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 ====Lord Hopton==== ====Lord Hopton====
 [[http://​bcw-project.org/​biography/​sir-ralph-hopton|Ralph,​ Lord Hopton of Stratton]] [[http://​bcw-project.org/​biography/​sir-ralph-hopton|Ralph,​ Lord Hopton of Stratton]]
 +An interesting reference to Hoptons own Yellow Regiment.
 +E.43.15 ​  
 +April 1644
 +Some of the Cavaliers in the West were some days since plundering of Sheep near Sir Wil. Wallers quarters,​and one of them with a sheep on his back,it seems mistook his way,and chanced to fall into Sir Williams quarters,​and there asked which was the Yellow Regiment: and they demanded what Yellow Regiment he meant,and he answered that he was of the Colonels own Regiment,​which made it appear to them that the fellow was mistaken.So they led him to Sir Will. Waller,who asked him if he were of his Regiment,no said he,I am of Sir Ralphs own Regiment...
 =====Strength===== =====Strength=====
   *At least 6 companies at Cheriton   *At least 6 companies at Cheriton