Colonel James Chudleigh’s Regiment of Foot

Active1643 to 1646
ConflictsFirst Civil War
Colonel James Chudleigh
Bullen Reymes
Area RaisedWest Country
Coat Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesMaurice 1643-4

Later Colonel Bullen Reymes’ Regiment of Foot

Royalist West Country Regiment of Foot raised by Chudleigh, an ex-Parliamentarian

Service History


  • June to September: Siege of Exeter
  • July: Skirmish at Topsham
  • October: Storm of Dartmouth (Chudleigh killed)
  • October to December: Siege of Plymouth
  • December: Ordered to Compton Hill


  • April to June: Siege of Lyme Regis
  • August: Battle of Lostwithiel


  • Siege of Taunton (unsure which)
  • October to April 1646: Besieged at Exeter


  • April: Surrender of Exeter


Coats, Flags and Equipment

Notable Officers

Colonel James Chudleigh

Captain James Chudleigh came over from Ireland to recruit Dragooners for his Colonel, Nicholas Mynne. He stayed in England and was originally a Captain in the Parliamentarian Army before switching sides. In October 1643 he was mortally wounded at the taking of Dartmouth and the regiment passed to Colonel Bullen Reymes.

Colonel Bullen Reymes

Known Officers of the Regiment

Under Chudleigh

Original research from Victor Judge aka BCW user '1642'

  • Colonel James Chudleigh
  • Lieutenant Colonel Bullen Reymes
  • Sargeant Major William Phillips
  • Captain John Bynham
  • Captain John Dynham
  • Captain Bullen Reymes
  • Lieutenant Christopher Risdon
  • Ensign Anthony Knill
Under Reymes
  • Colonel Bullen Reymes
  • Lieutenant Colonel William Phillips
  • Sargeant Major Richard Williamson
  • Captain Thomas Butler
  • Captain Robert Coyne
  • Captain John Salter
  • Captain William Chapman
  • Captain John Brumlye
  • Captain John Hill
  • Lieutenant William Groves to Col. Reymes
  • Lieutenant John Randolph to Lt.Col. Phillips
  • Lieutenant Thomas Brome to Maj. Williamson
  • Lieutenant Richard Harte to Capt. Butler
  • Lieutenant John Commin to Capt. Coyne
  • Lieutenant John Rider to Capt. Salter
  • Lieutenant Richard Prisce to Capt. Chapman
  • Lieutenant Thomas Harris to Capt. Brumlye
  • Lieutenant Thomas Clinch to Capt. Hill
  • Lieutenant William Cory I.O. Middlesex
  • Ensign William Bramston to Col. Reymes
  • Ensign William Whitbye to Lt. Col. Phillips
  • Ensign Arthur Cassier to Maj. Williamson
  • Ensign John Jenkinson to Capt. Butler
  • Ensign Roger Risce to Capt.Coyne
  • Ensign Hoye to Capt.Chapman
  • Ensign Quin to Capt. Brumlye
  • Ensign James Snow to Capt. Hill
  • Ensign John Anthony (see petition below)
  • Reg. Qtrmaster John Braddor

Documents relating to the Regiment under Chudleigh

Maurice to Reymes

Prince Maurice Count Palatine of the Rhine Duke of Bavaria To Bullen Reymes Esq. Lieutennt Col. to Col. James Chudleigh.

By vertue of the power and authority to mee given by our Soveraigne Lord King Charles 1st.These are to signifye that I trusting in your courage diligence and dexterity in martiall affayres,doe by these presente constitute and ordaine you Lieutenant Colonell and Captaine of a Company in Colonell Chudleigs Regiment consisting of a hundred foote,which Regiment and Company of foote you shall by vertue of this Comission receive into your charge as Lieutenant Colonell thereof willing and requiring you whereby giveing you full power and authority in his Majesties name and for his Majesties service as Lieutenant Colonell and Captayne of a Company the said Regiment and Company to command and discipline,traine and order in a warlike manner,willing and commanding all Officers and Souldyers of the said Regiment yours to obey as the Lieutenant Colonell and Captayne of your Company and you yourselfe to observe and follow such orders and directions as from tyme to tyme you shall receive from mee,your Colonell,and other the superior orders of his Majesties army,and in all things will and duly to aquitt yourselfe as unto your duty and office of Lieutenant Colonell and Captayne to a Company of foote doth of right appertayne and belong for the advancement of his Majesties service for which this shall be your warrant.Given at Exon. under my hand and seale at Armes this 5th of September Anno Domini 1643.


A pass for Bynham

I pray you are to assist this bearer John Bynham of Colonel Chudleys Regiment to pass your guards and scouts to Exeter and soe quietly to returne againe. Dated in his Majestys Army before Plimmouth this 27th October 1643.

