Colonel Edward Berkeley’s Regiment of Foot

ConflictsFirst Civil War?
ColonelEdward Berkeley
Area RaisedSomerset?
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Little-known regiment of Royalist foot, probably raised in Somerset

Service History

  • Raised in Somerset?


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Notable Officers

A list of the regiment's officers is shown in Officers and Regiments of the Royalist Army by Stuart Reid (Partizan Press).

Edward Berkeley

Berkeley was from Pill and Donyatt, Somerset

Colonel Sir Edward Berkeleys regiment of Foot

Somerset Trained band .

Captain Richard Mogg (1) Captain Norton Ment. I.O.

Ensign Peter Reynolds I.O. Somerset to Capt. Norton

Quartermaster Thomas Owen I.O. Somerset

Captured in October 1642 by Captain Thompson see E.122.18

Sir Edward Berkley's Petition to be removed from The Poultry Compter. Upon reading the Petition of Sir Edward Berekley Knight, shewing, “That he stands committed to The Compter in the Poultry, for levying War against the Parliament: He doth in all Humility affirm, that he neither furnished Men, Horse, Money, Plate, or any other warlike Provision to any War, neither hath acted any Thing of War in his own Person: He having lain Four Months in the unwholesome Prison, to the great Decay of his Health, and the great Occasion of the Parliament keeping back the Proceedings upon the Charge against him, which he doth much desire might receive Expedition: “He humbly desireth and prayeth, that he may so far obtain the Favour of this Honourable Assembly, that he may have Liberty, upon Bail, to remain in some convenient Place, where he shall make Choice, for his Health; being aged and sickly, and not able, without Danger of his Life, long to endure this unsavory Gaol, &c.”

From: 'House of Lords Journal Volume 5: 9 February 1643', Journal of the House of Lords: volume 5: 1642-1643 (1802), p. 596. URL: Date accessed: 04 June 2007.

SP23.183.720 Extract. The humble petition of Edward Berkeley of Donyatt in the County of Somersett Esq. Sheweth That your petitioner most unfortunately adhered to ye King in this warr against the Parliament and commanded a Company of Foote and was resident in Excester att the tyme the city was delivered up to Sir Tho: Fairfax for the service of the Parliament.

Red'd 12 Juny 1646


The humble petition of Sir Edward Berkeley of Pull alias Pill in the County of Somersett Sheweth that the petitioner acknowledgeth that he was in these unnaturall warrs in armes and a Collonell on the Kings party,adhering to the forces raised against the Parliament,for which his delinquency his estate is sequestred. Hee humbly prayeth that according to the Articles of Oxford his name may be entered as a compounder,hee being comprized within the benefitt of the same,and ha shall pray &c.

Oct. 1646 rec.

Obviously a seperate person from the Captain Edward Berkeley.

(1) SP23.185.370 The humble petition of Richard Mogg of Welton in the County of Somersett Gent. Sheweth that he never did remove,or forsake his dwelling sithence ye warres began,that he had a commission sent unto him by Sir Edward Berkly to be a Captain of a trained band about two yeares sithence,but did never cause them to be armed or mustered,and was likewise commanded (about ye same tyme) to be sequestrater of some Estates,in which he carried himselfe moderately that he never went forth in Armes but stayed at home and paid all contribution and taxes,and payments to the King and Parliament.That he submitted himselfe to ye Committee of Parliament for ye County of Somersett in October last and had their protection as under their hands may appeare;and tooke the National Covenant and Negative Oath before the Committee. n.d.


SP23.185.377 Gentlemen, At the instance of Richard Mogge of Welton in the Parish of Midsomer Norton in this County Gent. Wee doe certify that when the Kings forces prevailed here he being ye Sheriff 's Deputy was at ye County Coll. at Ivelchester when the Commission of Array was published and the proclomation from the King,wherein Mr John Pyne,Mr John Aish (with others) were proclaymed traytors.That he joined with the Marquesse of Hertford in Armes at Wells;That he was a Captayne of one of the Trayned Bands dureinge the tyme ye enemy was possest of this County and that he was a Sequestrator of the Estates of divers well effected persons.Hee hath been imprisoned by us & hath taken ye National League and Covenant & Oath of non adherence before us:The estimate of his Estate in our County is here enclosed presented by Gentlemen your very humble servants

Jonath: Pitt John Pym Matthew Clist Robt: Anthony Thomas Frauncis He: Winten

Ivelchester this first day 1647


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