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Colonel John Frescheville’s Regiment of Foot

ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelJohn Frescheville
Area RaisedDerbyshire
Coat ColourBlue
Flag ColourBlue or Red
Flag Design
Field ArmiesRupert 1644

Royalist regiment of foot originally based in Derbyshire, later one of the few foot regiments with the King after Naseby

Service History


  • Garrison of Staveley House
  • December: Skirmish at Nottingham?


  • March: Battle of Newark
  • 2nd July: Battle of Marston Moor
  • August: Besieged at Staveley House
  • Garrison of Newark


  • July: Taking of Welbeck Abbey?
  • August: Storm of Huntingdon
  • September: Battle of Rowton Heath?
  • November: Besieged at Welbeck Abbey


  • March: Battle of Stow on the Wold?


Coats, Flags and Equipment

In August 1645 the King drew out foot commanded by Frescheville from Welbeck to reinforce his small army, Symonds noted that they carried four blue and one red flag, though these might not be from Frescheville's original regiment 1).

Notable Officers

Colonel John Frescheville

Previously captain in Lord Wilmot’s Regiment of Horse, serving at Powick Bridge and Edgehill.


  • 400 mounted musketeers at the Battle of Newark
  • August 1645: 250 drawn out of Welbeck

See Also

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