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 <WRAP right> <WRAP right>
-|**Flag Illustration**|{{:​royalist:​foot-regiments:​fitton-f.png?​200|}}((Flag image by kind permission of [[http://​www.wargamesdesigns.com/​freebies---ecw.html|Wargames Designs]]))| 
 |**Active**|1643-1645| |**Active**|1643-1645|
 |**Country**|England| |**Country**|England|
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 |**Type**|Foot|  |**Type**|Foot|
 |**Colonel**|John Frescheville | |**Colonel**|John Frescheville |
-|**Area Raised**|Derbyshire|  +|**Area Raised**|Derbyshire
-|**Flag Colour**|Blue|  +|**Coat Colour**|Blue?​|  
-|**Flag Design**|White Piles Wavy| +|**Flag Colour**|Blue?|  
 +|**Flag Design**| |
 |**Field Armies**|Rupert 1644| |**Field Armies**|Rupert 1644|
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
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 ====1644==== ====1644====
   *March: Battle of Newark   *March: Battle of Newark
-  *July: Battle of Marston Moor+  *2nd July: Battle of Marston Moor
   *August: Besieged at Staveley House   *August: Besieged at Staveley House
   *Garrison of Newark   *Garrison of Newark
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 =====Notes===== =====Notes=====
- +In 1644 the regiment was based at Staveley & Bolsover Castle. 
-=====Flags=====+=====Coats, ​Flags and Equipment===== 
 +In August 1645 the King drew out foot commanded by Frescheville from Welbeck to reinforce his small army, Symonds noted that they carried four blue and one red flag, and as Frescheville'​s were the majority of these 250, blue seems the likeliest flag colour for this regiment ((//ECW Flags and Colours 1: English Foot//, Stuart Peachey & Les Prince 1990, Partizan Press ISBN:​0946525846)).
 =====Notable Officers===== =====Notable Officers=====
 ====Colonel John Frescheville==== ====Colonel John Frescheville====
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 =====Strength===== =====Strength=====
   *400 mounted musketeers at the Battle of Newark   *400 mounted musketeers at the Battle of Newark
 +  *August 1645: 250 drawn out of Welbeck with the remains of [[royalist:​foot-regiments:​sir-john-redman|Col. Thomas Wheatley’s Regiment of Foot]]
 =====See Also======  =====See Also======
 ===== Links ===== ===== Links =====