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 ====James King, Lord Eythin==== ====James King, Lord Eythin====
 [[http://​bcw-project.org/​biography/​james-king-lord-eythin|James King, Lord Eythin]] [[http://​bcw-project.org/​biography/​james-king-lord-eythin|James King, Lord Eythin]]
 +Colonel James Kings Regiment of Foot
 +Lieutenant Colonel ​                  ​Brabner ​    ​  ​     (1)
 +Sargeant Major                    James Gordon ​      I.O. L & W 
 +Sargeant Major                    James Leslie ​         (1)
 +Captain ​                                 John Blackball ​       (1)
 +Captain ​                                               Brown         (1)
 +Captain ​                                 William Brown         I.O. L & W
 +Captain ​                                 Thomas Cliberowe Ment. I.O.
 +Captain ​                                 William Frizell ​         I.O. Northumb. ​
 +Captain ​                                 William Hay              (1)
 +Captain ​                                               King            Ment. I.O.  ​
 +Captain ​                                            ​Leith ​              (1)
 +Captain ​                                           Nesbett ​          (1)
 +Captain ​                                               Peters ​        Ment. I.O.
 +Captain ​                                 Thomas Redman ​   I.O. Yorks.
 +Captain ​                                 William Smith           I.O. Yorks.
 +Lieutenant ​                            ​Francis Anderson ​ I.O. Newc. to Capt. Cliberowe
 +Lieutenant ​                            ​George Hoginson ​  I.O. Yorks. to Capt. King
 +Lieutenant ​                            ​Charles Phillips ​      I.O. L & W
 +Lieutenant ​                            ​Robert Wilson ​         I.O. Notts. to Capt. Peters  ​
 +Ensign ​                                   William Davison ​      I.O. Northumb. to Capt. Frizell
 +Quartermaster ​                     Thomas Hinchcliffe I.O. Yorks.
 +Quartermaster ​                     John Machell ​           I.O. Westmorl.
 +Captain ​                                  ​Robert Hory              I.O. Yorks.
 +(1) Memorials of Montrose and his times.
 +10th June 1644 Major John Arskyne'​s examination ​
 +10 Junij 1644. The said Major Johne Arskyne being of new exami- ​
 +nat and sworne, maid faith, and declairis that the particular persones ​
 +efter specefeit were at Bowdounhill the tyme forsaid above mentioneit, ​
 +by and attour the persones above wreattin, againes the Scottishe armie, ​
 +viz. Colonell William Stuart, lait adjutant in the Scottishe armie at 
 +Newcastle in anno 1641, and that he commanded a regiment of dra- 
 +gownes ; Livetennent- Colonell Brabner, commander of Generall Kingis ​
 +foot regiment ; Major James Leslie, major in the same regiment ; Cap- 
 +tane Johne Blackball, captane of ane foot companie in Generall Kingis ​
 +regiment ; Captane Browne, captane of the same regiment, who was 
 +shott throw the body at the said skirmyshe ; Captane William Hay, 
 +captane in the same regiment of ane foot companie ; Captane Leith, ​
 +captane of ane foot companie in the same regiment ; declairis thair 
 +wes two captanes callit Nisbetts, both of foot companies, one of them 
 +in Generall Kingis, and the other in the Marques of Newcastells ​
 +regiment ; Livetennent-Colonell Hamiltonne, livetennent-colonell to 
 +Generall Kingis regiment of horse ; Major Ker (SIR ROBERT CARRRE), major in the same regiment of horse : Declairis that they were all in armes in the feildis that day : Declairis that the troupe mentionet in the above wreittin de- 
 +positione, whiche wes levied upone the Earle Camewathes chairge, — 
 +that a part of it wes levied befoir the first of Marche 164-1, and that the 
 +same wes still keipit in employment, and wes joyned to Generall Kingis ​
 +regiment two dayes befoir the conflict at Bowdounhill ; and declairis ​
 +that the cornet of that troup wes black, and the motto wes ' I dare.' 1 
 +And being interogat what employment Generall King had in the Mar- 
 +ques of Newcastell'​s service, depones, that he wes Liveteinent-Generall ​
 +to the Earle [Marques] of Newcastell'​s armie, both for horse and foott ; 
 +and that he exerceit that chairge both befoir and efter the first day of 
 +Marche last, since October 1643, at quhilk tyme the deponer went thair 
 +first. Deponis, that Mistres Persones wes designit, in the commissione ​
 +granted be the Marques of Newcastell to hir, Captane Francis Dalzell: ​
 +And this is veritie, as he sail answer to God : Causa scientia wes, that 
 +he hard and saw as he hes deponit. ​
 +J. Erskine. ​
 +Lanrick. ​
 +27 Maij 1644. In presence of Lauderdail, Lanerk, Wares- ​
 +ton : At Edinburgh. ​
 +Major Leslie depones, that the Earle of Carnewath wes present on 
 +the feilds with the Earle of Newcastell'​s armie, that day that the battell ​
 +wes fought in March last neir Sunderland. Depones, that Carnewath ​
 +raised a troupe of horse in Northumberland,​ whiche troupe served in 
 +Newcastell'​s armie, and wes called Carnewath'​s troupe, and that Mis- 
 +tress Peirsons rode alwayes on the heid therqf. ​
 +Being demandit who were in companie with Montrose, when he in- 
 +vadit this kingdome, 1 moe nor are conteaned in his former deposition, ​
 +depones, that, besyde these conteaned in his former depositions,​ 2 Sir 
 +James Leslie wes there. ​
 +Being demandit what knowledge he had of Sir James Leslie coming ​
 +into Scotland three dayes before Montrose incomeing, Depones, Sir 
 +James Leslie told the deponer of it at Carleill when he come backe 
 +againe ; and farder depones, when he come into the countrey, the minis- ​
 +ter of Apilgirth told the deponer he had mett with Sir James Leslie. ​
 +The deponer also declares that he never heard that Sir James Leslie ​
 +mett with Hartfell, bot onlie desyred to meit with him, bot could not 
 +find him ; and herein he repeats his former deposition. ​
 +Depones, when Montrose come and invadit the kingdome, he come 
 +with troups of horse, and displayed cornets and trumpets, and that he 
 +brought alongs with him, neir to Annan, some companies of foote of the 
 +English nation, with displayed cullers. ​
 +Depones also, Montrose brought alongs with him to Dumfreis Sir 
 +Harie Stradlings, governor of Carleill'​s,​ troup. ​
 +And this he depones upon his oath. 
 +James Leslie. ​
 +Lauderdaill. ​
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