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 ====Major Robert Markham==== ====Major Robert Markham====
 Promoted to Major in June 1643, taking over from Leighton. ​ Promoted to Major in June 1643, taking over from Leighton. ​
 +Lincolnshire Notes and Queries 1888
 +Capt. Markham, of Grayby, and the Civil 
 +War, temp. Charles I. — ^The following is a copy of an 
 +original document in my possession ; and i should be glad to 
 +know if Capt. Markham took any part in the Civil War. 
 +W.H. Trolloppe 19a Grosvenor Sq. W.
 +"​Charles R. 
 +Our Expresse will and Commannd is That you faile 
 +not to attende Us personally forthwith upon Signi- ​
 +ficaeon made unto you and Receipt of Our pleasure ​
 +on this behalfe during Our aboade in these parts. ​
 +And therefore Wee straightly require you upon yo' ​
 +Allegiance y* you depart not nor absent yo' felfe out 
 +of y* Our Countye of Lincolne, neither suffer yo' ​
 +selfe to be any waies engaged deteyned or kept from 
 +giveing your attendannce accordingly being thereunto ​
 +called or Summoned by Us or Our Command whilst ​
 +Wee shall continue heere upon any pretence Order 
 +Warrant or Command whatsoever from either or both 
 +Houses of Parliament without Our special Leave and 
 +Licence first obteyned or directions to you under Our 
 +owne hande As you render Our highest displeasure ​
 +and will Answere the contrary att yo'^ perill fFor wch 
 +this shall be yo' sufficient Warrant and Authoritye. ​
 +Given at o' Court at York the 23^* day of June 
 +in the Eighteenth yeare of o' Reigne 1642. 
 +To Our trustye and well beloved ​
 +Captaine Robert Markham at 
 +Grayby in our County of Lincolne.** ​
 ====Officer Lists==== ====Officer Lists====