Sir Hugh Pollard’s Regiment of Foot

Active1644 to 1646
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelSir Hugh Pollard
Area RaisedDevon
Coat Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesGarrison

Royalist regiment of foot serving in garrison at Dartmouth

Service History


  • Pollard commissioned colonel by 1644


  • October: Pollard sends Turner with 100 foot and 20 horse to disperse clubmen at Harberton but his force is defeated


  • January: Besieged at Dartmouth


Possibly the detachment sent to Harberton included some of Sir Edward Seymore’s Regiment of Foot and were led by Lt Col Turner of Seymore's Rgt.

Coats, Flags and Equipment

Notable Officers

Sir Hugh Pollard

Sir Hugh Pollard was an MP expelled from the Long Parliament for involvement with the Army Plot of 1641. He served as a captain in 1640 and a major for the Royalists from 1642. Sir Hugh Pollard took over the Governorship of Dartmouth from Colonel Edward Seymour.

Officer Lists

From original research by Victor Judge aka BCW user 1642

  • Colonel Sir Hugh Pollard
  • Sargeant Major Pollard (1)
  • Captain Hugh Bottomly I.O. Errata
  • Captain Thomas Coffin I.O. L + W
  • Captain Warham Jemmett I.O. L + W
  • Captain Robert Pollard (1)
  • Captain Anthony Sterte (1)
  • Captain Staveley (3)
  • Lieutenant Roger Hunt I.O. Devon
  • Lieutenant Lewis Pollard (1)
  • Lieutenant John Stanbury I.O. Cornwall
  • Ensign John Read I.O. Devon
  • Ensign John Richard I.O. Cornwall
  • Ensign John Upton I.O. Cornwall
  • Quartermaster Walter Bird (2)

Contemporary References

(1) Capt Sterte

Captain Anthony Sterte, previously captured at Chappel Fort in Prince Maurices Regiment of Foot.

(2) Articles against quartermaster Bird

SP23.152.375 Articles of delinquency against Walter Bird of Dartmouth in Devon vintner as followeth

1. That the said Walter Bird uppon the taking in of Dartmouth by the Kings partie did voluntarily take the Protestation or oath for the King against the Parliament.

2. That he informed and made discovery of goods of an honest man that was welaffected to the Parliament unto the enemy whereby it was seized and disposed of by the Kings partie.

3. That he bought a shipp or Barque that belonged to the Parliaments friends loaden with provisions for Plymouth Garrison, which was taken by the Kings partie and brought into Salcom(b)e and sold the provisions at Dartmouth and there new built the vessell and kept part of her disposeing other parts thereof and setting her to sea as a man of warr for the King against the Parliament. And his sonn John Bird had a part and went Captain in her, and took from the Parliament party.

4. That he was Comissary Treasurer or Quartermaster of provisions for the Garrison of Dartmouth then for the King under Sir Hugh Pollard, Governor as appears by report under his hand.

5. That he was also Treasurer of the Excise for the King at Dartmouth

William Wetton.

Pollard to Seymour June 1645

Devon Record Office Exeter.

1392 M/L 1645/17

To my Honourable Frende Mr Edward Seymore att Dartmouth


You know it was never intended that your two companies should be drawne out of Dartmouth till there were a supply of men put into it, wch yet cannot be had, and therefore they cannot be sparde without a most apparent and desperate hazarde of the place. I shall take noe notice of Sir Richard Grenviles order, otherwise then to wonder why he sends it thither. But I desire you not to thinke of drawinge those companies away untill there be some other to supply theire place, I am this very minute goinge to wayte on the Prince att Barnestaple, where Sir Jo: Berkeley and Sir RI: Grenvile are, and there I shall gett this business to be settled. If your occasions draw you not that way it will be the middle of next weeke before I shall be able to wayte on you who am very faythfully Sr your most affectionate friende and humble servant

Hugh Pollard

My service to yr ladies, all thinges goe very well The King is att Harborourgh in a prosperous condition and the rebells have left Oxforde in much distraction wch God increase and are marcht towardes Northampton wth noe very considerable Army. Fayrefax is gone to London in hope to increase it.

(Written down the side) for the two companies att Plymouthe if you be soe pleased Sir Richard may dispose of them though if Dartmouth should be attackt wee may all repent it.

Exeter June the 18th 1645

Pollard to Seymour October 1645

1392 M/L 1645/19

To my much honoured frende and cosen mr Edward Seymour at Berry these

hast hast post hast for his Majesties especiall service Hugh Pollarde Dartmouth October the 13th 1645 1 a clock after noone

Sir I was informed yesterday that there were some Clubmen in Harberton. I sent out Turner with a party of 100 foote and 20 horse to impresse them who by what accident I yet know not, have not only faylde in doinge the worke but are sufficiently beaten, I intend instantly to sende out as many more as I can spare from hence, and desire you to have such men of yours as are about Totnes in a readiness with those of Sir Ed: Fortescues who I heare quarter thereabouts, to ioyne with mine that wee may recover this affront, and prevent a growinge mischiefe, and doubt not of your care and expedition in this affaire which cannot be ignorant of the concerne of it. I am Sir your utmost affectionate Frende and servant

Hugh Pollarde

Totnes accounts

Exeter Record Office 1579/A/7/48A Extracts of Philip Leys accounts as Mayor of Totnes. For the purpose of this book the entrys have been put under each relevant Regiment

Mr Philip Leys accompt who ended his office of Maioralty A.Do. 1646 Account of such charges as I have disboursed for the Towne in that unhappy and second time of my Maioralty from 8ber 1645 as followeth

14th. Pd.widdow olliver for quarter of 3 souldiers of Sir Hough Pollards taken by the Clubmen sent hether 2sh. 0d 21st. Pd. Nathaniell Marwood for two sheepe by the Govorner of Dartmouths command 12 sh. 0d

(3) Mayor Ley of Totnes to Pollard December 1645


For the Honorable Sir Hugh Pollard knt. & Baronett governor of Dartmouth/ these: May it please your honnor,

By reason of the death of dyvers persons and otherwise ye weekly rates in this Towne are not paid in full wee conceave wee cannot alter them without your warrant for which cause I shall beseech you to signe this warrant inclosed or some other to this effect which you shall conceave more proper and that by your honours favor the charge of Capt. Staveley or any other appointed here to collect them may bee spared itt costing us at his last being here above 40sh. in horsemeat besides his owne billet, a charge not formerly used, and wee will take a course within ourselves to paye it in according as it shallbee appointed the names that a course may be taken against them and they further defaulte to bear the charges thereof these bearers will present unto a note the payments of 18L formerly for provision to bee abated out of ye weekely rates, which the Towne prayes may be done in the next payment in regard of our many severall payments and these favors shall more ingage the towne and myselfe ever to remayne,

Your Honours most humble servant Phillip Ley Maior Totnes 9 Decemb. 1645

Mr Hendra to Pollard

P6020037 SP19.115.61

For Mr Peter Hendra Secretary to ye Honorable Governor of Dartmouth these Sir,

I am sorry that in all this tyme I could not sende you up 50L to bee paid the Governor by this towne noe diligence hath beene wanting in mee and the inferior officers for the collecting of it, but money is soe scarse among the inhabitants and billetting of souldiers weekely rates and other payments doe soe dayly on them that they have not

Totnes 10 Jan. 1645(6)

Quartermaster under Hugh Pollard at Dartmouth


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