William Phillips Sargeant Maior

Maurice to Risdon

Prince Maurice Count Pallatine of ye Rhyne Duke of Bavaria To Lieutenant Christopher Risdon

By vertue of authority derived from his Majestie for the raising of forces for ye preservacion of his sacred person the suppression of the present rebellion the maintenance of the lawes of the land & the liberty of the subject I doe hereby authorize and appointe Christopher Risdon to be Lieutenant unto Capt. (BLANK) of one Company of Foote consistinge of one hundred volunteeres within the Regiment of Collonell James Chudleigh requiring you with all diligence (FADED) raising of the said Company & to traine them to (FADED) of his Majesties Armie being exercised and according to the order of Warr and to observe & obey all such Commandes as from tyme to tyme you shall receave from your superior officers,and all inferior officers of the said Companie are to observe you as Lieutenant,according to this Commission,given under my hand and seale


All the above notes were taken from the original documents seen by me (Victor Judge).

Additional References

Below are notes since found from another source.

the following document : — “ William Guy off ffiffed. Whereas you haue entered yor selfe A souldier in the King’sservis, vnder my Command, & haue receaued impres mony to that purpose, This is to require you to repayre to yor Cullors att Maypowder on Saterday next being the 21th October 1643 as you will answer the Contrary att yorperrill giuen vnder my hand this 17th present. Bullen Reymes, Collonell.”

“ For Co. Reymes. You are to bee with your Regiment to morrow morneing an houre before day on Compton Hill. Hereof you are not to faile. Dated this 12th of December }. WagstafFe.”

“ For Collonell Reams. Sr, To morrow being Munday you are to bee wth yr Regirnt att Compton Hill by eight of the Clocke in the morneing with Bage and Bagage there you shall receiue further order whereof you are not to faile. Wedy ye 24th. J. Wagstaffe.”

“ Sr,You are required vpon receipt hereof to give comaund to eu’y Capt. of your Regiment to drawe his whole Company into Armes. And you your selfe in your owne p’son to view all the Armes in your Regirnt and to take especiall Care that the vnfixt Armes be ffixt with all possible speede, and that noe Muskett want a scowring stick And that every Soldiar haue allwayes in garrison 12 bulletts att his bandeleeres flitted to the boare of his peece. And that hee Never Charge his peece when hee hath leasure without putting a Tampking after the Powder and another after the bullett, and that heere you give me a speedy accoumpt. Hereof you are nott to flayle as you will aunsweare the Contrary att the vtmost p’ills of your honor and reputacon. Given vnder my hand th 27th daye of Decemb, 1643. Thomas Bassett. To Colonell Rymes or his Chieffe officers these.”

“ Sr I desire you to cause the tents to bee brought vpon the topp of the hill & to draw the men off to their old posts w*^ as much privacy as may bee, and there to stay, and before day I shall send you greater strength, onely you are to leave Centenells in fitting places. And soe I rest Yors Sir J. Wagstaffe. Att 9 a clock. I pray send mee word what men are come to you.” [Postscript added at the top of the letter]. “ You are to send yor quarter Mr. to mee that I may give him order to receive money for yor reg’mt.” [Addressed] “ For Col. Reymes.”

“ Right Hoble. At the request of Coll : Reymes, we doe humbly Certify that the sayd Coll : Reymes was by vs sequestered for taking vp armes against the Parlemet as a Coll : yet notwithstanding he hath not Comitted any violent act against vs, or any person in this Countye, nor borne armes since the sedge of Taunton, for ought wee know or haue heard, but did, and hath ben always reddy to protect well affected persons from the violence and rappen of the souldier, when that partie did preuaile, and likewise hath payd the 20th and 5th parte of his estate, and therefore in regarde his estate came by his wife, who hath a greate Charge, we humbly recomend him to yor loships favor and rest Yor loships seruants A perticuler of his John Brodrip Rich : Burie estate wee send Rob : Coker John Arthur here inclosed John ffry John Whitway.”

The Weekly Account No.8 18-26.10.1643

At Dartmouth perfidious young Chudley was there run into the belly with a pike of which wound he is since dead. After his death the Regiment was taken over by Bullen Reymes.

Petition of Anthony


The humble petition of John Anthony of Staverton in the County aforesaid Taylor Sheweth that your served under Sir Peter Courtnay in Sir Bevil Grenvilles regiment until Stratton where he was shot in the knee. When the regiment marched to Bristol he and other wounded were left behind. He then served as a Corporal to Col. William Arundel until his death whereafter he served as Ensign to Colonel Bullen Reymes until Taunton fight. After that he served as corporal of horse under Captain Peter Bound under whom he was captured at Kingswear Fort with Sir Henry Carey. Many Officers signed his Petition.CHECK


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