Colonel Henry Chester’s Regiment of Foot

ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelHenry Chester
Area RaisedSomerset
Coat Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesGarrison

Royalist regiment of foot serving in garrison at Burrough Hill Fort Somerset in the First Civil War.

Service History


  • July: Besieged at Burrough Hill Fort and surrender to Col. Okey


Chester seems also to have operated out of Chippenham sometime during the First Civil War, where he was said to have hung one Robert Moore for refusing to serve the King.

Coats, Flags and Equipment

Apparently equipped with both matchlock muskets and firelocks in 1645.

Notable Officers

Henry Chester

Governor of Burrow, Somerset, variously known as Burrough Hill Fort, Burrow Mump, Burrow Mount or Borough Bridge. Colonel Chester was taken prisoner at the fall of Bridgwater.

Officer Lists

From original research by Victor Judge aka BCW user '1642'

  • Colonel Henry Chester
  • Captain Garrett (2)
  • Captain Hatcher (2)
  • Captain Smith (1)
  • Captain John Pawlet I.O. L + W
  • Captain Skirron (2)
  • Captain Webb (2)
  • Captain William Wharton I.O. L + W

Victor Notes: None listed in I.O. but I feel Capts. John Pawlett and William Wharton listed under Colonel Henry Cheator should be under Chester.

Contemporary References

(1) E.293.17 Col. Okey and his Dragoones layin siege to Borrough Garrison, had it yesterday surrendred unto him, on bare Quarter, Captain Smith and 120. more being in it, 80. Muskets and 40. Firelocks

Yielded 13th July 1645 according to Anglia Rediviva when the fight apparently lasted 4 hours with the loss of 8 men, 151 men taken prisoner with 200 arms.

To the Honourable Committee at Gouldsmithes House for Composition of Sequestration & Delinquency. The humble petition of John Myles sequestred of Burrow in the County of Somersett. Humbly showe that your petitioner being a poore man hath heretofore advanced xxxli in money for the Parlyament service & of late there hath byn taken from him to the use of the Parlyament by a sequestrator appoynted by the Committee of the Parlyament of the Countie of Somersett in haye corne keyne & wood the valewe of 40li more & he hath lost in goods at the takinge of the fort at Burrowe the valewe of 5li yet not withstandinge ye petitioner is now sequestred upon some pretence of some delinquency that he heretofore should cause one John Dibles wheat to be threshed & carryed away for the Kings souldyers at Burrow & should also sell away 4 calves of one John Barringtons, which wheat & calves were not worth 5li at the most & the same was donne at the Command of Colonell Chester then Governor of Burrowe, and your petitioner haveinge now nothinge left to maynetayne himselfe & familie & was never in Armes for the Kinge against the Parlyament nor ever voluntarilie advanced money or Armes for the Kinge against the Parlyament, of all which he is ready to submitt for any inquiry. And doth humbly pray this Honourable Committee that he may be admitted to his Composition accordinge to the quality of his offence if any be proved against him. And your petitioner shall pray &e.

20. No: John Miles

Wilshire Quarter Sessions

Col. Henry Chester, a prisoner in the gaol of Fisherton Anger, petitions at the Christmas sessions for restoration of clothes taken from him by the constable of Chippenham at the time of his apprehension, which he now wants for his necessary subsistence, viz. two fine Holland shirts, eight new Holland bands and cuffs, one pan' of new worsted stockings, one pah* of riding stockings, six handkerchiefs, one sword and one belt, forty shillings m money, and one shirt, two bands and three cuffs of his boy's. The 1649- court orders that the sword shall be sold to the best value, and 1650. that the rest of the goods shall be delivered to him for his necessary relief and accommodation in prison, he paying all such moneys as the constables have been at in carrying him to the gaol. (This entry is only found in the Register of Orders.)

1. ― A petition is presented on behalf of the widow of one Robert Moore, who was, ” contrary to his mind and judgement,” pressed during the war to serve the King, and was carried by soldiers under Col. Chester to Chippenham, and told if he would not serve the King he 'should serve the gallows, and being on the gallows the well-affected of Chippenham offered Chester ii30 in money or to press three men in his stead, for his preservation, which Chester refused ; and Moore still refusing to serve the King, he was hung. Forty shillings are granted.

(2) The following abbreviated extract from the accounts of John Mayo Constable 1643/1644 may relate to Captains of Chesters Regiment around the Salisbury area. To Captain Garrett by aqquitance 15l,…to Col. Chester for 19 soldiers with their press money, 10l,19sh 2d, for 2 soldiers for Captain Skirron, 13sh;…to Joan Taylor for Captain Webbs soldiers, 4sh 8d,spent on Captain Hatcher 15sh. Col. Chester is mentioned a few times in the document hence the inclusion of these Captains in his Regimental list (Victor Judge).


  • Reported as 120 or 151 on their surrender in 1645

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