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 ==== Col Henry Cheater==== ==== Col Henry Cheater====
 Cheater, or Chaytor, was a professional soldier, some say his regiment were from Ireland. ​ Cheater, or Chaytor, was a professional soldier, some say his regiment were from Ireland. ​
 +Colonel Henry Chaytors Regiment of Foot
 +Captain Rhys Munday ​      (2)
 +Captain ​              John Pawlet ​        I.O. L + W
 +Captain ​              ​Lancelot Walker ​ I.O. Cumberland
 +Captain ​              ​William Wharton ​ I.O. L + W
 +Captain ​              Ralph Willy            I.O. Durham
 +(1) SP23.217.580
 +To the Honourable Committee for Compositions.
 +The humble petition of Henry Chater of Croft in the County of Yorke,Gent.
 +Sheweth that your petitioner hath bin engaged in the first and second warre against the Parliament for which his estate is lyable to sequestration.
 +And for that his estate is onely a rent charge for his life of 50L p anno,and that he hath noe other estate.
 +He therefore humbly prayes to bee admitted to Composition for ye estate above mentioned according to the rules given by the Parliament.
 +And he shall ever pray &e.
 +In the Garrison of Bolton Castle and after surrender 5th November 1645,​marched into Pontefract Garrison.
 +Bolton Castle was originally garrisoned by Colonel Scroope
 +(2) Commission dated 26th June 1644 by Prince Rupert appointing Rice Munday Captain of Foot to 100 men in the Regiment of Colonel Henry Chaytor.
 +Sold Sothebys 20th October 2010
 =====Strength===== =====Strength=====
 =====See Also======  =====See Also======