Marquis of Newcastle's Regiment of Foot

Flag Illustration 1)
Active1642 to 1644
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelMarquis of Newcastle
Area RaisedNorthumberland
Coat ColourWhite
Flag ColourRed??
Flag DesignWhite Crosses?
Field ArmiesNewcastle 1642-4

The Marquis of Newcastle’s own regiment of foot serving in his army until their destruction at Marston Moor

Service History


  • June: Raised at Newcastle
  • December: Battle of Tadcaster


  • June: Battle of Adwalton Moor
  • July to August: Siege of Gainsborough
  • September to October: Siege of Hull


  • March: Battle of Hylton
  • April to July: Besieged in York
  • July: Battle of Marston Moor


Coats, Flags and Equipment

White coats in 1644, Royalist prisoners taken at York were said to have white coats with red and blue silk crosses on their sleeves by a Parliamentarian who went on to opine an ensigne wee conceive of some Po-ish regiment. According to the Northumberland and Durham Composition papers, in 1642 Newcastle had bought 3000 Scots blew bonnets to equip his infantry regiments, though how long these survived is unknown. The flag illustrated above represents eleven captured at Marston Moor that were described as 'red with white crosses'. Assuming that they were from the same regiment, Newcastle's is the prime candidate as it mustered fourteen companies in 1642 and no other regiment present is known to have exceeded ten companies. The evidence thererfore points to this design as the most likely for Newcastle's regiment but is in no way definite.

Notable Officers

Marquis of Newcastle

Colonel Posthumous Kirton

Sir Arthur Bassett

There was a notable debate about who was the colonel of the regiment, discussed at Newcastle's Regiment of Foote


See Also

Newcastle's Regiment are re-enacted by the Marquess of Newcastle's Regiment of Foote of the Sealed Knot.

1) Flag image by kind permission of Wargames Designs