====Colonel Philip Champernon====
-Previously Lieutenant Colonel of the regiment. ​+Previously Lieutenant Colonel of the regiment ​under MauricePossibly he was the Governor of Falmouth in 1646?  
 +====Officer Lists==== 
 +From original research by Victor Judge aka. BCW user '​1642'​ 
 +  *Colonel Philip Champernon 
 +  *Sargeant Major Robert Warren Ment. I.O 
 +  *Captain Thomas Hutchins I.O. Devon 
 +  *Captain Nicholas Fortescue I.O. Devon 
 +  *Captain John Richardson Ment. I.O. 
 +  *Captain Anthony Sterte (Strut in I.O.) Ment. I.O. 
 +  *Lieutenant William Hutchins I.O. Devon to Sgnt. Maj. Warren 
 +  *Ensign Josias Campian I.O. Devon 
 +  *Ensign Henry Mostyn I.O. Devon to Capt. Richardson 
 +  *Ensign Robert Ryder I.O. L + W to Capt. Sterte 
 +=====Contemporary References===== 
 +From original research by Victor Judge aka. BCW user '​1642'​ 
 +The humble petition of Phillip Champernoone 
 +That your peticioner havinge a command in ye Kinges Army was in Truroe at ye surrender thereof to his Exellencie ye Lord Fairfax, and hath ye Articles thereof, appeares by a Certificate annexed and hath since taken ye Oath and Covenante. 
 +Rec'd the 8th january 1649 
 +Suffer the bearer hereof Colonell Champernoone with his servants, four horses and necessasaries pass to Modbury or elsewhere in ye County of Devon without interrupcion hee having engaged himselfe according to the Treatie att Truro not to beare arms against the Parliament, Given under my hand march 18th 1645 att Truro. 
 +To all Officers and soldiers under my command or in the service of yr Parliament. 
 +Truro 12th March 1645(6) Postscript to a letter. 
 +This morning 100 souldiers of Colonell Champernowns Regiment are come in 
 +100 Officers and souldiers of Colonell Champernowns Regiment, Falmouth by this meanes is ours on that side the Harbour. 
 =====Strength===== =====Strength=====
 =====See Also====== =====See Also======
 ===== Links ===== ===== Links =====