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Colonel John Fitzgerald’s Regiment of Foot

Active1653 to 1662
ConflictsAnglo-Spanish War
ColonelJohn Fitzgerald
Area RaisedFlanders
Coat Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field Armies

Irish regiment in Spanish service that joined Charles II in exile, ending up in Tangiers

Service History


  • March: Arrive at Mardyke from Beauvais
  • June: Reduced to 10 companies
  • November: Shipped to Tangiers


  • January: Arrive at Tangiers
  • Incorporated into the ‘Old Tangier Regiment’


The regiment's history is discussed in Firth, C. H. (1898), Royalist and Cromwellian Armies in Flanders, 1657-1662, Transactions of the Royal Historical Society, pp. 67–119

Fitzgerald's regiment had served the Spanish since 1653. By 1661 they formed part of Charles II’s forces in Flanders. Fitzgerald’s joined their countrymen at Mardyke in 1661 then were shipped to Tangiers, where they were eventually incorporated into the ‘Old Tangier Regiment’. The Old Tangier Regiment became the Second, or Queen’s Regiment of Foot, the senior English Regiment of the line in the British army, where it has now been amalgamated into the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment.

Flags and Equipment

Notable Officers

John Fitzgerald


January 1662: 395 men

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